1. Democratic Peace Theory in International Relations

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  2. Democratic peace theory by Alina Kunbulatova

    democratic peace theory today

  3. Democratic peace theory

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    democratic peace theory today

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  6. What Is the Democratic Peace Theory?

    democratic peace theory today


  1. The Democratic Peace (An Educational Short)

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  3. What Do We Need To Do To Achieve a Just Peace? A “Conversation” with John Rawls

  4. The Limits of Democratization: What is the Democratic Peace?

  5. Democratic Peace Theory in International Relations

  6. Introduction to International Relations


  1. The Democratic Peace Theory: Is War a Means to Peace?

    Beginning with the democratic peace theory that is held in high opinion by democracies of today, the article moves toward Immanuel Kant and his idea of perpetual peace. The democratic peace theory finds its base in Kant’s perpetual peace and finds an echo in Western democracies’ foreign policies. The article then sees how this theory is ...

  2. The microfoundations of normative democratic peace theory

    Democratic peace theory is built on the assumption that liberal-democracy has a pacifying effect on people, a socialization process that is assumed to lack within autocracies. This paper uses an experimental approach to investigate the microfoundations of democratic peace theory among decision-makers of the US, Russia and China.

  3. The Democratic Peace Theory Reframed: The Impact of Modernity

    democratic peace theory - the idea that democratic or. states never or very rarely go to war with each other and that are less likely to become involved in militarized disputes (mids) themselves - is the most robust, "lawlike" finding generated by the. cipline of international relations. It is also the one with the.