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    phd in software architecture

  3. PhD in Architecture

    phd in software architecture

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    phd in software architecture

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  1. PhD Programme at IIMB: PhD scholar Sai Dattathrani, Information Systems area

  2. PhD in Architecture. History and Project

  3. The technology trends impact on software architecture- Managing Software Architecture

  4. TU Graz Bachelor's Degree Programme Software Engineering and Management

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  1. Software Engineering PhD Program

    But as software systems increase in capability, they increase in complexity, resulting in delays, defects, and vulnerabilities. Our Ph.D. program in Software Engineering seeks to educate the next generation of high-impact software engineering research, development, and educational leaders who will solve the problems associated with building ...

  2. Doctorate in Software Engineering Degrees

    Advanced Software Architecture and Design: Students learn to develop and reuse software architecture and design. Topics include identifying, analyzing, and synthesizing systems data, functional design elements, and connectors. ... Full-time learners often receive graduate assistantships or teaching assistantships to cover tuition and living ...

  3. Software Engineering (PhD)

    As a student graduating with a PhD in Software Engineering, you will be better positioned to develop the skills and mindsets to be leaders in software development, computing, machine learning, ever-increasing automation and connectivity, human and intelligent systems, data science, and network sciences. ... SFWE 505: Software Architecture ...

  4. Doctor of Philosophy in Software Engineering

    The PhD in Software Engineering program is tailored to the student. The student must arrange a course program with the guidance and approval of a faculty member chosen as their graduate advisor. Adjustments can be made as the student's interests develop and a specific dissertation top is chosen. The software engineering researchers in the ...

  5. software architecture PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

    University of Bradford Faculty of Engineering & Digital Technologies. Research Group: Applied Computing. This project aims to develop novel methods and software tools for the implementation of highly adaptive multi-agent systems for manufacturing control, applying plug-and-produce technology to cyber-physical systems.

  6. Computer Engineering

    Northeastern's PhD program in Computer Engineering offers the opportunity to pursue cutting-edge research in the following areas: computer architecture, parallel computing, fault tolerance, performance analysis and modeling, security, embedded systems, VLSI, algorithms, data mining, testing, machine learning, machine vision and software engineering.

  7. Software Engineering Program

    SE 6356 Software Maintenance, Evolution, and Re-Engineering. SE 6388 Software Project Planning and Management. CS 6396 Real-Time Systems. NOTE: Students changing program from MS_CS/PhD_CS to MS_SE/PhD_SE or MS_SE/PhD_SE to MS_CS/PhD_CS must submit a new online graduate application. The admissions committee in the department will review the ...

  8. PhD programmes in Software Engineering in United States

    This Computer Science PhD program from University of Tulsa maintains a world-class reputation in strategic areas of study for computer science, including cyber security, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and bioinformatics. Ph.D. / Full-time / On Campus. University of Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. Ranked top 5%.

  9. Your complete guide to a PhD in Software Engineering

    Everything you need to know about studying a PhD in Software Engineering part of Computer Science & IT . Software Engineering focuses on analysing the needs and requirements of users to design, deploy, and test new software. ... algorithms, data structures, human-computer interaction, web development, software project management, architecture ...

  10. Learn Essential Software Architecture Skills

    In summary, here are 10 of our most popular software architecture courses. Software Design and Architecture: University of Alberta. Software Architecture: University of Alberta. Computer Architecture: Princeton University. Introduction to Software Engineering: IBM.

  11. Advanced Software Architecture and Design

    SE6362 - Advanced Software Architecture and Design. SE 6362 Advanced Software Architecture and Design (3 semester credit hours) Concepts and methodologies for the development, evolution, and reuse of software architecture and design, with an emphasis on object-orientation. Identification, analysis, and synthesis of system data, process, communication, and control components.

  12. Graduate Certificate in Software Architecture

    The 15-unit Graduate Certificate in Software Architecture program (available both on-campus and online via DEN@Viterbi) will provide engineers with the skills required to face the increasingly complex future in architecting systems, systems of systems and software-intensive systems. In addition, explicit focus on architecture has shown ...

  13. Program Page

    The PhD in Architecture (PhD-Arch) program at Carnegie Mellon advances interpretive, critical and contextual perspectives on the built environment and spatial design. The program offers students an interdisciplinary platform to investigate built environment cultures, practices and politics across a range of historical and geographical contexts ...

  14. Software Architecture Online Graduate Certificate Program

    Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Software Architecture. Drexel University's online Graduate Certificate in Software Architecture equips you with state-of-the-art practices for designing, analyzing, documenting, and implementing software architectures. Designed for those with programming skills and experience, you'll take courses in areas ...

  15. Graduate Certificate in Software Architecture

    Software architecture is the primary carrier of system qualities, such as performance, reliability, modifiability and security. Architecture helps ensure that a design approach will yield an acceptable system and holds the key to maintenance and sustainment efforts, ensures critical quality attributes, and holds every phase of a software ...

  16. MS Software Engineering

    Students in this degree program must meet the following requirements: Complete a minimum of 48 graduate credit hours in addition to any required introductory courses of the designated degree program. Complete all graduate courses and requirements listed in the designated degree program. Earn a grade of C- or better in all courses of the ...

  17. Ph.D. in Architecture

    The PHD in Architecture addresses the development of modern architectural form and ideas as they have been affected by social, economic, and technological change. In broad terms, it encompasses the relations between the profession, practice, civil institutions, and the society at large. As a doctoral program, it is oriented toward the training ...

  18. Graduate Certificate in Software Architecture

    Students should consult with an academic advisor prior to registering for any classes. A minimum of 17-18 units is required to earn the Graduate Certificate in Software Architecture. Required Courses: 14 units. Elective Course: 3-4 units. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for graduation. Detailed Program Curriculum and Requirements ...

  19. Graduate Certificate in Software Architecture and Design

    Graduate Certificate in Project Quality Management; Graduate Certificate in Software Architecture and Design; Degree. Master of Software Engineering; If you begin with a certificate and are interested in pursuing the Master of Software Engineering, work with your adviser while completing your first certificate to determine which program to ...

  20. Software Systems Graduate Certificate

    The Software Systems Graduate Program offers a comprehensive course of study in the design and implementation of systems software, including operating systems, compilers, and networks. The program also provides the opportunity to explore any of these areas in further depth by taking advanced courses or exploring related areas such as databases, programming language design, computer graphics ...

  21. Computation

    This area of study offers a concentration in the Master of Science in Architecture Studies (SMArchS) program and a doctoral (PhD) program. Please go to the Design and Computation Group's list of Dissertations and Theses to see the work done at the culmination of the degree programs. ... PhD 2012, document title: Software Tectonics (George Stiny ...