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How can the film-induced tourism phenomenon be sustainably managed?

Profile image of Dr Noëlle  O'Connor

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to revisit the question: “How can the film-induced tourism phenomenon be sustainably managed?” and review the implications arising. Design/methodology/approach – The paper draws on each of the articles in the theme issue to examine the individual and collective insights. Findings – It can be argued that an action plan for maximizing the film-induced tourism benefits at the related destinations can be realized by building on the recommendations ontained in this theme issue. Practical implications – The paper explores the scope and potential for developing the film-induced tourism sector. Originality/value – This paper identifies successful case examples and action lines for future development, including continued dialogue between academics and practitioners involved in the film and tourism industries. Keywords Film, Tourism development, Sustainable development Paper type General review

Related Papers

Nicole B Hoffmann

This Masters dissertation considers the tourism niche of film-induced tourism (FIT) within the broader realm of heritage and cultural tourism (HCT). It sets out to identify the scope of different types of FIT, focusing specifically on “on-location film-induced tourism” (OLFIT). The genesis of FIT in the related niche of literary tourism is explored, thereby explaining the history and development of FIT. Furthermore, this dissertation sets out to identify key elements that are recognised as necessary for the functioning of OLFIT as well as those factors that determine the success and sustainability of OLFIT endeavours. Both the elements and factors necessary for OLFIT’s success and sustainability are elucidated with the use of international case studies, including The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies which are regarded as best-practice. A flow diagram-model has been devised to illustrate the interconnectivity of these elements and factors and can be applied to other situations. This is followed by an examination of the film and tourism industry in South Africa, thereby evaluating the potential of the country as an OLFIT destination.

film tourism dissertation

Academica turistica

Samiha Chemli


Adina Candrea

This paper is particularly focused on film-induced tourism investigation as well as its cultural promotion and cultural change effect that impact on both the tourist destinations and the tourist demands. The case studies include the famous Transylvania, Romania as well as the two comparative destinations in Southeast Asia namely Bali in Indonesia, and Penang in Malaysia. Although tourism planners have limited control over the content of the films produced in the respective destinations and how the destinations are being portrayed in films, it is reflected in our studies that, the imaginary, visual representations of the destinations, albeit negative or distorted from their original identities, are still useful and viable to promote the tourist destinations. The three discussion cases form up the stratification of multiple stages in terms of implementing film-induced tourism strategies to promote their destinations, spanning from one of the oldest film-induced tourist destinations Tr...

Rizza Jamahari

European Journal of Tourism Research

yeşim coşar

This paper aims at a qualitative-based empirical investigation of how TV series influences the economic structure and stimulate the publicity of places where it was filmed and which are about to be considered as a visitor attraction in domestic tourism. In order to reach this objective, we have chosen Bozuyuk, a small town of Mugla and located in the south-west part of Turkey. Within the scope of the field study, three excursions were arranged to the town of Bozuyuk where the series was shot, and an on-site observation was made by witnessing both interviews and shooting of the series. Despite the fact that the importance of shooting a series in the region was not understood by the local people in the beginning, all the participants, whom we made interviews with, empasized the contribution of the series in terms of the local economy and publicity. There are some tradesmen approaching the issue particularly in terms of cost-benefit analysis in the light of environment and sustainabili...

Dr Noëlle O'Connor

The need for a thorough investigation into how the film induced tourism phenomenon can be maximised upon through stakeholder collaboration was particularly evident from the literature review undertaken. It showed that there was a significant research gap in the successful collaboration of this relatively new phenomenon into a destination’s marketing activities. To proceed to the next stage of research, the key tourism and film stakeholders behind the Yorkshire brand were interviewed as the main objective of this research is to discover to what extent the integration of film and tourism has actually occurred in Yorkshire.Unfortunately, in Yorkshire, the tourism and film stakeholders do not work together, even when a big budget film is being produced there. This represents a failed valuable opportunity when the brand could be successfully integrated into any film promotion packages.

Regional Formation and Development Studies

Donata Bocullo

Film induced tourism or film tourism is a result of destination image formation and development through film industry with collaboration of other destination image stakeholders (policy makers, private and public investors, scholars and etc.). This postmodern tourism phenomenon links film driven emotions to the filming locations and at the same time is responsible for positive or negative destination image formation. In Lithuanian academic discourses this theory, as well as the impact of films towards local tourism, was not yet recognized. Therefore this article, according to the collected film tourism theoretical material, analyses Lithuanian potential for film induced tourism and how can it be turned into a destination promotion strategy. The conclusions show that there are real opportunities for Lithuania to use film industry as a tool of destination image formation, however it needs further analysis, a clear strategic plan, strong collaboration with Baltic region and the use of two recommendation models, which were presented in this paper. This research can be used for dynamic analysis as well as strategic planning in any specific institution related to filmmaking, tourism and regional image formation.

Timothy J Lee

This study aims to (a) identify the relationship between travel motivation and popular media (mainly films or TV programs), (b) examine the relationship between destination images and popular media as an information source, and (c) investigate the influence of popular media on destination’s decision-making process. The relationship is focused on three aspects: motivation, destination image, and the decision-making process for tourists. This study employed a self-administered questionnaire survey. The questionnaire was composed of (i) respondents’ motivation and general information about their visit to the destination (Jeju Island in Korea), (ii) attributes of the film-induced tourism of their visit to the destination, and (iii) respondents’ socio-demographic elements. A correlation analysis and a standard multiple regression analysis were employed. The results discovered that there is a significant relationship (a) between a destination and popular media, (b) between destination ima...

Sónia Carvalho

This paper discusses the topic of film-induced tourism in Portugal from the perspective of the Portuguese destination marketing organizations. As research concerning film tourism in Portugal was unavailable due to the novelty of the topic, primary research was developed through online survey questionnaires, case studies and interviews. The primary research conducted found that Portugal has all the necessary resources and attributes required to develop film tourism; however destination marketing organizations and film commissions need to work together to ensure that films are promoted in a way which can be beneficial to both the tourism sector and the film industry.


Abhilipsa Panda

Judith Fletcher

Yosep Yingo Bani

Madjoyogo Hervé SIRIMA

동인천출장안마『카아톡NW30 』ロ「SOD30.NET」동인천출장샵ロ동인천출장아가씨ロ동인천출장샵ロ동인천출장마사지ロ동인천모텔출장ロ동인천출장샵추천

JcfeGL zhqz

Journal of bacteriology

rocio palacios

Francisco Morales Lomas

Teologia w Polsce

Bogusław Kochaniewicz

Tạp chí Y học Việt Nam

Lê Thùy Dung

Geophysical Research Letters

Giuseppe Solaro

Critical Care

José Mario Meira Teles

Marcela Galicia

Mario Sainz Cruz.

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James Acker

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Rafik R Morcos

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Glycoconjugate Journal

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Acta de Investigación Psicológica

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Talal Mallah

EPJ Web of Conferences

Pavol Vitkovic

European Heart Journal

Jaap Deckers


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    tourist destinations motivated by film tourism in 2012 reached 40 million tourists, w hile the number. in 2018 reached 80 million tourists ( TCI Research,2018). The main reason for this increase ...

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    Film tourism can take a number of different forms and activities as identified and discussed by a number of authors (e.g. Beeton, 2005; Busby & Klug, 2001; Croy & Heitmann, 2011 ), and outlined in Fig. 2, and within the following typology: •. Visits to locations portrayed within a specific film/television production.

  3. Film-Induced Tourism: The Imaginary of the Place and the Place of the

    Film induced tourism or film tourism is a result of destination image formation and development through film industry with collaboration of other destination image stakeholders (policy makers, private and public investors, scholars and etc.). This postmodern tourism phenomenon links film driven emotions to the filming locations and at the same ...

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    Thesis. Full-text available. Mar 2023; Ali Iskender; ... The first article on film tourism pub lished in WoS was in 2005, and the most articles were published in 2021 (n=17). Upon examining the ...

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    Destination image is a key element in the success of tourism destination, influencing tourists' decisions, trip quality, perceived value, satisfaction, and behavioural intentions (Chen and Tsai 2007; Chi and Qu 2008; Li et al. 2023).This image can be shaped by audio-visual products such as films and series, giving rise to the phenomenon of "film induced tourism" (Riley et al. 1998 ...

  6. (PDF) Promoting Destinations via Film Tourism: An Empirical

    Parte de este turismo cultural es turismo cinematográfico, también conocido como film-induced tourism o screen tourism, que es el turismo promovido o inducido por películas y series de ...

  7. Full article: The Advance of Film Tourism

    The emerging field of film tourism research invites multi-disciplinary post-modern study, which has moved from simply considering business and marketing aspects towards approaches incorporating multiple disciplinary perspectives. In her paper in this edition, Angelina Karpovich frames this by examining the range of terms used to describe the ...

  8. Who takes part in film tourism? The analysis of determinants of

    Film tourism is one of the fastest developing sub-segments of creative tourism in the 21st century. Many studies investigated tourists' motivation and behavior towards film tourism in the context of psychological and emotional motives and their involvement and experience. However, we still know very little about the structure of visitors of ...

  9. (PDF) Promoting destinations via film tourism: an empirical

    Film tourism offers destinations the opportunity to generate significant incremental revenue, tourist visits, and economic development. Based on a thorough literature review and an international survey of destinations worldwide, this article has provided valuable insight into this relatively new phenomenon. REFERENCES Arthur Frommer's Budget ...

  10. Film-induced tourism: The effect films have on destination image

    This thesis tries to fill some of those gaps and find connections between them in order to understand the occurring processes within film-­‐induced tourism better. Destination image, travel motivation, authenticity and travel behaviour in a film tourism context were examined areas. Empirical research found that there is a range of different ...

  11. (PDF) How can the film-induced tourism phenomenon be sustainably

    Macionis, N. (2007), "Film induced tourism: the role of film as a contributor to the motivation to travel to a destination", unpublished PhD thesis, Griffith University, Gold Coast. O'Connor, N., Flanagan, S. and Gilbert, D. (2010), A Film Marketing Action Plan for Film Induced Tourism Destinations: Using Yorkshire as a Case Study ...

  12. Film Tourism Planning and Development—Questioning the Role of

    Film Tourism. Film tourism and its related tourism concepts that include the effects of TV, films, movies and media culture has become more popular, and discussions surrounding this topic include research into economic impacts (Tooke and Baker, Citation 1996), marketing and product placement (Hudson and Ritchie, Citation 2006a, Citation 2006b), motivation of tourists (Busby and Klug, Citation ...

  13. PDF Master Thesis Film-induced tourism

    Having introduced film-induced tourism and the focus of this thesis, the next step is to present the method used. With a aim of this thesis to present a state-of-the-art, the method of literature review is chosen and discussed. The chapter about the theoretical background will focus on John Urry and his Tourism Gaze. Going through the research ...

  14. Tourist destinations displayed on film and television. Influence on

    and film tourism. As a consequence, the expected result of this study aims to allow destinations' managers to work closely with film tourism to reveal its importance to the world, notedly Portugal, with 63% of our sample stating a need or a desire to visit a film tourism destination. Content of the dissertation

  15. PDF Motives of a Film Tourist

    In this thesis "film tourism" is used as a generic term which refers to the whole con-cept of film tourism, including both on-location and off-location film tourism. The term "film" refers to both films and TV-series as well as pre-recorded products and digital media. The term "film-induced tourism" on the other hand refers to on-

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    The problems that are researched in this thesis are; whether film tourism is a considerable tourism market and how films can be used to promote tourism. Third aspect that is opened for future research is the situation of film tourism in Finland today. The most suit-


    According to Riley et al. (1998) and Mordue (2001) that excessive marketing of film locations, and the intensification of marketing advertisements on a region's culture through screen and visuals, is a limited effect of film tourism. Nevertheless, the impact of film tourism on societies and people has received little attention.

  18. Film-Induced Tourism: The Role of Film as a Contributor to the

    Tourism and film are broadly recognised as linked through their power to create, alter and reinforce destination images (Beeton, 2005; Busby & Klug, 2001; Butler, 1990; Croy & Walker, 2004; Hudson & Ritchie, 2006; Olsberg, 2007; Riley & Van Doren, 1992; Tooke & Baker, 1996). Major motion picture films, in particular, provide the places, objects and subjects for the gaze of many people, and for ...

  19. Promoting South Africa as an international film tourism destination

    Film tourism combines knowledge from the tourism industry with that of the film industry in such a manner that it offers an attractive opportunity that can be included when marketing South Africa as a destination. ... Promoting South Africa as an international film tourism destination, MCom Dissertation, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, viewed ...

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    Dissertation (MCom)--University of Pretoria, 2014. tm2015. Tourism Management. MCom. ... Film tourism combines knowledge from the tourism industry with that of the film industry in such a manner that it offers an attractive opportunity that can be included when marketing South Africa as a destination. The purpose of the study is to explore the ...

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    Film (and) Tourism in New Zealand: The Lord of the Rings The impact of The Lord of the Rings on New Zealand's international tourist numbers has received much attention. This impact is often overstated in all-encompassing phrases such as "Lord of the Rings sent a huge wave of British tourists scurrying to New Zealand" (Grihault, Citation 2003, p. 1), "tens of thousands of fans [were ...

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    Abstract Topic: The Impact of the Film Industry on Tourism Name of Author: Andrea Zurdo Vara Course/Year: Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism, Hotel Management and Operations, 2017 Pages: 76 Content: A new emerging trend within modern tourism has been dubbed as film- induced tourism.

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    Research@THEA Home

  24. Movie by Greek Students Wins Second Prize at Cannes Film Festival

    Credit: Thessaloniki Film Festival. A film by Greek students from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki won second place at the La Cinef competition in Cannes. The movie "The Chaos She Left Behind" was Greece 's first entry into the La Cinef competition at Cannes in 23 years. The competition was created by the Cannes Film Festival in ...