1. How to Prepare for Your Viva

    how to prepare for thesis viva

  2. HOW TO WRITE A THESIS: Steps by step guide

    how to prepare for thesis viva

  3. Preparing For Your Dissertation Defense (Viva Voce): 9 Questions You

    how to prepare for thesis viva

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    how to prepare for thesis viva

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    how to prepare for thesis viva

  6. Defending your thesis: How best to prepare for your viva, Dr Maryam

    how to prepare for thesis viva


  1. PhD Viva Tips: Questions and Answers (Tips From an Ex-academic)

  2. 4 Tips for Viva Exams Preparations

  3. How to prepare Thesis or Research presentation

  4. How to defend your PhD thesis

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  1. How to prepare for your viva: 8 useful tips

    Be confident in your knowledge. 3: Think about the potential questions. One of the best things you can do to maximize your chances of a confident viva performance is to consider the potential viva questions and the way in which you could approach them. There are plenty of websites that provide you with sample discussion points that are likely ...

  2. How to survive a PhD viva: 17 top tips

    Make sure that you can relate your contribution to other work in your field and that you are able to explain how your work is different. Peter Smith, author of The PhD Viva. 16) Expect your viva ...

  3. PDF A Guide for Viva Preparation

    The viva voce, shortened to viva, is an oral examination where you are expected to 'defend' your thesis, and the quality of your research will be assessed. The viva will take place usually within 3 months of submitting your thesis; it is a required examination in order to achieve a postgraduate research degree.

  4. How to structure your viva presentation (with examples)

    A very traditional viva presentation structure simply follows the structure of the PhD thesis. This means that the viva presentation covers all parts of the thesis, including an introduction, the literature review, the methodology, results, conclusions, etcetera. Example of a traditional viva presentation structure.

  5. PhD Viva Voces

    A PhD viva involves defending your thesis in an oral examination with at least two examiners. The aim of a PhD viva is to confirm that the work is your own, ... There are several ways to prepare for a PhD viva, one of the most effective being a mock viva voce examination. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the type of viva questions ...

  6. Preparing For A Viva Voce (Dissertation Defence)

    Preparing for your dissertation or thesis defense (also called a "viva voce") is a formidable task. All your hard work over the years leads you to this one point, and you'll need to defend yourself against some of the most experienced researchers you've encountered so far. It's natural to feel a little nervous.

  7. A guide to a successful viva

    type of developmental activity as one of the most significant parts of the viva. Preparing for your viva Take a step back and relax After submitting your thesis, it is important to take a couple of days to relax. You'll then be ready to think about reviewing your thesis and revising for your viva. While this might seem daunting, you've

  8. How to Defend a Thesis: An Introduction to the PhD Viva

    Submit your thesis for the examiners to read ahead of the viva. Celebrate! Have the viva, where you'll defend a thesis and discuss your research. The examiners will decide from a list of possible outcomes as detailed later in this post. Celebrate! Make amendments to the thesis as necessary. Optional celebration.

  9. 5 Tips for Preparing for Your PhD Viva

    Here are some tips to help you prepare for the day. 1. Know Your Thesis. You should expect your examiners to have spent a considerable about of time going through your PhD thesis and the content of it will be fresh in their mind; make sure it's fresh in yours too. Yes, you're the one that's written it but, if you've planned well, you ...

  10. 5 tips for passing your PhD viva

    You can prepare for an online PhD viva by reading our video interview tips. The chair of the viva is usually the internal examiner, although it can be an independent person. ... If you get stuck at any point during the viva exam, you can use looking at the thesis as an excuse to re-focus and gather your thoughts. 3. Anticipate the viva questions

  11. Defending your doctoral thesis: the PhD viva

    The viva preparation checklist may be useful to help you prepare. Your institution may offer courses on viva preparation and there may be opportunities to organise a practice viva. Take advantage of these opportunities: they can be extremely valuable experiences. Things you may wish to take with you. your thesis - mildly annotated if you wish

  12. Preparing For Your PhD Thesis Defense Viva

    PhD Preparation Template - / ACADEMIC ESSAY SERVICE (£/$)For all academ...

  13. How To Prepare For The PhD Viva in 10 Days

    Find the 10-Day Schedule Here Introduction01:05 What is the purpose of a viva?02:17 The 10...

  14. What is a viva? PhD viva, viva voce, viva process and more

    Practice summarizing your thesis: Prepare a 200-word summary of each chapter and a 2-minute explanation of your whole thesis. Be ready to clarify your work in one or two sentences. ... Wrapping up - thesis viva. Concluding our comprehensive guide on the viva process for PhD students, the final thought we leave you with is this: your PhD viva, ...

  15. A guide to a successful viva

    A guide to writing up your chemical science thesis. This guide aims to give you guidance on how to write your thesis so that your research is showcased at its best. It includes suggestions on how to prepare for writing up and things to consider during the final stages.

  16. How to prepare for your viva

    Write an overview of your thesis. Make notes about each chapter and summarise the details within each section. Don't worry, there isn't an expectation that you'll have memorised your thesis, but the notes will be a useful reference point. You can take your thesis and notes into the viva with you, and we recommend putting page markers into ...

  17. 13 steps I took to prepare for my PhD viva

    So I started preparing for my thesis approximately a month before my viva, and this is how: Step 1: The first thing I did was read this really useful three part blogpost by Fiona Noble. I decided I was going to tackle the preparation in a similar fashion. Step 2: I knew I had to read the thesis cover to cover, but I was dreading it.

  18. Top 12 Potential PhD Viva Questions and How to Answer Them

    Examiners are interested in knowing your understanding of the research, its methods, analysis and findings, conclusion and implications, etc. Despite the differences in every PhD viva, you must be prepared to answer these common questions logically. Below are some popular PhD viva questions to prepare: 1. Tell me about yourself.

  19. Impressing the Examiners: How to Prepare for Your PhD Viva

    On the day of the viva, arrive early with plenty of time to spare. You may consider spending the night nearby if you live far away. Make sure you know where to go, and are properly fed and hydrated. You may wish to bring water with you to the viva itself. Re-read your notes and try to focus on relaxing.

  20. 140+ Viva Questions & How to Prepare for Viva?

    1. Summarize your project/thesis/research in 3 minutes. To answer this question correctly, you need to be well-versed in the entire project. Start with an answer by explaining why did you select the topic of your project/thesis/research and close your explanation by providing an optimum solution to the problem. 2.

  21. How Do I Prepare for a Successful Defence?

    At a minimum, the viva is a way of checking you authored the thesis yourself and understand the detail, but it is also an opportunity to discuss your research findings and interpretations in depth with experts. Preparation is key for defending your thesis in a viva or a presentation format.

  22. How to prepare your viva opening speech

    Therefore, the first step to preparing a viva opening speech should always be to find out the specific regulations of your university. Common factors to consider are the following: The length of the viva opening speech. Whether you have to prepare a 10-minute or a 30-minutes presentation matters considerably. The use of a (PowerPoint) presentation.

  23. How to prepare for the PhD viva In 10 days

    To prepare for the viva, the timetable below provides you with a 10 day 2-part guide that ensures that you have reflected on all parts of your thesis and familiarised yourself with your examiner's work. Part 1 involves familiarising yourself with your examiners work, recent literature and your supervisor's work. ...