1. What does a decolonial African Feminist Psychology look like?, by

    feminist decolonial theory

  2. Why Decolonial Feminism: New Possibilities from Abya Yala*

    feminist decolonial theory

  3. A Decolonial Black Feminist Theory of Reading and Shade

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  4. Gendering decolonial pedagogies and decolonializing feminist learning

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  5. A Feminist Theory of Violence : A Decolonial Perspective

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  6. Feminist Theory: Definition and Discussion

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  1. What is Radical Feminism?

  2. Episode 034: The future of the decolonial movement part 1: the problems of the decolonial movement

  3. No, Gender is not a European Colonial Idea

  4. Feminist Theory in International Relations

  5. Episode 033: Other theories of racism

  6. Gossip: philosophical perspectives


  1. Feminisms and decolonising psychology: Possibilities and

    The requirement that feminist decolonising psychology critically engage with decolonial theory is captured in the introduction to the book Decolonial Feminist Community Psychology, edited by Floretta Boonzaier and Taryn van Niekerk (2019). The editors indicate, “In contemporary contexts, decolonial discourses specifically centre racialised ...