1. Choosing Between a Thesis & Non-Thesis Master's Degree

    Choosing Between a Thesis or Non-thesis Master's Degree. As of 2015, approximately 25.4 million Americans held advanced degrees, with more citizens joining these ranks each year. As studies continue to show the career advancement and salary benefits of completing a master's degree, more and more students elect to pursue advanced educations ...

  2. 12 Accredited Universities that don't Require a Thesis for Online

    The Arizona State University's Master of Computer Science online degree program is a non-thesis degree that requires 30 credit hours of coursework. Online Master's in Computer Science at Purdue University. Purdue University-Main Campus is a public university located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is ranked as #62 in Best National University ...

  3. Thesis vs. Non-Thesis Master's Programs: Which is Right for You?

    Conclusion. Choosing between a thesis and a non-thesis Master's program ultimately depends on your career goals, research interests, and personal preferences. Thesis programs provide a robust foundation for research-oriented careers and advanced studies, while non-thesis programs offer practical skills tailored for immediate industry integration.

  4. Master's Degree without Thesis

    January 6, 2024, for a January 2024 dated degree. April 3, 2024, for a May 2024 dated degree. You are not eligible to receive your degree until the following requirements have been completed and returned to the [email protected] email address. Submit all degree materials #1-2 in one email before the deadline.

  5. What to Think About When Choosing Between a Thesis & Non-Thesis Master

    A non-thesis master's degree focuses on coursework. Students are immersed into projects and learning environments that help strengthen their knowledge in their field. Similar to undergraduate programs, a non-thesis program is structured around assignments, group and individual projects, and exams. Research may be included somewhere in the ...

  6. Pursuing a non-thesis master's degree: Is it worth it?

    Reasons to pursue a non-thesis master's degree. Pursuing a non-thesis master's degree can offer unique advantages for individuals with diverse career goals and learning preferences: Interest in practical and applied knowledge: Non-thesis programs often emphasize practical, hands-on knowledge that can be immediately applied in real-world ...

  7. Master of Science Non-Thesis

    Learn about the non-thesis degree program in materials science and engineering at Texas A&M University. Find out the degree plan requirements, coursework, and how to apply.

  8. Non-Thesis Master's Program Overview

    Credit Requirements for a Non-Thesis Master's Degree. Have at least 30 total graduate credit hours, which must include: 9 credit hours of additional graduate-level coursework. An overall GPA of 3.0 is required for completion of the master's degree program. Plan of Study Requirements for Non-Thesis Master's Degree.

  9. Can You Graduate From Stanford Without A Thesis?

    Without having to finish a thesis, these non-thesis programs offer the chance to gain advanced knowledge and abilities in a variety of subjects. Stanford has a wide variety of master's degree programs. The focus in non-thesis programs is usually on coursework, projects, and thorough examinations, however, the exact requirements may differ ...

  10. MS Non-thesis Roadmap

    Graduation. To earn a graduate degree a student must achieve both a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for all graduate courses listed on the plan of study and cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in all coursework taken at Missouri S&T. Degree. Once admitted to a master's program, a student will be given six years to complete the program.

  11. Master's of Science -- non-thesis

    Master's Non-Thesis Academic Advisor Dr. Gregory DeKrey [email protected] 970-351-2493. General degree information Degree program options. ... This M.S., non-thesis, degree program is designed to provide post-baccalaureate training in any area of biology, primarily through the completion of traditional lecture and laboratory courses. ...

  12. Master's degree vs. Master's degree without thesis

    4. Generally PhD programs require a significant amount of research. That being said, a Master's Degree with the Thesis option is a good indicator that you have applied rigorous and reviewed research methods in the past - and is therefore an example of what your future work may be. As I was advised, "if there is any notion in your mind that you ...

  13. Computer Science (M.Sc.)

    Program Description. The Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Computer Science (Non-Thesis) offered by the School of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science is a course-based program that emphasizes practical and rigorous learning opportunities. The program's objective is to equip students with skills in forward-thinking, data analysis, and information literacy to pursue professional opportunities.

  14. Master's non-Thesis degree, MSE

    A non-thesis option Master's primarily involves academic course work followed by the defense of a written document, such as critical literature review, during the final term of enrollment. The structured research component of the MS with Thesis is not present in the non-thesis option. Two forms of the MS non-thesis are available to MSE students ...

  15. Master's Degree in Engineering

    Pursuing Liberty's non-thesis engineering track means earning your master's degree faster and getting started in your field sooner. M.S. in Engineering Degree Information Residential format

  16. Master of Science in Psychology Non-Thesis (MS)

    Master of Arts in History & Political Thought, Political Science Concentration Thesis (MA) Master of Arts in Sociology (MA) Master of Arts in Sociology Non- Thesis (MA) Master of Public Administration (MPA) Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MS) Master of Science in Criminal Justice Non- Thesis (MS) Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice ...

  17. MS, Engineering

    MS, Engineering - Non-thesis. The MS in Engineering provides students with a rigorous, adaptive curriculum and research environment that prepares them to integrate discoveries from multiple fields and address problems beyond the bounds of traditional disciplines. Degree Type: Masters. Degree Program Code: MS_ENGR_NT.

  18. Deciding Between a Thesis & Non-Thesis Master's Degree

    Learn the difference between a thesis and a non-thesis master's degree, and the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Find out what a master's thesis is, how to write it, and why some programs don't require it.

  19. Non-Thesis Master's Degree Program (1 YEAR)

    The non-thesis Master's (M.S.) degree program is designed for students who want an advanced degree but are not necessarily ready for or interested in the Ph.D. program. The M.S. degree provides a path to industrial jobs, professional schools, teaching careers, Ph.D. programs, and can be used as part of a multidisciplinary career portfolio.

  20. Online Doctorate No Dissertation Programs

    The cost of an online doctorate depends on the school, program length, and degree. On average, you can expect to spend around $41,000 per year for a Ph.D. program, according to BestColleges research. However, professional doctorates can cost around $58,650 per year. Choosing an online format can help you save money.

  21. The 30 Easiest Online Master's Degree Programs For 2021

    San Francisco, California is home to the Academy of Art University that offers a variety of online programs including a master's degree program in Advertising, Animation & Visual Effects, Fashion, and Communications & Media Technology. Artistic students efficiently complete graduate programs in as few as 18-24 months. Students who will graduate from their programs land in productive jobs in ...

  22. Masters Degree Without Thesis

    Fill out our contact form or call us at 413-545-2222 to ask your questions, and get more information! Give to Stockbridge. Commencement. Academic Requirements for MS Degree (Non-Thesis Option) A minimum of 30 course credits is required. Twenty-one (21) of these credits must be in the major field defined as Plant & Soil Science and Environmental ...

  23. 18-Month Doctorate Programs Without Dissertation

    A dissertation, sometimes called a thesis, is a research project. Many graduate programs require one. They are completed after completing other courses in a degree. This is common with undergrad and grad programs. Dissertations are quite common. Some students enjoy them. Others do not, so 18-month doctorate programs without dissertation may be ...