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Analysis of Kaizen Implementation in Northern Ethiopia’s Manufacturing Industries

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2014, International Journal of Business and Commerce


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  1. Kaizen Means Kaizen Definition Kaizen Process Objectives Amp Examples

    thesis on kaizen pdf

  2. Kaizen Presentation

    thesis on kaizen pdf

  3. What is Kaizen? (PDF included) Definition, Principles, PDCA Cycle, 5S

    thesis on kaizen pdf

  4. O que é Kaizen? Objetivos, como aplicar o método + exemplo (2022)

    thesis on kaizen pdf

  5. What is Kaizen?

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    assessment of effectiveness of kaizen implementation: the case of na metal industry & engineering by: selamawit shemealash a thesis submitted to st. mary's university school of graduate studies in partial fulfillment of requirements for degree of master in business administration addis abeba

  2. (PDF) Thesis on Factors affecting sustainablity of Kaizen in Wolkite

    Kaizen, a philosophy, a strategy, a programme & an inherent part of the TQM process, helps to improve quality of goods & services of an organization. Continuous improvement( or kaizen) is the philosophy of continually seeking ways to improve operations. It transforms the drive towards quality into a never-ending journey.

  3. PDF Assessing the effectiveness and challenges of kaizen implementation

    The findings of this study indicated that the implementation of the Kaizen policy was found to increase labor productivity by reducing, on average of 50%, time wastage for searching tools; improved a defect ratio which ranged from 50% to 70%; and improved lead time in the range of 16% to 90%.

  4. PDF School of Graduate Studies Practices and Challenges of Kaizen

    A THESIS SUBMITTED TO ST.MARY'S UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ... kaizen are not limited to manufacturing rather it can be applied in different sectors of the economy that require continuous improvement in their activities. ...

  5. PDF Using Kaizen methodology to optimize process flows in an IT ...

    tive advantage. This thesis focuses on sharing the practice of KAIZEN™ to demonstrate that there are ways to run continuous improvement activities to get the best return on capital employed without huge ongoing investments. The thesis focuses on studying the KAIZEN™ methodology and look at a specific case whe re KAIZEN™ was not used to im-

  6. (PDF) The Achievements and Challenges of Kaizen Implementation: A Case

    The respondents with greater than 7 years of service duration in Kaizen implementation have the experience of Kaizen implementation before Kaizen was implemented in the factory. 3.2. Assessment of Kaizen Tools Implementation in the Factory Table 2 represents the assessment of Kaizen toolbox (i.e. 5S, Deming cycle, suggestion system, fishbone ...

  7. KAIZEN : The Japanese Strategy for Continuous Improvement

    Improvement is a process, the process starts with recognizing a need, and the need becomes apparent when you recognize a problem. Kaizen puts an emphasis on problem-awareness and will lead you to the identification of problems. 12. PROBLEM SOLVING Where there are no problems, there is no potential for improvement.

  8. (PDF) Challenges and Achievements of Kaizen Implementation: Lessons

    The purpose of this study was to find out demanding challenges and achievements of kaizen implementation. The study was carried out by a descriptive survey method. A simple random sampling ...

  9. (PDF) An Application of Kaizen in a Large-Scale Business

    The Kaizen management originates in the. best Japanese management practices and is dedicated to the improvement of produ c‐. tivity, efficiency, quality and, in general, of business excellence ...

  10. (PDF) Kaizen tools for productivity improvement: A real case

    Information panel of Assembly Line 1 (1) Keep a production release. Updated and regularly documents on the line; Number of people per line The employees know in real time the status of production ...

  11. PDF St. Mary'S University

    Kaizen literally means improving, enhancing your personal and professional life. When a company adopts the kaizen model, it tries to improve its processes in small but significant ways. And not just a one-time improvement, but a commitment to excellence by continuously testing and improving the workflow, day in and day out.

  12. [PDF] The Effect of Kaizen Implementation on Organizational Performance

    This research presents results from a multi-site field study of 51 Kaizen event teams in six manufacturing organizations. Although Kaizen events have been growing in popularity since the mid 1990s, …

  13. PDF St. Mary'S University

    implementing kaizen: the case of mesfin industrial engineering plc (gelan and addis ababa) by bereket berhane may 2019 ... mesfin industrial engineering plc by bereket berhane a thesis submitted to st. mary's university school of graduate studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of business administration

  14. (PDF) Kaizen

    Kaizen is one of the powerful tools of lean. manufacturing. Kaizen refers to continuous improvement in. performance, cost and quality. Kaizen ensures that m anufacturing. processes become leaner ...

  15. PDF Effect of the Kaizen Costing Approach on Reduced Costs, the ...

    Based on the literature review, and the gaps of the study, the research proposed a theoretical framework, as displayed in Figure 1. Specifically, the research examines the relationship of how Kaizen costing can reduce product costs, achieve a competitive advantage, and improve strategic cost management. Figure 1.

  16. (PDF) Analysis of Kaizen Implementation in Northern Ethiopia's

    ―A Conceptual Framework for Assessing the Transferability of the Japanese [7]. Kaizen Management Techniques to Manufacturing Plants in Ethiopia.‖ Asian Journal Business and Management Sciences. Vol. 1, No. 6. (09-19), 2011 [8]. GRIPS, ((December 2011). Kaizen National Movement: A study of Quality and Productivity Improvement in Asia and Africa.

  17. PDF St. Mary'S University

    KAIZEN IMPLEMENTATION AND PRACTICE AT NIFAS SILK TVET COLLEGE BY SARA ABRAHAM GEBREMICHAEL January, 2019 ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA. 2 KAIZEN IMPLEMENTATION AND PRACTICE AT NIFAS SILK ... gratitude goes to my thesis Advisor Webeshet Bekalu (PhD) for his unreserved support and critical comment . His comments were indispensable asset me not only for ...


    Abstract. The Kaizen management is dedicated to the improvement of productivity, efficiency, quality and in general of business. The Kaizen method acknowledged as method of improvements applied to ...

  19. PDF Kaizen Practice in Ethiopia: Challenges and Opportunities

    Kaizen as discussed by Winy Utari (2011) is vital in making continuous improvement in producing ... in their thesis for their Master's degree also confirmed the same culture related issues are bottlenecks of the Kaizen implementation in companies which piloted the implementation. Many researches affirm that culture change is critical factor ...

  20. (PDF) Factors Affecting the Successful Implementation of Kaizen in Ethiopia

    From the principles of kaizen management philosophy, it is understandable that. communication is one of the key success factors in the process of effective implementation of the philosophy ...

  21. St. Mary's University Institutional Repository: KAIZEN IMPLEMENTATION

    Thesis and Dissertation; Masters Program; ... KAIZEN IMPLEMENTATION AND PRACTICE AT NIFAS SILK TVET COLLEGE: Authors: ABRAHAM, SARA: Keywords: Kaizen Nifas Silk, Implementation: Issue Date: Jan-2019: ... sara abraham final thesis123.pdf: 694 kB: Adobe PDF: View/Open: Show full item record