The Crucible

By arthur miller, the crucible quiz 1.

  • 1 Why does Abigail Williams live with Reverend Parris? She is his illegitimate daughter. She is his niece. She is having an affair with him. She is his servant.
  • 2 Which of these characters is not condemned for witchery? Giles Corey Bridget Bishop Rebecca Nurse John Proctor
  • 3 Why does Reverend Parris wish to spare Proctor? He wants to have revenge against Abigail. He wishes to tear down the court. He is convinced that Proctor is innocent. He fears for his life if a respected man is hanged.
  • 4 "The Devil is precise; the marks of his presence are definite as stone." What is the significance of this line? It foreshadows Giles Corey's death by stoning. It is a veiled threat that Reverend Parris uses against Proctor for opposing him. It shows that Mary Warren is a prideful girl who thinks herself the superior of the Proctors. It is ironic, for Reverend Hale is using ambiguous marks to define the devil's presence.
  • 5 Which of the following did not occur during the dancing? Susanna Walcott murdered a frog and a rabbit for Tituba's spell. Mercy Lewis danced naked. Abigail Williams drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor. Tituba attempted to conjure Ruth Putnam's sisters.
  • 6 "More weight." What of the following is not significant about this line? Giles chooses his death, sacrificing himself to spare others. Elizabeth mentions this to John as he decides whether or not to admit to witchcraft, serving as an example of a friend who sacrificed himself for a greater good. Because Giles dies by refusing to answer questions, he is not excommunicated and dies a Christian. Danforth erroneously believes that Giles will admit to witchery if placed under greater torture.
  • 7 Which of the following characters does not support John Proctor's decision to falsely admit to witchcraft? Reverend Parris Deputy Governor Danforth Reverend Hale Elizabeth Proctor
  • 8 Why do many of the accused admit to witchcraft? By admitting to witchcraft they guarantee that they will not be executed. They are actually witches. By admitting to witchcraft they can accuse others of the same crime. They are forced to admitting to witchcraft under duress and torture.
  • 9 Which of the following is not a complaint that Proctor has against Reverend Parris? Parris focuses on hell and damnation in his services. Parris reaches out for land at the expense of his neighbors Parris demands too much compensation, such as the right to his house. Parris wastes the church money on extravagant items.
  • 10 "Your justice would freeze beer." To whom does this line refer? Reverend Parris Thomas Putnam Elizabeth Proctor Deputy Governor Danforth
  • 11 What grudge do the Putnams not have against the Nurses? The Nurses and their allies broke away from Salem to form a new community. The Nurses opposed the Putnams' choice for minister. Rebecca Nurse has never lost a child nor grandchild, while Mrs. Putnam has lost all but one of her children. The Nurses own land that the Putnams covet.
  • 12 What does the commandment that Proctor forgets concern? Lying Adultery Blasphemy Murder
  • 13 "What victory would the Devil have to win a soul already bad?" What is the significance of this line? It foreshadows Mr. Putnam's charges against George Jacobs. It is ironic, for the speaker is a lost soul charging others with villainy. It shows that Reverend Parris suspects everybody of witchcraft. It foreshadows the eventual charges against respectable citizens such as Rebecca Nurse.
  • 14 What is the likely reason that Old Giles cannot say his prayers? His wife's reading blocks him from saying his prayers. He is forgetful and barely knows his prayers. He is easily frightened. Rebecca Nurse sent her spirit out against him.
  • 15 "Theology, sir, is a fortress; no crack in a fortress may be accounted small." What is the significance of this line? It shows the hypocrisy of Reverend Parris, who himself has major flaws. It shows the arrogance of the court in believing itself infallible. It shows that any person may be suspected of witchcraft for any small fault. It shows that Reverend Hale is invariably fixed on minor details.
  • 16 "The Crucible" is an allegorical tale that relates most strongly to which contemporary event for Arthur Miller? The Nuremberg trials The Starr report The Holocaust The McCarthy hearings
  • 17 Which of the following is not evidence used by Hale against the Proctors? Mary Warren's poppet The Proctor's absence from church. John's affair with Abigail Williams The failure of their children to be baptised.
  • 18 Which of the following is not matched to the person whom he/she accuses of witchcraft? Ann Putnam: Rebecca Nurse Betty Parris: George Jacobs Abigail Williams : Elizabeth Proctor Tituba : Sarah Good
  • 19 Which character in the play is compared to Pontius Pilate? Reverend John Hale Reverend Samuel Parris Thomas Putnam Giles Corey
  • 20 Which of the following is not matched to their motive for promoting the witchcraft trials? John Hathorne : superstition Thomas Putnam : greed Samuel Parris : paranoia Abigail Williams : lust
  • 21 What is the significant about Danforth's support for Proctor's confession? It shows that he has turned against Putnam and Parris. It shows that he will bend the rules whenever it suits him. It shows that his interest is in preserving the court and not in actual justice. It shows that he knows that there are no witches in Salem.
  • 22 Which character proclaims that Abigail Williams should be "ripped out of the world"? John Hale Samuel Parris John Proctor Elizabeth Proctor
  • 23 Which line best represents Elizabeth Proctor's view in the trials? "If Rebecca Nurse be tainted, then nothing's left to stop the whole green world from burning." "I cannot think the Devil may own a woman's soul when she keeps an upright way." "The shining sun is up, and them that fear not light will surely praise it." "Remember, until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven."
  • 24 What is significant about Giles Corey's charge against Thomas Putnam? It illustrates the theme of the obscure division between public and private. It illustrates the theme of the novel of passing blame from one character to another. It is ironic, for Giles Corey is condemned for giving evidence that is hearsay, while equally invalid evidence is used to condemn persons for witchcraft. It is ironic, for Giles Corey charges Thomas Putnam with a crime for which Corey is guilty.
  • 25 What is the significance of the line "before the laws of God we are as swine! We cannot read his will." This demonstrates Proctor's contempt for the intellectual abilities of men. This is ironic, for Danforth believes that we can read God's will, or else he would not condemn people for witchcraft. This demonstrates the change in Reverend Hale, for at the beginning of the play he believed that he could ascertain any supernatural phenomenon. When Elizabeth argues this, it shows that she does not want John to confess.

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The Crucible Questions and Answers

The Question and Answer section for The Crucible is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

The Crucible, Act 2

1) Proctor believe the girls to be liars and tells Hale how Abigail said Parris discovered the girls sporting in the woods. Hale claims that it is nonsense, as so many have confessed, but Proctor says that anyone would confess if they will be...

As the act opens, who is being interrogated, and on what charge?

In the beginning of Act III, Martha Corey is being interrogated on charges of witchcraft.

why does reverend parris send for reverend hale?

Because Reverend Hale is an intelligent man who has studied witchcraft extensively.

Study Guide for The Crucible

The Crucible is a play by Arthur Miller. The Crucible study guide contains a biography of Arthur Miller, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

  • About The Crucible
  • The Crucible Summary
  • Character List

Essays for The Crucible

The Crucible essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

  • Conformity, Imbalance of Power, and Social Injustice
  • Sins and Ambitions
  • The Stream of Conscience in Arthur Miller's The Crucible
  • The Crucible as an Allegory
  • Contemporary Events Leading to The Crucible

Lesson Plan for The Crucible

  • About the Author
  • Study Objectives
  • Common Core Standards
  • Introduction to The Crucible
  • Relationship to Other Books
  • Bringing in Technology
  • Notes to the Teacher
  • Related Links
  • The Crucible Bibliography

Wikipedia Entries for The Crucible

  • Introduction
  • Characters (in order of appearance)
  • Notable casts
  • Originality

the crucible essay test

the crucible essay test

The Crucible

Arthur miller, ask litcharts ai: the answer to your questions.

Welcome to the LitCharts study guide on Arthur Miller's The Crucible . Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides.

The Crucible: Introduction

The crucible: plot summary, the crucible: detailed summary & analysis, the crucible: themes, the crucible: quotes, the crucible: characters, the crucible: symbols, the crucible: theme wheel, brief biography of arthur miller.

The Crucible PDF

Historical Context of The Crucible

Other books related to the crucible.

  • Full Title: The Crucible
  • When Written: 1950-52
  • When Published: 1953
  • Literary Period: Realist Drama
  • Genre: Tragic Drama
  • Setting: Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, when it was a Puritan colony
  • Climax: The Crucible has an odd structure, in which each of the four acts ends on a climax. Act I: the girls scream out the names of witches. Act II: Proctor vows he will confront Abigail. Act III: Proctor reveals his adultery with Abigail, and Elizabeth Proctor lies. Act IV: Proctor rips up his confession.
  • Antagonist: Abigail Williams

Extra Credit for The Crucible

The Real Salem Witch Trials. In his depiction of the witch trials, Miller took many major departures from fact. For instance, John Proctor was nearly 60 and Abigail Williams only 11 at the time of the witch trials. Any affair between the two is highly unlikely, to say the least. Miller was always open about the liberties he took with history, saying that he was writing "a fictional story about an important theme."

Some Like it Hot. Arthur Miller was not a star the way writers are stars today. He was much, much bigger than that. After he wrote Death of a Salesman , he was a tremendous national sensation. In fact, he was such a big star that he married Marilyn Monroe. The couple married in 1956, and stayed together until 1961.

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  • Published: 08 May 2024

Accurate structure prediction of biomolecular interactions with AlphaFold‚ÄČ3

  • Josh Abramson ¬† ORCID: 1 ¬† na1 ,
  • Jonas Adler ¬† ORCID: 1 ¬† na1 ,
  • Jack Dunger 1 ¬† na1 ,
  • Richard Evans ¬† ORCID: 1 ¬† na1 ,
  • Tim Green ¬† ORCID: 1 ¬† na1 ,
  • Alexander Pritzel ¬† ORCID: 1 ¬† na1 ,
  • Olaf Ronneberger ¬† ORCID: 1 ¬† na1 ,
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  • Andrew J. Ballard ¬† ORCID: 1 ,
  • Joshua Bambrick ¬† ORCID: 2 ,
  • Sebastian W. Bodenstein 1 ,
  • David A. Evans 1 ,
  • Chia-Chun Hung ¬† ORCID: 2 ,
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  • Kathryn Tunyasuvunakool ¬† ORCID: 1 ,
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  • Ottavia Bertolli ¬† ORCID: 3 ,
  • Alex Bridgland 3 ,
  • Alexey Cherepanov ¬† ORCID: 4 ,
  • Miles Congreve 4 ,
  • Alexander I. Cowen-Rivers 3 ,
  • Andrew Cowie ¬† ORCID: 3 ,
  • Michael Figurnov ¬† ORCID: 3 ,
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  • Max Jaderberg ¬† ORCID: 2 ¬† na2 ,
  • Demis Hassabis ¬† ORCID: 1 , 2 ¬† na2 &
  • John M. Jumper ¬† ORCID: 1 ¬† na2 ¬†

Nature ( 2024 ) Cite this article

139k Accesses

1 Citations

1092 Altmetric

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We are providing an unedited version of this manuscript to give early access to its findings. Before final publication, the manuscript will undergo further editing. Please note there may be errors present which affect the content, and all legal disclaimers apply.

  • Drug discovery
  • Machine learning
  • Protein structure predictions
  • Structural biology

The introduction of AlphaFold‚ÄČ2 1 has spurred a revolution in modelling the structure of proteins and their interactions, enabling a huge range of applications in protein modelling and design 2‚Äď6 . In this paper, we describe our AlphaFold‚ÄČ3 model with a substantially updated diffusion-based architecture, which is capable of joint structure prediction of complexes including proteins, nucleic acids, small molecules, ions, and modified residues. The new AlphaFold model demonstrates significantly improved accuracy over many previous specialised tools: far greater accuracy on protein-ligand interactions than state of the art docking tools, much higher accuracy on protein-nucleic acid interactions than nucleic-acid-specific predictors, and significantly higher antibody-antigen prediction accuracy than AlphaFold-Multimer v2.3 7,8 . Together these results show that high accuracy modelling across biomolecular space is possible within a single unified deep learning framework.

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the crucible essay test

Highly accurate protein structure prediction with AlphaFold

the crucible essay test

Maximum diffusion reinforcement learning

the crucible essay test

De novo generation of multi-target compounds using deep generative chemistry

Author information.

These authors contributed equally: Josh Abramson, Jonas Adler, Jack Dunger, Richard Evans, Tim Green, Alexander Pritzel, Olaf Ronneberger, Lindsay Willmore

These authors jointly supervised this work: Victor Bapst, Pushmeet Kohli, Max Jaderberg, Demis Hassabis, John M. Jumper

Authors and Affiliations

Core Contributor, Google DeepMind, London, UK

Josh Abramson,¬†Jonas Adler,¬†Jack Dunger,¬†Richard Evans,¬†Tim Green,¬†Alexander Pritzel,¬†Olaf Ronneberger,¬†Lindsay Willmore,¬†Andrew J. Ballard,¬†Sebastian W. Bodenstein,¬†David A. Evans,¬†Michael O‚ÄôNeill,¬†David Reiman,¬†Kathryn Tunyasuvunakool,¬†Zachary Wu,¬†Akvilńó ŇĹemgulytńó,¬†Victor Bapst,¬†Pushmeet Kohli,¬†Demis Hassabis¬†&¬†John M. Jumper

Core Contributor, Isomorphic Labs, London, UK

Joshua Bambrick, Chia-Chun Hung, Max Jaderberg & Demis Hassabis

Google DeepMind, London, UK

Eirini Arvaniti,¬†Charles Beattie,¬†Ottavia Bertolli,¬†Alex Bridgland,¬†Alexander I. Cowen-Rivers,¬†Andrew Cowie,¬†Michael Figurnov,¬†Fabian B. Fuchs,¬†Hannah Gladman,¬†Rishub Jain,¬†Yousuf A. Khan,¬†Kuba Perlin,¬†Anna Potapenko,¬†Sukhdeep Singh,¬†Ashok Thillaisundaram,¬†Ellen D. Zhong,¬†Michal Zielinski¬†&¬†Augustin ŇĹ√≠dek

Isomorphic Labs, London, UK

Alexey Cherepanov, Miles Congreve, Caroline M. R. Low, Pascal Savy, Adrian Stecula, Catherine Tong & Sergei Yakneen

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Corresponding authors

Correspondence to Max Jaderberg , Demis Hassabis or John M. Jumper .

Supplementary information

Supplementary information.

This Supplementary Information file contains the following 9 sections: (1) Notation; (2) Data pipeline; (3) Model architecture; (4) Auxiliary heads; (5) Training and inference; (6) Evaluation; (7) Differences to AlphaFold2 and AlphaFold-Multimer; (8) Supplemental Results; and (9) Appendix: CCD Code and PDB ID tables.

Reporting Summary

Rights and permissions.

Reprints and permissions

About this article

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Abramson, J., Adler, J., Dunger, J. et al. Accurate structure prediction of biomolecular interactions with AlphaFold‚ÄČ3. Nature (2024).

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Received : 19 December 2023

Accepted : 29 April 2024

Published : 08 May 2024


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Major alphafold upgrade offers boost for drug discovery.

  • Ewen Callaway

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