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Mba Thesis Completed

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mba thesis in ethiopia pdf

Gangaram Biswakarma, PhD

In this 21st century, globally quality is the foremost emphasized in any sector, whether it is manufacturing or service sector. It leads to the competitive advantage to an organization. In this front, TQM implementation gives a cutting edge to the organization. In Nepalese context there is an increasing interest in TQM in service sector including hospitality, for providing company with a competitive advantage. A sample of 250 employees of hospitality sector in Nepal was taken with convenience sampling techniques, returned 226 questionnaires. It can be concluded in results that TQM is an important tool to manage organization successfully. TQM focuses strongly on the importance of the relationship between customers and as well as employee. It is practiced moderately. The dimensions of TQM - top management commitment & leadership, continuous improvement, quality planning, customer focus, service design, supplier relationship and employee management are equally vital and contribute to the instatement of TQM in hospitality industry. All the dimensions have positive correlation with effectiveness of TQM. Likewise, all dimensions have their impact over the effectiveness of TQM; employee management has the strongest impact on effectiveness of total quality management.

International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management

Rateb Sweis

Dr. Vaishali Pagaria

ABSTARCT Total Quality Management (TQM) has been practised in several sectors from manufacturing to services. But its' importance in banking sector is in its initial stage and progress is little in the country like India. By providing better service quality in banks, higher organizational performance is expected through enhanced customer satisfaction. There is intense competition among public sector, private sector and foreign banks in India. So customer satisfaction plays a major role for survival in intense competition. The present research study is an attempt to assess the relationship between TQM and customer satisfaction, and therefore, the objective of the study is to understand the adopted TQM practices by the banking sector and to find out the association between the multidimensionality of TQM and customer satisfaction in Indian context. This research will provide constructive information that helps the practitioners to precisely identify areas of quality concerns and take corrective measures to enhance their level of customer satisfaction. INTRODUCTION In today's world, organisations are facing the growing challenges from global competition and more sophisticated customers in terms of what they want and their changing needs. Banking sector is not an exception in this. Banking sector has undergone intense competition and a revolutionary change in customers' expectations over the last few years, particularly after the adoption of New Economic Policy. The importance and increasing attention to service quality in banking sector is fully justified by the socio-political changes that have arisen. Amongst these changes, one can point to the economic globalization, which has brought about a reversal in consumer habits for banking services. Amongst the knock-on effects of these changes, which constitute a new form of bank customer behaviour, greater demands and financial culture are significant. These behaviours generate attitudes amongst customers with regard to the banks, which in turn affect these customers' assessment of the banking services and products offered.


Bala Salisu

Objective: The objective of this review is to spotlight, based on contextual fit, the essence of the Total Quality Management (TQM) concept, advance the context-specific tools for its adoption, and suggest Critical Success Factors (CSFs) researchers and management practitioners should consider when considering any TQM initiative. Method/ Analysis: The traditional narrative review design was used. Based on the authors' extensive readings, a number of TQM tools and CSFs reflective of Lee's conception of the paradigmatic shifts in management practice were identified from the extant literature. A synthesis of a selected set of TQM tools and CSFs form the paper's argument. Findings: The results show that when conceptualised to reflect the appropriate management context (mechanical, biological , or social), TQM can impact organisational outcomes based on intervention in six areas. Five management tools and a set of three foundational CSFs form the operational grid for a typical TQM programme. Novelty: Against the backcloth of the five revolutions in management, this paper presents a set of five management tools that could be used across industry groups in implementing TQM programmes based on the pedestal of three foundational CSFs.

yemisi shorun

Total Quality Management (TQM) as a component of Sustainable Development (SD) aims at effectively harnessing human and material resources of organizations in order to achieve set objectives. Using the service industry as a case study, the goal of TQM is customer satisfaction through quality delivery of services, operational performance and sustainability. This study examined the impact of TQM on customers' satisfaction with the services provided by hotels in Ilorin, Nigeria. Data were sourced through administration of survey questionnaires on eighty customers of hotels in Ilorin Metropolis. The respondents were selected using simple random and purposive sampling techniques. Linear Regression Analysis Model was used to analyze and test the research hypotheses. Overall results showed a positive relationship between TQM and customers' satisfaction. Based on the findings, it was recommended that more attention be devoted to the use of TQM in order to enhance customers' satisfaction and enhance SD in hotel industry.

Rami Hikmat Fouad Al-Hadeethi , Adnan Albashir

After its development and phenomenal success, Total Quality Management (TQM) was applied outside the industrial sectors to service organizations, such as banks. This paper investigates the application of TQM to a service organizations using Jordanian baking sector as a model example. Banking is an important sector in Jordan. The government has introduced several laws and constitutions aimed to further develop this sector, improve its ability to compete within a global market and encourage investment in the country. However, little work has been done to measure and control quality in this sector. The work will show that the use of TQM can be of great benefit to the Jordanian banks, as it will lead to an increase in the organization customer orientation and competitive edge. The paper will also investigate the relation between the application of TQM and the increase in the organization performance and efficiency. The results show that the application of TQM in the Jordanian banking sector lead to increased productivity and ability to compete in the global markets.

Texila International Journal , Solomon Omede

The ever increasing demand of customers and the challenges of globalization put a lot of pressure on companies worldwide to adopt proven frameworks for organizational excellence. As a result, Nigerian companies today are implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) System. The objective of this study is to establish a relationship between total quality management and organizational performance using a manufacturing company in Nigeria. Twenty five (25) carefully framed questionnaires were sent out to the study population and 13 were returned in usable form. The Chi Square method of statistics was used to test the four formulated hypothesis. The findings showed a significant relationship between total quality management and organizational performance, between TQM and defect prevention and perception errors, between the success of TQM and perception of organizational members, between TQM and effective management of resistance to .change. This study recommends that organizational management provide enabling environment to implement TQM systems. The study concludes that a major strategy for achieving high quality is TQM with a good management system for continuous improvements that rely heavily on employee involvement. Keywords: Defect Prevention, Globalization, Organizational Challenges, Organizational Performance and Total Quality Management.

Texila International Journal of Management

Texila International Journal

The need for a comprehensive understanding of the connection between total quality management and customer satisfaction cannot be overstressed. It is on this note that this study seeks to examine the kind of relationship that exists between Total Quality Management and other three variables, vis-à-vis top management commitment, employee involvement, and customer satisfaction. The descriptive survey design was adopted for this study and primary data was collected with the use of a self-structured questionnaire from one hundred and thirty-six (136) randomly selected respondents among the employees of Access Bank Plc. (27); First Bank Nigeria Limited (35); Guarantee Trust Bank Plc. (30); United Bank for Africa (24); and WEMA Bank (20), in Akoka, Yaba Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria. The hypotheses were tested using Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient at 0.05 level of significance, with the aid of the Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS 21.0). The findings of the study showed an increase in the Nigerian Banking Sector top management commitment to Total Quality Management will imply increase in TQM implementation; increase in the involvement of money deposit banks’ staff in the TQM implementation process is also tantamount to an increase in the Total Quality Management implementation; and that implementation of Total Quality Management significantly correlates increase in customer satisfaction in the Nigerian banking sector. The study therefore recommends among others that the top management of the Nigerian banking sector should be committed to Total Quality Management and involve employees in its implementation. Keywords: Top Management, Commitment, Total Quality Management, Employee Involvement, and Customer Satisfaction.


History of Education Quarterly

Maris Vinovskis

Open Forum Infectious Diseases

Marisa Turco

Cambridge Review of International Affairs

Tracey Blasenheim

Alzheimer's & Dementia

Chris Buckley


Rouzbeh Dabiri

Andini Ramdaniati

Bali Medical Journal


European Journal of Heart Failure

Andrea Carlo Merlo

Revista de Arqueologia

MaDu Gaspar

Psychological Reports

Thanh Thanh Trần

Epidemiology and Infection


Yomna Kamel

Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports

Haseki Tıp Bülteni

İlter Bozacı

Current Trends in diagnosis & Treatment

Manjul Mehra

Contemporary South Asia

Eleanor Nesbitt

Environment International

Thomas Sawidis

Algebras and Representation Theory

Manuel Reyes

Paula Bruno

Iñaki Martín Viso

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    I hereby declare that that MA thesis entitled "The Effect of E-trading Services Quality on Members‟ Satisfaction: A Case of Ethiopia commodity Exchange, Addis Ababa." is my work and has not presented for a degree in any other University, and all source of materials used for the thesis have been dully acknowledged. Name: Mahir Abdella

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    a thesis submitted in partial fulfullment of the requirments for the award of master of business adminstration in human resource management by: mengistu kakamo fetenka principal advisor: dejene adugna (phd) co-advisor: medina mohammed (mba) departement of management college of business and economics hawassa university june, 2019

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    Small Scale Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development in Ethiopia: Concepts, Definitions and Major Issues. Proceedings of the Six Annual Conferences on the Ethiopian Economy. Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Economic Association and Addis Ababa University. Assegedech, W. (2004 ). marketing strategies for micro and small enterprises in Ethiopia.

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    co-advisor:- dawit. a (mba) the thesis submitted in partial fulfullment of the requirments for the award of master of art degree (ma) in marketing management hawassa university college of business and economics department of management june, 2022 hawassa, ethiopia

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