m tech plus phd in india

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  • M.Tech+PhD - Computer Science Engineering (Integrated-5yrs) New
  • PG Diploma - Advertising & Digital Marketing
  • PG Diploma - Computer Science Engineering – 1 yrs
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m tech plus phd in india

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  • BA - (Journalism & Mass Communication - Hindi)

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  • PG Diploma - Film, TV & Web Series
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Integ. M.Tech + Ph.D. CSE

Integ. M.Tech + Ph.D. CSE

Innovation and Technology: Embracing New Challenges & Opportunities – Explore Bennett University's 5-Year Integrated M.Tech-Ph.D. Program

Why 5 Year Integrated MTech+PhD at Bennett University

m tech plus phd in india

Industry-oriented specialisations

Four industry-oriented specialisations

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Science

m tech plus phd in india

State-of-the-art Research

Students participate in research projects for hands-on practical experience

m tech plus phd in india

Industry-Academia collaboration

10+ industry tie-up with leading IT industries enables students to learn innovative techniques to become future ready.

m tech plus phd in india

Get customised Degree

Students join MTech + PhD 4 year program.


About 5 Year Integrated MTech + PhD

5 Year Integrated MTech+PhD Computer Science is a four-year degree in computer science engineering that enable students to understand the principles and practices of science and technology, attain problem-solving skills, and constantly learn multidisciplinary concepts. At Bennett University, students are benefited from the combination of a high academic standard and cutting-edge technology. The most distinctive feature of this programme, which comes in partnership with leading global universities and industries, is to provide hands-on experience to the students. The 4 year integrated Programme is challenging, and it equips graduates for jobs in the industry. In addition, Bennett also provides a strong foundation for further studies at the doctoral level anywhere in the world.

  • Duration 5 years
  • Specialisation 4
  • Start Date 15th July 2024
  • Program Fee

Curriculum Details

School of Computer Science Engineering and Technology has developed a comprehensive curriculum for the 5 Year Integrated MTech+PhD programmes that equips the students with skills on complex problem solving, design of computing systems, critical thinking, empirical and quantitative analysis, communication, teamwork, social & personal responsibility.

Program Core Courses: The core courses build a solid foundation of advanced concepts on data structures, algorithms, network systems, operating systems, software engineering, databases and their practical skills that are essential for technology building and implementation.

  • Life Skills: Life skills is offered in the 1st semester to cultivate the lifelong learning skills.
  • Humanity: It consists of research practices, seminar, and ethics course.
  • Entrepreneurship: A course on entrepreneurship is offered to inculcate the entrepreneurial skills amongst the students


Every Specialisation comprises two core courses and three elective courses. It also has a specialisation-oriented capstone Course and an Internship. Specialisations are chosen at the time of admissions.

  • Specialisation Core Courses: Students are offered two specialisation core courses.
  • Specialisation Electives: Students must choose three specialisation electives.
  • Internships

Internships/Thesis Dissertation (20 Credits)– Two internships are part of the curriculum. The first internship is available in the 3rd semester, which can be an alternative of the capstone project. Capstone Design, and Capstone Project are cutting edge courses to prepare the students for industry, and further research. The second internship is done in the final semester, the outcome of which is a thesis dissertation report. There is also one flexible option for the students to spend one full year in an Industry internship in the final year of study.

Program Outcome

  • Students are expected to apply mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles and computer science theory in modelling, design and conduct of experiments as well as in data interpretation and analysis.
  • Students are expected to develop an ability to identify, formulate and solve real engineering problems and understand the global impact of engineering solutions.
  • Students will acquire the ability to engineer requirement/system to carry out systems integration.
  • Students will acquire the ability to explore the latest technology and its applications.
  • Students will build the capability to deploy appropriate technology paradigm for given tasks.
  • Students will acquire the ability to build convincing technical cases for approval / demonstration of initial ideas by conducting experiments and forming examples.

Skills Students will Learn: Some of the advanced skills CSE students will acquire:

  • Foundational Skills in Core areas of Computing
  • Specialised Skills in your chosen area of specialization
  • Project development and Coding Skills
  • Strong sense of professionalism
  • Ability to negotiate a group discussions
  • Public speaking

The program will have:

  • Personal interview workshops
  • CV and cover letter workshops
  • Networking events
  • Social-media workshops
  • Corporate & professional mentoring sessions for the benefit of students through our career cell.

Dell-EMC – Lab

The lab has 32 Dell machines with the latest configuration. This is further enriched with the support of Dell-EMC. (Dell supports in faculty training, collaborative projects, and exclusive workshops.)

Specific areas of operation include Information Storage and Management (“ISM”), Cloud Infrastructure Services (“CIS”), Data Science and Big Data Analytics (“DSBDA”) and Data Protection and Management (“DPM”). These help the students compete for jobs in Fortune 500 companies.

(Computer configuration: Dell OptiPlex 5050MT XCTO, Intel i5 processor, 8Gb DDR4 RAM.)

Bennett - NVIDIA Centre for Artificial Intelligence

The lab comprises 30 node top-end HP Z440 workstations. It is the best configuration for executing applications while dealing with zeta scale data. Powerful graphics cards from NVIDIA and lightening-fast data transfers with thunderbolt technologies make for a beast of a system.

Researchers and scholars use this lab for AI applications in healthcare, security, cognition, text, image, and video analysis.

The NVIDIA DGX-1 V100 is the first system built with groundbreaking NVIDIA Pascal™-powered Tesla® V100 accelerators. It is NVIDIA NVLink™ implementation that delivers a massive increase in GPU memory capacity. It is the world’s first purpose-built system for deep learning and accelerated analytics, delivering performance equal to 500 conventional servers. NVIDIA DGX-1 software stack includes major deep learning frameworks, the NVIDIA DIGITS™ GPU training system, the NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK (e.g. CuDNN, NCCL), NVIDIA Docker, GPU drivers, and NVIDIA CUDA® for rapidly designing deep neural networks (DNN). It is the ideal stack for accelerating popular analytics and visualisation software.

The powerful system includes access to cloud management services for container creation and deployment, system updates, and an application repository. The combination of these software capabilities running on Pascal-powered Tesla GPUs allows applications to run 12X faster than with previous GPU-accelerated solutions.

Due to the partnership with NVIDIA, students have access to Certified Expert Instructors, Worldwide Workshops, Online Courses, Industry leaders, Onsite Training, NVIDIA Partner Network, OEMs and start-ups and Deep Learning Teaching Kit.

Apple iMac Design & Multi-Media Lab

It is a futuristic 32 node high-end lab with state-of-the-art Apple machines. As per international standards, the 27-inch monitors, using the best retina display, are useful for any visual effect with immersive experience. Processor Speed, Magic Mouse and Magic keyboard make the experience unforgettable.

The lab is used for running courses that require high-end graphics capabilities including 3D graphics and video editing capabilities. It is specifically used for activities and projects related to gaming, design, multimedia, modern art, and media production. High configuration of the machines help run resource-hungry applications related to research requiring large scale simulations and experimentation.

Programming Lab

The Lab is used to impart skills of Programming/Coding to first-year students.

Computer configuration: HP ProDesk Micro tower PC, Inter®core™ 9500 processor,8Gb DDR4 RAM.

Information Management System Lab

The Lab takes care of the curricular requirements in the domain of Information Management, Data Base Management systems and Other Business processing applications.

Computer configuration: Acer, Intel®core™ i5 6400,64 Bit processor,8Gb RAM.

Cloud Computing Lab

The Lab takes care of the curricular requirements for Cloud Computing and applications.

The Drone Laboratory facilitates the development of various drone technologies and sensing equipment which could be applied to the drones using DJI Mavic AIR QUADCOPTER DRONE, Veerobot F450 AIR QUADCOPTER DRONE and such other.

The laboratory is equipped with various drone platforms: from quad/hexacopters, to pipeline crawlers, to remotely operated underwater vehicles.

Computer Network and Cyber Security Lab

The Lab takes care of the curricular requirements in the domain of Computer Network and Cyber Security Lab on Simulator Tools, including hand on experience with Routers and latest CISCO Switches.

Students use different wireless network components and features to provide network security and to set Firewall Security in windows/ Linux OS.

AR and VR Gaming

The Lab takes care of the curricular requirements in the domain of AR and VR Gaming Labs.

Our Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Media Lab contain some of the most cutting-edge head-mounted displays available today. Students have access to the technology for the development of VR and AR software using the Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset, and many others.

Big Data and Machine Learning Lab

The Lab takes care of the curricular requirements in the domain of Big Data Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to analyse large datasets, identify trends, and develop predictive models to solve problems.

Students build and train deep neural networks, build a CNN and apply it to detection and recognition tasks, train test sets, analyse variance for DL applications, use standard techniques and optimisation algorithms, and build neural networks in TensorFlow. Students also build and train RNNs, work with NLP and Word Embeddings, and use HuggingFace tokenisers and transformer models to perform NER.

We are Proud of our Students

1 IN 3 Bennett Students

placed above 10 Lac Salary

  • 450+ Companies for Placements
  • 1.37 Cr/Yr. Highest Package
  • 26.20 LPA Top 10 percentile B.Tech Salary
  • 10 LPA 1 in 3 B.Tech Students Placed Above
  • 4.2 Lac pm Highest Internship Stipend
  • BU International Stars
  • Research Work & Patents

Intellectual rigor in academics, intense industry exposure, and imparting Life Skills with a structured approach enhance our students' abilities, making them truly industry-ready.

Isha Venkatesh Puthige

Isha Venkatesh Puthige

Mrinalini Bansal

Mrinalini Bansal

Pulkit Jain

Pulkit Jain

Ritik Bansal

Ritik Bansal

Kashish Suneja

Kashish Suneja

VVS Manideep

VVS Manideep

Gagan Talreja

Gagan Talreja

Mragank Shekhar

Mragank Shekhar

Akshita Mehta

Akshita Mehta


Madhu Kiran Akkireddy

Harsh Kataria

Harsh Kataria

Naman Bansal

Naman Bansal

Shubhi Shyama Gupta

Shubhi Shyama Gupta

Devyanshu Shukla

Devyanshu Shukla

Soumendu Samanta

Soumendu Samanta

Souvik Mishra

Souvik Mishra

Our students shine on the global sky by getting selected in top universities overseas.

Viha Goel

Sreevenk Kovvuri

Akanksha Telegamsetty

Akanksha Telegamsetty

Shalvika Srivastav

Shalvika Srivastav

Siddhanth Iyer

Siddhanth Iyer


Shanmukha Sai Sumanth Yenneti

Sejal Bhatnagar

Sejal Bhatnagar

Rishabh Mishra

Rishabh Mishra

Rithwik Antham

Rithwik Antham

Anchal Aggarwal

Anchal Aggarwal

Chirumamilla Nandavardhan

Chirumamilla Nandavardhan

Pranav Bansal

Pranav Bansal

Taking a right first step ensures a big leap forward.

Isha Puthige

Isha Puthige

Akash Warke

Akash Warke

Harshit Tomar

Harshit Tomar

Sunisth Kumar

Sunisth Kumar

Siddhi Tandon

Siddhi Tandon

Mohit Bhat

Our start-up culture builds successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Samyak Jain

Samyak Jain

Sankarsh Chanda

Sankarsh Chanda

Hardik Agarwal & Shrey Tyagi

Hardik Agarwal & Shrey Tyagi

Aditya Raj Jain

Aditya Raj Jain

Zaid Naim

Krishnammagri Samhita

Pradyumn Mane

Pradyumn Mane

Ayush Arora

Ayush Arora

Anubhav Sakhuja

Anubhav Sakhuja

Right mentorship & a strong foundation make our students push the limits of endurance.

Swapnil Panwala

Swapnil Panwala

Shivansh Yadav

Shivansh Yadav

Prakhar Srivastav, Avni Bagrola, Minakshi Tiwari

Prakhar Srivastav, Avni Bagrola, Minakshi Tiwari


Nikhil Panwar

Devyansh Palia

Devyansh Palia

Vidit Baya

Bennett University is recognised as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO) by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Abhinav Nair, Tushar Bansal, Sumit Sharma, Manish Chauhan

Abhinav Nair, Tushar Bansal, Sumit Sharma, Manish Chauhan

Smriti Gaur

Smriti Gaur

Roma Pandey

Roma Pandey

Mukul Sharma

Mukul Sharma

Srijna Singh

Srijna Singh

Adrija Ghosh

Adrija Ghosh

Naman Jain & Pooja Lakshmi

Naman Jain & Pooja Lakshmi

Hitesh Sondhi & Srishti Ranjan

Hitesh Sondhi & Srishti Ranjan

Anishka Singh & Neharika Binani

Anishka Singh & Neharika Binani

Ishan Agarwal

Ishan Agarwal

Key recruiters.

m tech plus phd in india

International Tie-Ups

Bennett University brings international exposure to students. Our strategic collaborations ensure that our students get a glimpse of global education practices.

m tech plus phd in india

Florida International University, USA

Non-degree seeking opportunities for BU students to be enrolled in FIU UG/Graduate courses (including master's and Ph.D. courses)Student exchange programs

m tech plus phd in india

University of Essex, England

Research collaboration, Summer school program, Webinars/Seminars, Semester exchange opportunity, Student mentorship

m tech plus phd in india

University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), USA

Joint research and educational activities, Joint lectures, conferences, and symposia, Faculty/staff/personnel exchange for study and research, Exchange of academic and scientific information

m tech plus phd in india

University of Florida Board of Trustees, Florida

Collaborative research, Faculty and staff development and exchange, Student development and exchange, Exchange of academic publications and reports, Sharing of experiences in innovative teaching methods and course design, Joint symposia, workshops, and conferences

m tech plus phd in india

University of Nebraska, Omaha

Student Mobility programs, Customized educational/training programs for students and faculty, Cooperative research and development projects, Cooperative research and development projects

m tech plus phd in india

Perm State University, Russia (PSU)

Strengthen the educational process via educational technologies, Develop and enhance multicultural and intercultural competencies, Develop and enhance multicultural and intercultural competencies, Creation of joint international educational, scholarly and applied projects

m tech plus phd in india

FPT University, Vietnam

Students/ faculty exchange programs, Collaborative research projects, Exchange of academic materials and publications, Jointly seminars/conference

Industry Collaboration

Learning from deep industry engagement at Bennett University hones the necessary skills required to shine in a competitive work environment.

m tech plus phd in india

  • External Research and Academic Alliance Program
  • Enables access to specialised resources of Dell-EMC on data science and cloud infrastructure.
  • AWS offers two programs: AWS Educate and AWS Academy
  • Free, ready-to-teach cloud computing curriculum prepares students to pursue industry-recognised certifications and in-demand cloud jobs.
  • Students get direct access through the accredited educator: AWS Learner Lab, AWS Cloud Foundations, AWS Machine Learning Classrooms.
  • Students can explore 40+ specialised courses for various jobs in Cloud, AI, ML, DevOps, Security and others.
  • 400+ students have completed AWS Academy Cloud Foundation Course powered by Amazon Web Services.
  • 70+ students are certified AWS cloud practitioners.
  • 10+ students certified in AWS higher level certifications such as Solution Architect, Cloud Developer and System Admin/Operations.
  • Internship and job opportunities from the AWS Academy Classroom.
  • Educators Institution Program for teachers and students
  • Learn Cloud Computing, AI and Data Science through Microsoft technologies and platforms.
  • Students get access to certification exams of AZ900, AI 900, DP900, and PL900 courses.
  • Students can attend online Microsoft Virtual Trainings.
  • 1000+ students are now Azure certified at various levels.
  • Students have appeared in online proctorial exam powered by Certiport and Bennett University listed as the Certiport Testing Centres.
  • Prepare students for a career in network security.
  • Fortinet provides support on implementation and application of Fortinet VM's and hands-on exercises.
  • Multiple faculties are now certified at different levels of NSE. Students too get the opportunity.
  • BotLab at the University is the resource center for RPA - One of our specialisation tracks in BTech CSE.
  • Faculties are getting certified at different levels, which enables knowledge transfer to the students.
  • Programs for undergraduate in Robotic & Process Automation.
  • ToT Workshop by UI Path
  • 30+ students and 3 faculty members are now advance level certified by UI PATH.
  • Faculty and students training programs in SAP technology
  • Training of Trainers: CCNA R&S : Introduction to Networks and DevNet Associate
  • Internship at AICTE- CISCO
  • Virtual Training Support for students internship programs
  • Project marking and verifying the students of BU.
  • Cyber security training, certifications, research projects, and events for students
  • Training, research projects and certifications for faculties
  • Offers certifications and training in cyber security.
  • Access to certifications to prepare students for the industry.
  • Training and certification program for faculty
  • Course curriculum mapping
  • Offers innovative and cutting-edge solutions through cybersecurity programs.
  • Offers internationally recognised certifications in the Cybersecurity domain.
  • BU is the official centre for EC council exams.
  • Students and faculties have attended multiple webinars on CEH First Look Session, Build a Career with CEH, Digital Forensics and a Career in Cybersecurity, Your ultimate guide to a rewarding career in Cybersecurity
  • An initiative of the Government of India, in collaboration with the state governments and industries.
  • Faculty Development Program through which the teaching staff has completed 23 FDP certification in various courses, such as flutter and UI design, emotional intelligence, and creative thinking.
  • Skill Development Program, Power Seminar, Government and CSR Projects, Industry institute interaction, Research, and publication (ICTACT journals).
  • Recognised as the official AI design partner.
  • Enables bidding for different projects in BEL.
  • One project is completed and delivered.
  • Creating universal language for the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • OCF aims to collaborate with the IoT ecosystem to deploy and evolve the OCF ISO/IEC specifications, including the Secure IP Device Framework, its open-source reference implementation, and an industry-recognised certification program.
  • CSE at Bennett University is the official adopter of this program.
  • BU has partnered with drishya.ai to create a knowledge and resource exchange program.
  • The two organisations will work to develop AI models, solutions, case studies, joint research, and talent in the applications of AI in the energy domain.
  • It may also lead to internship with full-time job offer.
  • The University is engaged in imparting education to students across various domains with CodeChef.
  • Access to its platform is available to the students and faculty of the University.
  • Periodic practice sessions & assessment-based tests (for grading) are created by CodeChef for the students and shared regularly with the University.
  • Assists students and faculty members to use the Tezos blockchain
  • Partnership enables Blockchain learning through hands-on lab sessions.
  • Skilled individuals may get an internship opportunity as well.
  • The cloud-based Coding platform that supports almost all development languages is available for conducting courses.
  • Eliminate dependency on physical machines where students can login from any PC
  • Auto grading system available to give feedback immediately after submission.
  • Students can freely explore programming language to solve problems.
  • Explore opportunities to bid for projects.
  • Faculty members and students form teams to work on live projects.
  • Enables BU Schools to opt for live projects
  • Three projects are already completed and delivered.
  • Academic industry alliance to train students
  • Access to various resources such as webinars, hackathons, competitions.
  • BU and Talentsprint partnership opens the door for Pega platform.
  • Partnering enables students to get trained on Pega platform.
  • Pega applications help seamlessly connect management channels to clients in real time, making it easy to react to any sudden change.
  • Well-known name in the game development world.
  • Unity academic alliance program – Training of Trainer.
  • Access to their exclusive content for faculty which in turn helps students.
  • Students/faculties get credits to redeem for certification and courses.
  • Algorithmic solutions for industries.
  • Short term student-staff exchange programs.
  • Collaborative projects, collaborative research publication, research datasets.
  • Novel optimisation algorithms, knowledge sharing (Seminars and talks), workshops (train the trainer).
  • Faculties of Schools submit research proposals.
  • Working on DevOps with industries.
  • Collaborating with the DevOps faculties at BU for labs and workshops.
  • Training for students on the DevOps
  • Internship opportunities.

m tech plus phd in india

Prof. (Dr.) Abhay Bansal Ph.D. - University of Rajasthan

Dr. Anurag Goswami

Dr. Anurag Goswami Ph.D. - NDSU, USA

Dr. Suneet Kumar Gupta

Dr. Suneet Kumar Gupta Ph.D. - IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed Ph.D. - IIT Indore

Dr. Madhushi Verma

Dr. Madhushi Verma Ph.D. - IIT (BHU) Varanasi

Dr. Kuldeep

Dr. Kuldeep Ph.D. - IIT Roorkee

Dr. Tapas Badal

Dr. Tapas Badal Ph.D. - MNIT Jaipur

Dr. Umesh Gupta

Dr. Umesh Gupta Ph.D. - National Institute of Technology Arunachal Pradesh

Dr. Shakti Sharma

Dr. Shakti Sharma Ph.D. - IIT Bombay

Dr.  Simranjit Singh

Dr. Simranjit Singh Ph.D. - TIET

Dr. Ankur Gupta

Dr. Ankur Gupta Ph.D. - MNIT Jaipur

Dr. Manish Raj

Dr. Manish Raj Ph.D. - IIIT, Allahabad

Dr. Jagendra Singh

Dr. Jagendra Singh Ph.D. - JNU, New Delhi

Dr. Divya Srivastava

Dr. Divya Srivastava Ph.D - MNREC, Allahabad

Dr. Vivek Mehta

Dr. Vivek Mehta Ph.D. - TIET

Dr. Neha Garg

Dr. Neha Garg Ph.D. - SLIET, Longowal

Dr. Gulshan Shrivastava

Dr. Gulshan Shrivastava Ph.D. - NIT, Patna

Dr. Neeraj

Dr. Neeraj Ph.D - SLIET, Longowal

Dr. Ashima Yadav

Dr. Ashima Yadav Ph.D - DTU

Dr. Ishan Budhiraja

Dr. Ishan Budhiraja Ph.D - TIET

Dr. Simar Preet Singh

Dr. Simar Preet Singh Ph.D - TIET

Dr. Sonal Kukreja Bhardwaj

Dr. Sonal Kukreja Bhardwaj Ph.D. - TIET

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Shrivastava

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Shrivastava Ph.D. - BITS-Pilani

Dr. Deepika Vatsa

Dr. Deepika Vatsa Ph.D. - IIT Delhi

Dr. Anika Gupta

Dr. Anika Gupta Ph.D. - TIET, Patiala

Dr. Deepika Pantola

Dr. Deepika Pantola Ph.D. - GGSIU, New Delhi

Dr. Aditya Bhardwaj

Dr. Aditya Bhardwaj Ph.D. - NITTTR Chandigarh

Dr. Akansha Singh

Dr. Akansha Singh Ph.D. - IIT Roorkee

Dr. Mohd. Abuzar Sayeed

Dr. Mohd. Abuzar Sayeed Ph.D. - Thapar University

Dr. Mohit Agarwal

Dr. Mohit Agarwal Ph.D. - Bennett University, Greater Noida

Dr. Navneet Pratap Singh

Dr. Navneet Pratap Singh Ph.D. - IIT Indore

Dr. Nitin Arvind Shelke

Dr. Nitin Arvind Shelke Ph.D. - TIET, Patiala

Dr. Madhuri Gupta

Dr. Madhuri Gupta Ph.D. - Jaypee IIT Noida

Dr. Anuj Kumar Bharti

Dr. Anuj Kumar Bharti Ph.D. - IIT Jodhpur

Dr. Vimal Kumar

Dr. Vimal Kumar Ph.D.- MNNIT Prayagraj

Dr. Riti Kushwaha

Dr. Riti Kushwaha Ph.D. - MNIT, Jaipur

Dr. Sandhya Tarwani

Dr. Sandhya Tarwani Ph.D. - GGSIU, New Delhi


DR. PRATIMA SHARMA Ph.D. - Delhi Technological University

Dr. Debjani Ghosh

Dr. Debjani Ghosh Ph.D. - MNNIT Allahabad

Anshika Arora

Anshika Arora PHD (Pursuing) - Netaji Subhas University of Technology

Dr. Mukund Pratap Singh

Dr. Mukund Pratap Singh PHD - MNNIT Allahabad

Dr. Prabhishek Singh

Dr. Prabhishek Singh Ph. D - Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University , Lucknow

Dr. Rajnish Kumar Chaturvedi

Dr. Rajnish Kumar Chaturvedi Ph.D. - JNU, Delhi

Dr. Rohit Kumar Sachan

Dr. Rohit Kumar Sachan Ph.D. - MNNI Technology, Allahabad

Divya Singh

Divya Singh Ph.D. - IIT BHU

Dr. Ankur Maurya

Dr. Ankur Maurya Ph.D. - MNNIT Allahabad

Dr. Sawan Rai

Dr. Sawan Rai Ph.D. - PDPM IIITDMJ


DR. ASHISH KUMAR PHD - Delhi Technological University


Dr. GARIMA JAISWAL Ph.D - IGDT University for Women, Delhi

Dr. Rajat Chaudhary

Dr. Rajat Chaudhary Ph.D. - Thapar University

Sudhanshu Gupta

Sudhanshu Gupta Ph.D. - Thapar University

Dr. Dinesh Prasad Sahu

Dr. Dinesh Prasad Sahu Ph.D. - JNU, New Delhi



Dr. Rajiv Kumar

Dr. Rajiv Kumar Ph.D. - Bharathiar University

Dr. Hardeo Kumar Thakur

Dr. Hardeo Kumar Thakur Ph.D. - University of Delhi, Delhi

Dr. Mala Saraswat

Dr. Mala Saraswat Ph.D. - Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi

Dr. Brijendra Pratap Singh

Dr. Brijendra Pratap Singh Ph.D. - MNNIT, Allahabad

Dr. Jyoti Kashniyal

Dr. Jyoti Kashniyal Ph.D. - IIIT, Allahabad

Atul Kumar Srivastava

Atul Kumar Srivastava Ph.D. - Banaras Hindu University

Dr. Tej Bahadur Chandra

Dr. Tej Bahadur Chandra Ph.D. - NIT , Raipur

Dr. Pratik Shrivastava

Dr. Pratik Shrivastava Ph.D. - M.M.M. University of Technology, Gorakhpur

Dr. Sidharth Quamara

Dr. Sidharth Quamara Ph.D. - National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra

Dr. Divya Kumari

Dr. Divya Kumari Ph.D. - KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

Dr. Sangeeta Kumari

Dr. Sangeeta Kumari Ph.D. - NIT Raipur

Ms. Gitika Sharma

Ms. Gitika Sharma Ph.D. (submitted) - Thapar University , Punjab

Dr. Neelam Choudhary

Dr. Neelam Choudhary Ph.D. - IIT Guwahati

Dr. Gopinath Sahoo

Dr. Gopinath Sahoo Ph.D. - IIT Bhubaneswar

Dr. Chanchal Kumar

Dr. Chanchal Kumar Ph.D. - Jamia University, New Delhi

Dr. Souvik Roy

Dr. Souvik Roy Post-Doc IIT, Kanpur

Dr Sumit Badotra

Dr Sumit Badotra Ph.D. - Chitkara University, Punjab

Dr. Isha Ganguli

Dr. Isha Ganguli Ph.D. - IIEST, Shibpur

Dr. Rohit Kumar Kaliyar

Dr. Rohit Kumar Kaliyar Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Vikas Kumar Jain

Dr. Vikas Kumar Jain Ph.D. - IIIT Vadodara



Dr. Amit Kumar Dwivedi

Dr. Amit Kumar Dwivedi Ph.D. - IIIT Vadodara

Dr. Bhawana

Dr. Bhawana Ph.D. - JNU New Delhi

Dr. Eht E Sham

Dr. Eht E Sham Ph.D. - JNU New Delhi

Dr. Prerna Agarwal

Dr. Prerna Agarwal Ph.D. - BIT Ranchi

Dr. Akhil Kumar

Dr. Akhil Kumar Ph. D - Himachal Pradesh University

Prof. (Dr.) Thipendra P Singh

Prof. (Dr.) Thipendra P Singh Ph.D. - Jamia University, New Delhi

Dr. Ashutosh Srivastava

Dr. Ashutosh Srivastava Ph.D. - NIT Silchar

Dr. Prashant Gupta

Dr. Prashant Gupta Ph.D. - South Asian University

Dr. Sumit Malik

Dr. Sumit Malik Ph.D. - IIT Roorkee

Shallu Sharma

Shallu Sharma Ph.D. - Panjab University, Chandigarh

Dr. Divya Pandey

Dr. Divya Pandey Ph.D. - Banaras Hindu University

Biswajit Jana

Biswajit Jana M.TECH. - Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT)

Dr. Saurabh Rana

Dr. Saurabh Rana Ph.D. - LNM Institute of Information Technology

Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma Ph.D. (Thesis Submitted) -ABV IIITM, Gwalior

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta Ph.D. - IIT (BHU), Varanasi

Dr.Bireshwar Dass Mazumdar

Dr.Bireshwar Dass Mazumdar Ph.D. - IIT(BHU),Varanasi

Dr. Antim Chauhan

Dr. Antim Chauhan Ph.D. - IIT Roorkee

Dr. Mohd Sameen Chishti

Dr. Mohd Sameen Chishti Ph.D. - South Asian University

Dr. Mohd. Aquib Ansari

Dr. Mohd. Aquib Ansari Ph.D. - MNNIT Allahabad

Dr. Abhimanyu Bar

Dr. Abhimanyu Bar Ph. D. - University of Hyderabad

Dr. Satyam Omar

Dr. Satyam Omar M.Sc - MNNIT Allahabad

Dr. Shahadat Hussain

Dr. Shahadat Hussain Ph.D. - JNU New Delhi

Dr. Ambrish Kumar

Dr. Ambrish Kumar Ph.D. – NSUT, New Delhi

Dr. Dileep Kumar Yadav

Dr. Dileep Kumar Yadav Ph.D. – JNU New Delhi

Dr. Debajyoti Ghosh

Dr. Debajyoti Ghosh Ph.D. - BML Munjal University

Dr. Supriyo Mandal

Dr. Supriyo Mandal Ph.D. - IIT Patna

Dr. Shiv Naresh

Dr. Shiv Naresh Ph.D. - NIT Uttarakhand, Srinagar Garhwal

Dr. Bharat Gupta

Dr. Bharat Gupta Ph.D. - University of Westminster, London, U.K.

Dr. Priyanka

Dr. Priyanka Ph.D. (Thesis submitted) GGSIPU

Dr. Shahnawaz Ahmad

Dr. Shahnawaz Ahmad Ph.D. - Jamia Millia Islamia

Dr. Mohammed Wasid

Dr. Mohammed Wasid Ph.D. - Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Dr.Vinay Shukla

Dr.Vinay Shukla Ph.D. IIT Roorkee

Dr.Kaushal Bhardwaj

Dr.Kaushal Bhardwaj Ph.D. - Tezpur University, Assam

Dr. Shaharyar Alam Ansari

Dr. Shaharyar Alam Ansari Ph.D. - Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Dr. Yajnaseni Dash

Dr. Yajnaseni Dash Ph.D. - IIT Delhi

Dr. Ashish Kumar

Dr. Ashish Kumar Ph.D. - Bennett University Greater Noida

Dr. Anindya Ghatak

Dr. Anindya Ghatak Ph.D. - NISER, Bhubaneswar & Homi Bhabha National University

Dr. Khalid Anwar

Dr. Khalid Anwar Ph.D. - Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Dr. Deepak Rai

Dr. Deepak Rai Ph.D. - NIT, Patna

Dr. Arpit Bhardwaj

Dr. Arpit Bhardwaj Ph.D. 2015 IIT Indore

Dr. Chinmay Choudhary

Dr. Chinmay Choudhary PhD (2023) University of Galway-Ireland

Dr. Dimple Sethi

Dr. Dimple Sethi Ph.D. (Thesis Submitted) 2023 IGDTUW

Dr. Vipul Dixit

Dr. Vipul Dixit Ph.D. 2022 Indian Institute of Information Technology, Jabalpur

Dr. Arvind Mewada

Dr. Arvind Mewada PhD (Thesis Submitted) 2023 MNNIT Allahabad

Dr. Dinesh Kumar

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Ph.D. - University of Coimbra, Portugal

Dr. Mandeep Mittal

Dr. Mandeep Mittal Post Doctorate - Hanyang University, South Korea

Dr. Shailendra Pratap Singh

Dr. Shailendra Pratap Singh Ph. D. - MNNIT Allahabad

Dr. Richa Sharma

Dr. Richa Sharma Ph.D. - ABV IIITM, Gwalior

Mr. Siba Sankar Sahu

Mr. Siba Sankar Sahu Ph.D. (Thesis Submitted) - IIT Varanasi

Dr. Sachi Pandey

Dr. Sachi Pandey Ph.D. - SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Dr. Gajendra Sharma

Dr. Gajendra Sharma Ph.D. - IIIT, Allahabad

Dr. Shivansh Mishra

Dr. Shivansh Mishra Ph.D. - IIT (BHU), Varanasi

Dr. Naina Yadav

Dr. Naina Yadav Ph.D. - IIT(BHU), Varanasi

Ms. Deepali Jain

Ms. Deepali Jain Ph.D. (Thesis Submitted) - NIT, Silchar

Dr. Ashish Tomar

Dr. Ashish Tomar Ph.D. - IIT Dhanbad

Dr. Abhishek Tiwari

Dr. Abhishek Tiwari Ph.D. - Shiv Nadar University

Ms. Anita Murmu

Ms. Anita Murmu M.Tech - NIT Raipur

Ms. Sangjukta Das

Ms. Sangjukta Das Ph.D. (Thesis submitted) - NIT Patna

Mr. Ankit Yadav

Mr. Ankit Yadav Ph.D. (IT) (Thesis Submitted) 2019 – Present Delhi Technological University (DTU)

Dr. Pratyush Pranav

Dr. Pratyush Pranav Ph.D. - University of Groningen

Mr. Vikas Tyagi

Mr. Vikas Tyagi Ph.D. 2023 (Thesis Submitted) NIT Jalandhar, Punjab

Dr. Shaily

Dr. Shaily Ph.D. - NSUT, New Delhi

Dr. Shashi Shreya

Dr. Shashi Shreya Ph.D. - NIT Patna

Dr. Shakshi Sharma

Dr. Shakshi Sharma Ph.D. - University of Tartu, Estonia

Mr. Sheikh Moeen Ul Haque

Mr. Sheikh Moeen Ul Haque Ph.D. ( Pursuing) - NIT Srinagar

Dr. Pardeep Singh

Dr. Pardeep Singh Ph.D. - JNU, New Delhi

Dr. Arun Kumar

Dr. Arun Kumar Ph.D. - IIT Indore

Dr. Monika

Dr. Monika Ph.D. - Banasthali Vidyapith

Dr. Pankaj Kumar

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Ph.D. - IIT, Dhanbad

Dr. Nitin Shukla

Dr. Nitin Shukla Ph.D. - MNNIT, Allahabad

Dr. Sonam Bhardwaj

Dr. Sonam Bhardwaj Ph.D - NIT Kurukshetra

Dr. Monika Rani

Dr. Monika Rani Ph.D. - IIIT, Allahabad

Dr. Dimple

Dr. Dimple Ph.D. - GGSIPU, Delhi

Dr. Sumit Dalal

Dr. Sumit Dalal Ph.D. - NIT, Kurukshetra

Ms. Garima Rathi

Ms. Garima Rathi Ph.D. (Pursuing) - IGDTUW

Mr. Amit Soni Arya

Mr. Amit Soni Arya Ph.D. (Submitted) - IIT, Dhanbad

Mohd Anas

Mohd Anas Ph.D. (Pursuing) - Jamia Millia Islamia

Mr. Shwetang Dubey

Mr. Shwetang Dubey Ph.D. (Pursuing) - Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad

Mr. Ravi Sharma

Mr. Ravi Sharma Ph.D. (Pursuing) - Delhi Technological University

Abdul Mazid

Abdul Mazid Ph.D (Pursuing) - Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Integrated MTech + PhD Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process

m tech plus phd in india

Integrated MTech + PhD

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/ Technology/ Architecture or equivalent of MCA/ MIT/ MSc with minimum 50% marks

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/ Technology/ Architecture or equivalent
  • MCA/ MIT/ M.Sc.
  • Candidate should have secured minimum 55% marks in aggregate or a minimum 6 CGPA in the qualifying degree

m tech plus phd in india

Selection will be based on Aggregate Graduation Percentage

Student Testimonials

m tech plus phd in india

B.Tech. CSE

Batch: 2016-2020

m tech plus phd in india

Abhi Bothera

Batch: 2017-2021

m tech plus phd in india

Batch: 2019-2023

m tech plus phd in india

Mahek Kapoor

Batch: 2018-2022

m tech plus phd in india

Aakash Warke

m tech plus phd in india

5 year Integrated MTech+PhD Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different specialisations i can opt for in 5 year integrated mtech+phd program.

Bennett University offers MTech in four specialisations:

What is the eligibility criteria for 5 year Integrated MTech+PhD Program?

What is the selection process for 5 year integrated mtech + phd program.

University has tied up with Credenc, ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda and Axis Bank to help students avail education loans. For details, please 

Refund Policy

Bennett University follows UGC guidelines regarding refund of fees on withdrawal of admission. For details, please

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  • Engineering Colleges India

Top M.Tech+PhD Colleges in India 2024

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  • M.Tech. + Ph.D.


15 K - 10 Lacs Fees

AICTE Accredition

21.8 Lacs Avg Package


  • Shortlisted by  1455+  students
  • Fees and Courses (101)
  • Get Free Counselling
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IIT Guwahati


6000 - 8 Lacs Fees

  • Shortlisted by  262+  students
  • Fees and Courses (33)
  • Talk to our Experts


74 K - 8 Lacs Fees

MHRD Accredition

25.4 Lacs Avg Package

  • Shortlisted by  396+  students
  • Fees and Courses (54)
  • Mtech Colleges In India
  • Me Colleges In India
  • March Colleges In India
  • Mplan Colleges In India
  • Mtext Colleges In India

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology


192 - 18.5 Lacs Fees

NAAC Accredition

6 Lacs Avg Package

  • Shortlisted by  64864+  students
  • Fees and Courses (141)

IIIT Allahabad


40 K - 6.2 Lacs Fees

NBA Accredition

30.7 Lacs Avg Package

  • Shortlisted by  557+  students
  • Fees and Courses (39)

Techno India University


1.0 - 10 Lacs Fees

UGC Accredition

CBSE 10th Exams

  • Shortlisted by  4358+  students
  • Fees and Courses (190)
  • Private M.Tech+PhD Colleges in India
  • Government M.Tech+PhD Colleges in India
  • Others (10)
  • Biotechnology (6)
  • Computer Science (4)
  • Electronics and Communication (3)
  • Chemical Engineering (2)
  • Civil Engineering (2)
  • Mechanical Engineering (2)
  • Electrical Engineering (2)
  • CAD/CAM/CAE (1)
  • Industrial Engineering (1)

IIT Jodhpur


10 K - 8 Lacs Fees

  • Shortlisted by  368+  students
  • Fees and Courses (48)

KIIT University


6.2 Lacs Avg Package

  • Shortlisted by  11949+  students
  • Fees and Courses (124)

Poornima University


30 K - 2.35 Lacs Fees

JEE Main Exams

  • Shortlisted by  1111+  students
  • Fees and Courses (66)

JPIHM Meerut


4500 - 3.04 Lacs Fees

CBSE 12th Exams

  • Shortlisted by  26+  students
  • Fees and Courses (16)

Sankar Institute of Science Technology and Management


  • Shortlisted by  6+  students
  • Fees and Courses (9)

CIHMC Bhubaneswar


  • Shortlisted by  28+  students
  • Fees and Courses (7)

Sri Chanakya Institute of Hotel Management & CT

61.3 K - 61.3 K Fees

  • Shortlisted by  1+  students
  • Fees and Courses (2)

Maharishi Arvind Group Of Institutions

55 K - 55 K Fees

  • Shortlisted by  10+  students
  • Fees and Courses (32)

Bennett University


75 K - 14.1 Lacs Fees


  • Shortlisted by  648+  students
  • Fees and Courses (65)

Sahyadri College of Hotel Management &Tourism


1.5 - 1.5 Lacs Fees

Other Accredition

S.V.B Pharmacy College (SVBPC), Thane

1.5 - 1.46 Lacs Fees

  • Shortlisted by  35+  students
  • Fees and Courses (5)

Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management


4.6 - 4.59 Lacs Fees

  • Shortlisted by  3+  students

Monarch International College of Hotel Management


1.9 - 2.2 Lacs Fees

Tamilnadu 12th Exams

  • Shortlisted by  20+  students
  • Fees and Courses (6)

LEO Academy of Hospitality & Tourism Management


65 K - 7.6 Lacs Fees


  • Shortlisted by  9+  students

Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology


25 K - 2.96 Lacs Fees

  • Shortlisted by  81+  students
  • Fees and Courses (53)

Karmaveer Shankarrao Kale Education Society,s Sau.Sushilamai Kale Arts,Commerce & Science College Gautamnagar.

3070 - 4.13 Lacs Fees


  • Fees and Courses (239)

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M.Tech Ph.D Integrated Course, Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus, Subjects, Scope & Career Growth

Download Guide

What is an M.Tech Ph.D degree?

M.Tech Ph.D is an integrated dual degree academic programme that combines two progressive degree courses postgraduate level M.Tech. and doctoral degree Ph.D. M.Tech is the abbreviated name of Master of Technology. Candidates Who have completed 10+2+4 level of technical education such as B.E., B.Arch. and B.Tech. are eligible for enrolling in M.Tech. Ph.D stands for Doctor of Philosophy, it is a higher level degree programme that can be pursued after completion of 10+2+3+2 or 10+2+4 level of academic programmes.

In integrated M.Tech. Ph.D. course, M.Tech programme consists of four-semesters and Ph.D. programme after the completion of the M.Tech programme subject to the minimum grade required. The programme is designed to give in-depth display and hands-on Research and development experience to the applicants in the respective areas.

What is M.Tech. Ph.D. full form?

M.Tech. Ph.D stands for Master of Technology Doctor of Philosophy. M.Tech. Ph.D. is an integrated dual degree. M.Tech. Ph.D. is an integrated course of Master of Technology with Doctorate of Philosophy designed for students with scientific vigour for research and theoretical knowledge. It can be pursued after completing B.Tech . M.Tech is a postgraduate engineering degree programme awarded to applicants after fulfilment of two years of education in the engineering field. This degree signifies a specific branch of engineering , Whereas Ph.D. is a doctoral degree with an educational focus. It is usually a three-year duration programme, and aspirants need to accomplish the course within a maximum of five to six years. Although, the course term may differ from one institute to the other.

M.Tech Ph.D Highlights

M.tech. ph.d fee structure.

The fee structure of M.Tech. Ph.D varies from college to college. An M.Tech. with an integrated Ph.D is considered a higher level of study. Candidates who successfully complete a PhD get the recognition as Dr. as initial in their name. The average M.Tech. Ph.D fee is Rs. 300,000.

Why choose M.Tech Ph.D

There are several advantages for pursuing a dual degree programme, some of which we have mentioned below

Students who pursue an MTech Ph.D. programme get preference to earn M.Tech and PhD scholarships.

Applicants who are selected for the Integrated programme are eligible for International internships and Dual degrees from Top Universities in the World.

Students have the flexibility in design learning and research trajectories as a part of Interdisciplinary studies.

The Credits received from M.Tech in the integrated programme are assigned to the Ph.D. programme.

Time taken to receive both the M.Tech and Ph.D. is less in comparison to the integrated M.Tech Ph.D. Course.

M.Tech Ph.D Eligibility

Engineering Graduates under the 10+2+4 system are qualified to apply. A minimum of 6 point CGPA or 60 per cent is eligible to apply for the course For reserved category; change may vary in the percentage.

The Age limit should not be more than 28 years. As per govt rules age limit can vary for the reserved category students.

A valid GATE score will be an advantage.

Professional Society Examinations (similar to BE / B.Tech/ B.Arch .) approved by MHRD/UPSC/AICTE

Applicants whose final results are expected can also apply as per screening criteria.

Candidates shortlisted for the different positions are required to appear for an interview for selection at the assigned centres.

Final selection is based on the overall performance of the candidate along with his or academic performance in the interview.

Skills Required For M.tech PhD

An aspirant who pursues MTech. Ph.D needs to have a lot of concern and passion for the topic. The candidates should also be good with performing in-depth research and colluding the conclusions of research led by them. The candidates should be well-versed with written communication and have a functional writing capacity. They should also have :

M.Tech Ph.D Admission process

Provide details of all the marks/GPA of all examinations taken. If GPA is out of ten, multiply by ten.

Mention the expected date of the completion of degree exam and enter the available marks up to the last examination

Mention the college and the university name to which it is affiliated.

Verify Email address, Postal addresses and phone numbers correctly so that the call letter can be sent to the home address.

Keep scanned copies of recent photographs (jpg/png/ jpeg formats; sizes less than 250 kb ), pdf files of mark sheets and certificates. For the interview, one needs to take their original documents.

Instructions for filling out the Application form:

Keep scanned copies of recent photographs (jpg/png/ jpeg formats; sizes less than 250 kb ), pdf files of mark sheets and certificates. For the interview, one needs to take their original documents

Top M.Tech Ph.D Entrance Examinations

CSIR-UGC NET: CSIR UGC NET stands for Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Union Grants Commission National Eligibility Test. It is a national level examination conducted by NTA. It is conducted twice a year in online mode only. The examination is conducted to select eligible candidates for Junior Research Fellowship and provide them appointment as lecturers in universities and colleges in India.

GATE: GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. It is organised by IIT Kharagpur. Those who want to take the examination are required to check for notifications and send applications through the official website of the IIT Kharagpur. It is conducted for providing admissions in postgraduate level engineering and architectural programmes.

JEST: JEST stands for Joint Entrance Screening Test. The organising body of JEST is the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. It is conducted to provide admissions in PhD or integrated PhD programmes in physics, theoretical computer science, computational biology or neuroscience. It is recognised by the Science and Engineering Research Board as the National Eligibility Test (NET).

GPAT: GPAT stands for Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test. It is a national level entrance examination conducted to provide admissions in M.Pharm. It is conducted by the National Testing Agency. The duration of the examination is three hours. The examination is conducted in online mode.

The other entrance examinations are DBT JRF and NBHM Screening Test.

M.Tech. Ph.D. Cut off

A cut-off is the minimum eligibility criteria set by academic authorities to provide admissions in colleges to eligible candidates who apply for enrolment in academic courses based on their performance in the previously passing examination or in the entrance examination. Those who score more or equivalent to the announced cut off are eligible for further enrolling in the academic programme by completing the further steps involved in the admission process.

Popular Engineering Colleges in India

We have provided below a list of popular engineering colleges in India . Candidates wishing to pursue engineering as a career may enroll in these colleges after fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria.

Top Engineering Colleges accepting GATE scores

We have provided below a list of top engineering colleges that accept GATE scores to provide admissions in postgraduate engineering and technical courses. Candidates may check top engineering colleges in their cities to pursue a M.Tech., M.Arch. or other technical courses of master’s level from the list provided below. They must acquire a GATE score to apply for admissions in the colleges.

M.Tech Ph.D Course Structure

M.Tech PhD is a two+three years full-time course divided into two parts. During the first three academic years, students must complete:

Ten lecture courses where each course lasts one semester.

A short course

A laboratory rotation course

Two short research projects

An extended research project

Research Methodology course programme ( This course programme is assessed with a Pass or Fail basis)

The research projects( Project A and Project B) last for seven-eight weeks. The two projects are carried out during the second semester of the first year. Both projects are done under different administrators. During the third semester, students start with the second project(Project C). The project must be completed by the third semester.

M.Tech. P.hD. students will receive course credits associated with the course structure. The credits may vary from one institution to another. However, the details of the credit for most institutions are as follows:

Credit for the ten lecture courses (40 credits)

Credit for the one short course (2 credits)

Credit for Lab rotation course (10 credits)

Credit for projects- project A and Projects B (24 credits)

Credit for M.Tech Project (24 credits)

The overall credit validation is calculated for 100 credit marks.

Hence, by completing these courses and the projects during the academic year and achieving 75 credits, excluding the M.Tech project credits, students are considered eligible to register for the Doctoral programme.

MTech PhD Syllabus

The course structure for the Subject varies from one university to another.

Syllabus for Semesters 1 and 2

Syllabus for Semesters 3 and 4

Syllabus for Semesters 5 and 6

Syllabus for Semesters 7 and 8

The Elective Subjects are :

M.Tech Research Project:

The M.Tech project starts during the second semester of the second academic year. The M.tech Research project is a full-time research project. The M.Tech research project can either be a continuation of the short-term projects- Project A, Project B, or can be a completely new project.

The M.Tech project is done in consultation with M.Tech.-Ph.D. supervisors. Besides, students are expected to complete all their course requirements during the second and third year of their course programme. During the coursework various projects are done but there will be variation depending on the institute, the area or the stream of studies.

What after M.Tech Ph.D.

There are vast career options for the Mtech PhD Course. One can work as a Researcher in Government Research Institutes such as Indian institute of sciences and research, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre or DRDO. One can also work as a researcher or a faculty researcher in the Government or Private universities or institutes. Most of the time, an institution offers full-employment right after they finish their internship with the firm.

Career Opportunities After M.Tech Ph.D

M.Tech-Ph.D Degree offers some of the best platforms for students to experience innovative learning with outstanding knowledge. You can also work as a researcher specialist or a specialist adviser in an industry in the R&D department of companies or a Government Advisory board. For foreign universities, examinations like TOEFL and GRE are compulsory.

Professor: A professor or lecturer is an academician who has completed his or her PhD or M.Phil.. Based on his or her specialisation, he or she provides lectures to students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He or she conducts research for the university and makes it available in the public domain through research papers. He or she also provides study material to students to prepare for examinations and clears their doubts.

Scientist : A scientist’s contribution to mankind is unimaginable. Scientists’ research is crucial to develop products that benefit humans and upgrade their living standard. Scientists with a PhD are eligible for conducting their own independent research and get funded for it by the government. They help ignite new discoveries for the future.

M.Tech. Ph.D. Salary

The salary offered to M.Tech. PhD graduates vary depending on the specialisation, knowledge and skills of candidates. The average M.Tech. PhD salary offered to candidates is Rs. 800,000 per annum.

M.Tech. Ph.D Top Recruiters

Career prospects as research or scientists in Government-owned Scientific Research and Development organisations. The candidates must qualify the CSIR NET Exam to get the Scientist or Researcher Position in any of the below-mentioned institutions.

Nuclear Science Centre, New Delhi

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata

Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)

Top Private M.Tech. Ph.D. Colleges

Aspiring candidates wishing to pursue an integrated Ph.D with M.Tech. may check top private colleges offering this course in the list provided below. Candidates are requested to visit official websites for colleges for detailed information.

Top Government M.Tech. Ph.D. Colleges

We have provided below a list of top government M.Tech. Ph.D colleges. The fee charged by the government M.Tech. Ph.D colleges is usually lesser as compared to private M.Tech. Ph.D. colleges.

Browse Engineering Colleges by States

Browse engineering colleges by cities, frequently asked question (faqs) - m.tech ph.d integrated course, eligibility, admission, syllabus, subjects, scope & career growth, question: what are the career options for mtech phd courses, question: what is the duration for a phd after mtech.

The Duration of the course is minimum three years, and maximum seven years.

Question: What is the Eligibility for Integrated M.Tech PhD?

Engineering Graduates under 10+2+4 system are qualified to apply for an integrated M.tech PhD. A minimum of six point CGPA or 60 per cent is eligible to apply for the course.

Top Ranked Engineering Colleges

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m tech plus phd in india

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m tech plus phd in india

Artificial Intelligence Projects Via Great Learning

Introduction to web development with html css javascript via ibm, python for beginners via pw skills, data structures and algorithms via google, udemy 3319 courses, edx 1982 courses, coursera 1661 courses, swayam 1623 courses, it & software, business and management, programming and development, teaching and academics, engineering and architecture, health, fitness and medicine, general management, financial management, mathematics, cyber security, data science, digital marketing, explore top universities across globe.

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University of Essex, Colchester Wivenhoe Park Colchester CO4 3SQ

University college london, london gower street, london, wc1e 6bt, the university of edinburgh, edinburgh old college, south bridge, edinburgh, post code eh8 9yl, university of bristol, bristol beacon house, queens road, bristol, bs8 1qu, b.sc.(hons), study abroad without ielts for indian and international students 2024, study in ireland without ielts 2024 - universities list, process, eligibility, study in usa without ielts 2024 - requirements & top universities, study in australia without ielts 2024: know alternative options, study in netherlands without ielts 2024: top universities, process, scholarships, study in uk without ielts 2024: universities and requirements.

Department of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Engineering (DAASE)

Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IIT Indore)

M Tech/ M Tech + PhD Dual Degree Program in Space Engineering

In today’s world, Space is not just about human curiosity in knowing what’s beyond. Space has turned out to be a frontier essential to address a plethora of current issues as well as future prosperity. It includes study and prediction of climate change, communication, navigation, defense, security, survey, agriculture, environment, ecology, and astronomy. It is essential to develop technology and trained human resources to meet the enormous requirement in this sector both in government and private sectors. The students trained in UG/PG degrees in other disciplines have the basic foundation but fall short of the specialized skills required to carry out research in the domain of Space Sciences and Engineering.

  • This program is designed to provide fundamental concepts and specialization in Space Systems Engineering, Operations and Techniques.
  • Applicants from basic engineering fields will gain expertise in the domain of space sciences and engineering.
  • This program is designed to cater for job aspirants in India’s emerging space industry, geo-spatial and defense sectors.

Minimum Educational Qualification (MEQ): Four-year Bachelor’s degree or five-year integrated degree (with first division as defined by the awarding Institute/ University for Indian applicants and equivalent to International applicants, as assessed by the Institute) in Electronics and Communication/ Electronics/ Engineering Physics / Aerospace, or M.Sc. in Physics/ Electronics/ Atmospheric science . 

Relaxation as per GoI norms in qualifying degree is applicable for SC and ST category applicants.

Qualifying Examination (QE):

(a) International students: Valid score of TOEFL or IELTS.

(b) Indian students: Valid GATE qualification in Aerospace Engineering/Electronics and Communication Engineering/ Physics/ Engineering Sciences (Engineering Mathematics + Fluid Mechanics/Material Science/ Thermodynamics/ Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences)

Categories of Admission:

(a) International Students:  

  • International self-financed (ISF) students; 
  • International students sponsored by non-government organizations or by a reputed industry (ISW); 
  • International students sponsored by foreign government or its organizations or through mutual collaborative programs of India with other countries (GSW)

(b) Indian Students: 

  • TA: Teaching Assistantship (TA) under this category on Full Time basis.
  • SW: Excellent eligible applicants sponsored by a reputed Industry or R & D Organization with minimum work experience of two years, under Sponsored category (SW) as Full-Time.
  • DF: Applicants from the Defense Forces under this category.
  • IS: Institute staff members of IIT Indore on Part-time basis. 

Candidates of SW, DF and IS categories will not be provided any scholarship.

Selection criteria: GATE Score and / or Interview. (Valid GATE score compulsory for TA category)

Duration of the Program: Two years full-time.

Program Structure:

1st Year, Semester – I

1st Year, Semester – II

2nd Year, Semester – III

2nd Year: Semester – IV

Courses for Elective I-IV

[in addition to this course list, a student can also opt from the PG courses being offered by the other disciplines.]

Autumn semester

Spring semester

For further details please visit: https://academic.iiti.ac.in/mtech_new/Advertisement%20of%20MTech%20and%20MS%20(Research)%20for%20AY%202022-23.pdf

Email: [email protected]  

Check out the placements of past students of M.Tech. in Space Engineering !!!

IITG   Academics

m tech plus phd in india

Doctor of Philosophy


IIT Guwahati offers Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme in various disciplines through the following Departments/Schools/Centres. In each discipline, specific specializations and/or research areas may also be advertised for a particular session of admissions.

Dual MTech + PhD

IIT Guwahati offers Dual MTech + PhD programme in Computer Science and Engineering . This programme is meant for Non-CSE or Non-IT discipline candidates. For more details of the programme visit the website of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering .

Eligibility Criteria:

The CPI/Marks criteria will be relaxed by 0.5 CPI (or 5% marks) for SC/ST/PwD candidates.

Studentship Category:

Students for the Dual MTech +PhD in CSE programme are admitted only in the Regular category. A student in this category works full-time and receives assistantship from the Institute.

Dual MS + PhD

IIT Guwahati offers Dual MS(Engineering) + PhD programme in Electronics and Electrical Engineering . For more details of the programme visit the website of the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering .

Students for the Dual MS(Engg) +PhD in EEE programme are admitted only in the Regular category. A student in this category works full-time and receives assistantship from the Institute.

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m tech plus phd in india

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CSIR invites applications for the 2+3 year full-time residential Post Graduate Programme in Engineering (Integrated MTech-PhD Programme) from motivated and talented candidates to work in the frontier and trans-disciplinary areas of Engineering and also pursue research. The selected Trainee Scientists and sponsored candidates will have to enroll at the Academy od Scientific and Innovative Research(AcSIR) for the current academic session.

Detailed Info related to Courses Offered in Engg. Science at CSIR-CMERI

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m tech plus phd in india

m tech plus phd in india

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The Department offers B.Tech., B.Tech. + M.Tech. (Dual Degree), M.Tech. and Ph.D. degree programs.

In each of the degree programs, the curriculum consists of completion of prescribed coursework and project/thesis work, as applicable. The Department offers a variety of courses, both in the classical and emerging areas of Mechanical Engineering, with an objective to expose the students to the various facets of Mechanical Engineering. The courses are designed to be rigorous and strive for student learning through various activities such as tutorials, assignments, projects and examinations. The project/thesis work is assigned on an individual basis, even at the B.Tech. level, and the student is expected to work on a problem of interest over a period of time. The project/thesis work is research and development oriented, and typically involves analysis/design of a real-life problem of interest. The project/thesis work may result in publishing of papers in journals/conferences or a patent.

For more details on the degree programs and the various courses available in the Department, please choose the appropriate link on the left.

Undergraduate Academics

M.tech. academics, ph.d. academics, outreach programs.

UG ORIENTATION SCHEDULE for New Entrants(2023-2024)

The four-year B.Tech. program prepares students in all fundamental aspects of Mechanical Engineering, with an appropriate mix of compulsory theory and laboratory courses, and electives. The primary objective of the B.Tech. program is to train students for various industry opportunities that require background in basic Mechanical Engineering. Additionally, the design of the B.Tech. program ensures adequate preparation for taking up higher-level academic programs at the master’s and doctorate levels.

UG curriculum for 2022 BTech batch here .

Modified curricula for BTech and DD 2017 and 2018 admit batches here .

Complete details of B.Tech. curriculum are available here .

The five-year B.Tech. + M.Tech. (Dual Degree) program provides an opportunity for more in-depth exposure to Mechanical Engineering by spendng an additional year beyond the B.Tech. program. This is achieved through additional advanced compulsory courses, electives and a fourteen-months long Dual Degree Project in the final phase of the program. The Dual Degree Project is to be worked on an individual basis, and is typically a research and development oriented project in an area relevant to Mechanical Engineering. The Dual Degree Program is designed to provide an exposure to real-life problems and the their analysis procedures. The Department offers three Dual Degree specializations: Thermal and Fluids Engineering, Computer Aided Design and Automation, and Computer Integrated Manufacturing .

Complete details of DD curriculum are available here .

Complete details of the Dual Degree curriculum for the specialization of Thermal and Fluids Engineering are available here .

Complete details of the Dual Degree curriculum for the specialization of Computer Aided Design and Automation Engineering are available here .

Complete details of the Dual Degree curriculum for the specialization of Computer Integrated Manufacturing are available here .

The two-year/three-year M.Tech. program provides an opportunity to students who previously have a bachelor’s degree and would like to specialize in an area relevant to Mechanical Engineering. The M.Tech. program contains advanced compulsory courses, electives and a fourteen-months long M.Tech. Project in the final phase of the program. The M.Tech. Project is to be worked on an individual basis, and is typically research and development oriented. The M.Tech. program is designed to provide an exposure to real-life problems and their analysis procedures. The Department offers three M.Tech. specializations: Thermal and Fluids Engineering, Design Engineering , and Manufacturing Engineering .

Complete details of the curriculum for the specialization of Thermal and Fluids Engineering are available here .

Complete details of the curriculum for the specialization of Design Engineering are available here .

Complete details of the curriculum for the specialization of Manufacturing Engineering are available here .

Complete details of the curriculum for the specialization of MMM are available here .

Important notice to new M.Tech students

Procedure for Final Defence

List of external examiners for DD and M.Tech

Downloadable Forms

MTech Credit Seminar Form

MTech Minor for TFE,DES,MFG

The Ph.D. program offers an opportunity for students with previous bachelor's or master's degree to work on a specific topic to significant depth. The Ph.D. program requires a certain amount of coursework in the initial stages, followed by passing a Qualifying Examination administered by the Department. Beyond a certain rminimum number of courses, the thesis guide(s) may prescribe additional course(s) to be taken, depending on the requirement of the thesis work. After successful completion of the coursework and the Qualifying Examination, a Ph.D. student is confirmed in the program. The relevant information about the Qualifying Examination(Applicable from July-2022) is available here . Note that the PhD qualifying examination is DISCONTINUED for the PhD batch—admitted from July-2024 onwards

The next phase of the Ph.D. program involves working on the thesis topic, and is typically characterized by publishing research papers in appropriate journals and conferences. In some cases, the Ph.D. work may result in a patent based on a system designed and demonstrated during the Ph.D. work. A Ph.D. student is expected to broadly work in one of the three specializations: Thermal and Fluids Engineering, Design Engineering, and Manufacturing Engineering, though the nature of the thesis work may often require the work to be on interdisciplinary nature, not necessarily restricted to the classical Mechanical Engineering areas.

Syllabus and Sample papers for PhD Qualifying Examination can be found here .

m tech plus phd in india

IRCC Financial Support Before Submission of Pre Synopsis Report .

RPC approval form

PhD Credit Seminar Form

RA form after thesis submission

Approval Non-Air India flight (Defense)

The Department is actively involved in all outreach programs that IIT Bombay offers. In this context,

(a) working professionals looking for enhancing their expertise and skills,

(b) college teachers who wish to pursue Master’s and Ph.D. degree programs while continuing in their jobs, and

(c) those who are interested in distance learning opportunities

can find all the relevant information from the IIT Bombay Continuing Education Program (CEP)/Quality Improvement Program (QIP)/Center for Distance Engineering Education Program (CDEEP).

Click on the Mechanical Engineering Link for Course Information.


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Department of Mechanical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Bombay , Powai, Mumbai 400 076, Maharashtra, India.

Email: office.me[at]iitb.ac.in Phone: (+91) 22 - 2576 7501/02/03 Fax: (+91) 22 - 2572 6875

Webmaster: webmaster.me[at]iitb.ac.in

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M.Tech. Renewable Energy

M.Tech. Renewable Energy

Program Details

The M. Tech. in Renewable Energy program offered by UPES School of Advanced Engineering is a comprehensive 2-year post-graduation program aimed at equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the renewable energy sector. The program comprises 4 semesters, each spanning 6 months, ensuring a well-structured and in-depth learning experience. One of the key highlights of this program is its industry-relevant curriculum, which is developed in collaboration with energy experts from both industries and academia. This ensures that the students receive cutting-edge theoretical knowledge and hands-on training through lab courses. Faculty members are actively engaged in research within the renewable energy field, providing students with valuable insights and expertise.

UPES boasts modern and sophisticated laboratory equipment and advanced software tools, which offer students a world-class learning environment. The program also emphasizes practical exposure by arranging field visits to relevant industries, allowing students to witness renewable energy systems in real-time. Furthermore, during the second year of the program, students have the opportunity to undertake research projects in industries and research laboratories, facilitating the development and enhancement of renewable energy generation and storage technologies.

This M. Tech. in Renewable Energy program is open to candidates with an engineering background (electrical, chemical, energy, mechanical, civil) or a post-graduation in science (physics, chemistry). By successfully completing this program, students will be equipped to meet the demands and challenges of the dynamic renewable energy sector, making them valuable contributors to the sustainable energy future.

Program Highlights

  • M. Tech. in Renewable Energy at UPES School of Advanced Engineering offers students the chance to work on funded research projects and consultancy assignments sponsored by Government and other funding agencies, fostering real-world experience and industry exposure.
  • The program provides ample opportunities for students to pursue higher studies, enabling them to specialize further in their chosen area of renewable energy through postgraduate and doctoral studies.
  • With access to modern and sophisticated laboratory equipment and advanced software tools on campus, students are immersed in a truly world-class learning environment, enhancing their practical skills and understanding of renewable energy technologies.
  • The M. Tech. in Renewable Energy program fosters strong ties with the renewable energy industry, allowing students to engage in collaborative projects and gain practical insights into the field's challenges and advancements.
  • Graduates from this program have diverse career options, including roles in research, consulting, project management, and implementation of renewable energy solutions across various sectors.
  • Through a well-rounded curriculum, students gain comprehensive knowledge in renewable energy technologies, policy, economics, and sustainability, equipping them with a broad skillset sought after in the renewable energy sector.

Future Scope / Industry Trends

The M. Tech. in Renewable Energy program offers a promising future amidst the global challenge of achieving sustainable energy and environmental goals. The widespread adoption of renewable energy worldwide, including India, is evident in the substantial increase of renewable power plant capacity from a few megawatts in 2010 to 163 gigawatts as of August 2022. Indian public sector undertakings (PSUs) have also committed to installing renewable energy capacity, aiming to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions, diversify business portfolios, and contribute to government renewable energy plans. Non-power sector PSUs like IOC, GAIL, ONGC, and BPCL have set a combined target of 16.6 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. Projections indicate a continued rise in the popularity of renewable energy over the next decade, making the M. Tech in Renewable Energy program an excellent foundation for students to tackle present and future challenges in the industry, preparing them for a rewarding career in this ever-growing sector.

Career Opportunities

Completing the M. Tech. in Renewable Energy program offered by UPES School of Advanced Engineering opens up a myriad of promising career opportunities in the ever-growing renewable energy sector. Graduates can venture into research and development roles, designing innovative solutions for sustainable energy production. Moreover, they can excel in project management positions, overseeing the implementation of renewable energy projects worldwide. The program equips students with a deep understanding of clean technologies, making them eligible for roles in solar, wind, and biomass energy companies. Additionally, graduates can explore opportunities in government agencies, consulting firms, and international organizations, contributing to the global push for a greener future. With UPES's cutting-edge curriculum and industry connections, M. Tech. in Renewable Energy graduates are poised for rewarding careers driving the world's transition to sustainable energy sources.

The M. Tech. in Renewable Energy program offered by UPES School of Advanced Engineering equips graduates with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in the field of sustainable energy. As a pioneering program, it opens up diverse and promising career opportunities for its graduates. With an industry-aligned curriculum and hands-on training, students gain a competitive edge in the job market. The UPES placement cell actively engages with leading renewable energy companies and organizations, facilitating excellent placement prospects for the graduates. Placements after completing the M. Tech. Renewable Energy program at UPES are exceptional, with a track record of high employability and placements in esteemed companies at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.

Fee Structure

Click here for detailed Fee Structure.

Eligibility Criteria

Interested students must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for M. Tech. in Renewable Energy, which are as follows:

  • Minimum 60% marks at Higher and Senior Secondary level (10th and 12th).
  • B.Tech/B.E. in Electrical/ Electronics/ EEE/ Mechanical/ Chemical/ Instrumentation/ Petroleum Engineering and Control Engineering or equivalent with minimum 60% marks. GATE / NET Qualified will be preferred.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for students who wish to pursue M. Tech. in Renewable Energy at UPES School of Advanced Engineering depend on the individual's performance in Personal Interview.

Further Information

  • How To Apply
  • Admission Process
  • School Tour

Enquiry Form

Take the first step towards your career, speak to a counsellor.


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m tech plus phd in india

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BITS Pilani is a Deemed to be University, offering on-campus programs to more than 18,500 students across its campuses in Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Dubai.It has been recognized as an Institute of Eminence by the Ministry of Education, Government of India in 2020.

QS World University Subject Rankings 2024 has ranked BITS Pilani globally at

  • 101-150 in Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  • 301-350 in 4 subjects namely, EEE, Computer Science, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering
  • 451-500 in 3 subjects, namely, Mathematics, Business & management Studies and Physics & Astronomy
  • 501-550 in Chemistry

In ǪS Asia University Rankings 2024, BITS has been ranked 215th in Asia and at 22nd in India. Further, BITS Pilani has been ranked among the top 300 in ǪS World University Graduate Employability Rankings 2022 and within top 6 in India.

Having pioneered several curricular and pedagogic attributes, BITS Pilani has a vision to be amongst the top research-led Institutes in the country. The qualities of innovation, enterprise, commitment to excellence, adherence to merit, and transparency, have characterized the Institute during its inexorable march to eminence.

The Institute has secured over Rs 398 crores as external research funding in the last 5 years. State of the art facilities have been developed to support cutting edge research, led by students and about 930 faculty members, leading to a Scopus h-index of 156, with 221 patents filed so far, and 41 patents granted. Currently, there are 14 BITSian Unicorns and 1 Decacorn. There are over 7500 BITSian founders and co-founders of enterprises.

Doctoral Programme (Ph.D.)

List of Candidates shortlisted for Ph.D. Admission Test and/or Interview is now available

Admissions portal open 01st march 2024.

Please click here for more information.

List of Candidates shortlisted for Ph.D. Admission Test and/or Interview is now available.

  • CLICK HERE to know the Result.

Department preference with regard to the full-time and part-time Ph.D student admission is given in the table below.

Yes – A Department intends to admit students under the specified mode. No – A Department does not intend to admit students under the specified mode.

Minimum Eligibility Qualifications

ME / MTech / MPharm / MBA / MPhil (minimum of 60% aggregate)* MSc/BE/BPharm or an equivalent degree (minimum of 60% aggregate)* For admission into Humanities and Social Sciences, MA degree (minimum of 55% aggregate)* For part-time applicants, a minimum of one-year experience in the related field of study is required

[*In the Qualifying Degree examination]

In addition, Departments may set specific admission criteria for shortlisting. Meeting the minimum eligibility qualifications does not guarantee admission into the PhD program. Shortlisted candidates will have to appear for an admission test, which may comprise a written exam and/or interview. Information on specific Departments and related research activities is available on the Department homepage of respective campuses.

Full-time students

Preferably individuals who would like to pursue PhD in-house, residing on campus.

Part-time students

Preferably individuals who are working in organizations providing basic facilities and an environment for research.

Financial Assistance

Full-time PhD students admitted into the PhD program are eligible to be considered for an Institute fellowship of Rs. 34,000 or Rs. 37,000 per month in the first year based on their qualifications at the time of admission. Students admitted with M.E./M.Tech./M.Pharm./MBA/M.Phil. or an equivalent Degree are eligible to receive an Institute fellowship of Rs. 37,000/-. Students admitted with M.Sc./B.E./B.Pharm. or an equivalent degree are eligible to receive an Institute fellowship of Rs. 34,000/-. These students on successful completion of coursework will receive Rs. 37,000/- from the Semester following the one in which the course work was completed Higher fellowship may be made available in subsequent years. Consideration for Institute fellowship will be as per Institute norms. It will be obligatory on the part of every admitted full time student to undertake 8 hours (per week) of work as assigned to him/her by the institute.

Important Dates

The Institute reserves the right to change the above deadlines. Candidates will be informed in advance should there be such a change.

Department Brochures

Pilani campus – biological sciences, pilani campus – chemistry, pilani campus – chemical engineering, pilani campus – civil engineering, pilani campus – electrical & electronics engineering, pilani campus – humanities and social sciences, pilani campus – physics, pilani campus – mechanical engineering, goa campus – biological sciences, goa campus – chemistry, goa campus – computer sciences, goa campus – electrical & electronics engineering, goa campus – humanities and social sciences, goa campus – mathematics, goa campus – mechanical engineering, hyderabad campus – biological sciences, hyderabad campus – chemical engineering, hyderabad campus – chemistry, hyderabad campus – civil engineering, hyderabad campus – computer sciences, hyderabad campus – electrical & electronics engineering, hyderabad campus – humanities and social sciences, hyderabad campus – mathematics, hyderabad campus – mechanical engineering, hyderabad campus – pharmacy, top resources.

Doctoral Program (Ph.D.)

For Further Information Contact

Admissions office.

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani Campus, Pilani, Rajasthan 333031 (INDIA).

m tech plus phd in india

(Note : For any query you may contact through the above phone numbers on any working day from Office Hours : Monday to Friday 9AM - 1PM & 2PM - 5PM Saturday 9AM - 1PM)

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m tech plus phd in india

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m tech plus phd in india

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m tech plus phd in india

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Under Graduate & Post Graduate  Admissions in VIT


Postgraduate Admissions

Integrated m.tech 5 year programmes (2024-25 admissions).

Integrated M.Tech.(5 Year Programmes)-Apply Now Integrated M.Sc. Applied Psychology (5 year Programmes)-Apply Now

To promote PG Integrated M.Tech. (5 Years) Programmes. VIT has long since been devoted to providing quality education in various disciplines of Engineering, Science and Technology and has proliferated into frontiers of Research as well.

  • Candidates who have studied in Regular, Full time and Formal Education are alone eligible to apply
  • Candidate should be Resident Indian National
  • The Admission will be on the basis of the performance in the qualifying examination (+2)

To know more details


Vit vellore.

  • Integrated M.Tech. Software Engineering(5 Years)
  • Integrated M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering in collaboration with Virtusa (5 Years)
  • Integrated M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering  (Data Science) (5 Years)


  • Integrated M.Tech. Software Engineering (5 years)
  • Integrated M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (Business Analytics) (5 Years)
  • Integrated M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering in collaboration with Virtusa
  • Integrated M.Tech. Artificial Intelligence
  • Integrated M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security)
  • Integrated M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (Computational and Data Science)


Fees structure.

(Caution Deposit Rs.2000/- for 1st year only)


  • Candidate can also apply through online at https://vit.ac.in through Netbanking/Debit card/Credit card/ Paytm mode.
  • There is NO printed OMR application form, candidates are requested to apply only through Online Mode.

Steps to be followed 

  • Enter into New applicant page and register yourself with required information
  • Verify your registered email id and mobile number for the password received from VIT. (Keep this email id and password till the completion of the admissions)
  • Fill the online application form. Cost of the online form is Rs. 600/-. The application cost is non-refundable.
  • Pay the application fee Rs. 600/- through online mode using netbanking/Debit card / Credit card/Paytm mode.
  • Upload your Photo and Sign image on the online application form
  • To be assured that uploaded documents are clearly visible if not your applications will be rejected.
  • Class-X mark sheet as a proof of date of birth
  • Class-XII mark sheet of Qualifying Examination of all attempts (please ensure that you also enclose the reverse side of the marks sheet containing details.)
  • Migration / Transfer / School Leaving Certificate (If available)
  • Community Certificate (Only for SC / ST categories)
  • Nativity Certificate ( (For candidates hailing from North eastern states and Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh) 
  • Aadhaar Card


  • Applications are processed in the order of merit, based on the aggregate of marks (rounded to 2 decimal points) secured in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in the +2 / Higher Secondary & Intermediate Examination.
  • In case the Normalized marks are same, the order of merit will be decided based on the best scores in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry sequentially, also based on total obtained scores in all subjects.
  • Short listed applicants list will be published on 10.06.2024 after that, applicants can give their campus and program preferences from 10.06.2024 to 12.06.2024 (i.e., applicants can give “n” number of choices)
  • Seat will be allotted based on Rank, Preference of Campus, and Programme (Subject to availability).
  • Once Allotment is done on 19.06.2024 (Campus, Programmes), it cannot be changed under any circumstances.
  • Selected applicants will receive their Provisional Admission Letter to pay their Tuition Fees through online mode on or before 01.07.2024 .
  • The Orientation & Commencement of classes in July 2024 (Tentatively); details will be sent through mail.


The following documents are required to be submitted at the time of Admission in originals and copies, separately:

  • Four copies of recent passport size colour photograph
  • Check List (Ready format will be provided by PG Admissions)
  • Migration / Transfer / School/College Leaving Certificate obtained from the Institute last studied (Original)
  • Student Profile  https://vtop.vit.ac.in/studentprofile/
  • Physical Fitness Certificate https://vit.ac.in/files/admissions/PhysicalFitness_Certificate.pdf
  • Affidavits are to be signed separately by the student & parent in Rs.20/- Stamp Paper https://vit.ac.in/files/admissions/Affidavit_Student.pdf , https://vit.ac.in/files/admissions/Affidavit_Parent.pdf

Photo copies

  • Class - X mark sheet (as a proof of date of birth)
  • Class - XII mark sheet of Qualifying Examination (WITH all attempts, if any)
  • Community Certificate (only for SC/ST categories)
  • Conduct Certificate (Original)
  • Copy of Provisional Admission Letter.
  • Admission First year Fee receipt - including Hostels (if any)

Important Notes:

  • University Registration Number will be generated to the candidates those who have submitted the above documents only.
  • In due of original TC submitted, a TC from VIT will be issued on completion of the course. The candidates should produce statement of final year marks and provisional degree certificate before 15th August, 2024 failing which admission will be cancelled with the forfeit of admission fee.


  • Click here for Information Brochure


Click to view



Click to View


  • Tuition Fee
  • Hostel Details
  • Scholarship

Vellore Institute of Technology

PG - Admission

  • Director - PG Admissions
  • VIT, Vellore – 632 014
  • Phone : +91-416-220 2050 / 2055 / 2060 / 2188
  • Mail : [email protected]



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