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Theses and Dissertations in Business Administration

Theses and dissertations published by graduate students in the Business Administration program, College of Business, Old Dominion University, since Fall 2016 are available in this collection. Backfiles of all dissertations (and some theses) have also been added.

In late Fall 2023 or Spring 2024, all theses will be digitized and available here. In the meantime, consult the Library Catalog to find older items in print.

Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023

Dissertation: Two Essays on Industry Tournament Incentives , Sarah Almisher

Dissertation: Two Essays on Investor Sentiment , Amin Amoulashkarian

Dissertation: Two Essays on Retail Trading , Qiqi Liang

Dissertation: Two Essays in Real Estate Dynamics , Navid Safari

Dissertation: Firm Capabilities, Great Power Competition, and the Structural Reshaping of Globalization , Samuel Wilson

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Dissertation: Three Essays on Stock Price Informativeness, Stock Price Momentum, and Firm Investment Efficiency , Chen Chen

Dissertation: Exploring Blockchain-Based Digital Transformation In Organizations , Weiru Chen

Dissertation: Two Essays on Antecedents and Effects of Award-Winning CEOS , Veronika Ciarleglio

Dissertation: Two’s a Crowd? Implications of Economic Geography for Corporate Governance , Matthew Farrell

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Effects of CEO Social Activism , Habib Islam

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Role of Empathy in Consumer Response to User-Generated Content , Mohammadali Koorank Beheshti

Dissertation: Three Essays on the Effects of Other Customer Brand Tie and Employee Behavior on Consumer Behavior , Saeed Zal

Dissertation: Three Essays on CEO Traits, Corporate Investment Decisions, and Firm Value , Rongyao Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Dissertation: Two Essays on Antecedents and Effects of Board Female Representation Non-Conformity , Fatemeh Askarzadeh

Dissertation: Application of Optimization Techniques in Corporate Cash Management , Venkateswara Reddy Dondeti

Dissertation: Two Essays on Corruption, FDI, and Digitalization , Mahdi Forghani Bajestani

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Information Embedded in Flow of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) , Hamed Yousefi

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Dissertation: The Influence of Mating Motives on Reliance on Form Versus Function in Product Choice , Seyed Hamid Abbassi Hosseini

Dissertation: Three Essays on CEO Characteristics and Corporate Bankruptcy , Rajib Chowdhury

Dissertation: The Effects of CEO Dismissal Risk and Skills on Risky Corporate Decisions and CEO Compensation , Son T. Dang

Dissertation: Essay 1: How We Feel: The Role of Macro-Economic Sentiment in Advertising Spending-Sales Relationship; Essay 2: It Was the Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times: The Effect of Emotional Uncertainty and Arousal on Healthy Food Choices , Leila Khoshghadam

Dissertation: The Accumulation of IT Capability And Its Long-Term Effect on Financial Performance , Jin Ho Kim

Dissertation: Three Essays on the Roles of Review Valence and Conflict in Online Relationships , Ran Liu

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Microstructure of the Housing Market: Agents' Diffused Effort and Sellers' Behavior Bias , Zhaohui Li

Dissertation: Two Essays on CEO Overconfidence in Relation to Speed of Adjustment of Firm Financial Policy and CEO Inside Debt , Xiang Long

Dissertation: Pricing the Cloud: An Auction Approach , Yang Lu

Dissertation: Two Essays on Consumer Envy , Murong Miao

Dissertation: Two Essays on Negotiations Between Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors , Aydin Selim Oksoy

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Dissertation: Two Essays on Bitcoin Price and Volume , Mohammad Bayani Khaknejad

Dissertation: Two Essays on Investor Attention, Investor Sentiment, and Earnings Pricing , Qiuye Cai

Dissertation: Success Factors Impacting Artificial Intelligence Adoption --- Perspective From the Telecom Industry in China , Hong Chen

Dissertation: Early Information Access to Alleviate Emergency Department Congestion , Anjee Gorkhali

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Consumer Acculturation Process – A Need for and Development of a Consumer Acculturation Measure , Kristina Marie Harrison

Dissertation: Three Essays on CEO Characteristics and Corporate Decisions , Trung Nguyen

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Effects of Organization Capital on Firm Behavior , Andrew Root

Dissertation: Underlying Factors Behind Generation of Different Types of User-Generated Content - Impact of Individual and Brand/Product Level Factors in Generation of Brand-Oriented Content and Community-Oriented Content , Kemal Cem Soylemez

Dissertation: Customers’ Goal-Related Behavior in Loyalty Programs , Junzhou Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Dissertation: Security Risk Tolerance in Mobile Payment: A Trade-off Framework , Yong Chen

Dissertation: Numerical Framing and Emotional Arousal as Moderators of Review Valence and Consumer Choices , Anh Dang

Dissertation: Three Essays on CEO Risk Preferences, and Ability, Corporate Hedging Decisions, and Investor Sentiment , Sonik Mandal

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Creation and Success of New Ventures , Amirmahmood Amini Sedeh

Dissertation: Effectiveness of Social Media Analytics on Detecting Service Quality Metrics in the U.S. Airline Industry , Xin Tian

Dissertation: Two Essays on Value Co-Creation , Hangjun Xu

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Dissertation: Two Essays on Forced CEO Turnover During Envy Merger Waves, and Dividends , Bader Almuhtadi

Dissertation: The Role of Consumer Ethnocentrism on the Effects of Domestic vs Foreign Product Failure on Post Consumption Emotions and Complaint Behaviors , Kittinand Bandhumasuta

Dissertation: The Impact of Help-Self and Help-Others Appeals Upon Participation in Clinical Research Trials , Susan Lewis Casey

Dissertation: Is Every Tweet Created Equal? A Framework to Identify Relevant Tweets for Business Research , Thad Chee

Dissertation: Three Essays on Mutual Funds, Fund Management Skills, and Investor Sentiment , Feng Dong

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Impact of Institutional Structures on Entrepreneurship: Country Level Analysis , Mehdi Sharifi Khobdeh

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Antecedents and Effects of Internationalizing Out of Emerging and Developed Economies , Mark Robert Mallon

Dissertation: From Placebo to Panacea: Exploring the Influence of Price, Suspicion, and Persuasion Knowledge on Consumers’ Perception of Quality , Vahid Rahmani

Dissertation: Essays on the El Niño Anomaly and Stock Return Predictability , Zhijun Yang

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Dissertation: The Effect of XBRL and Social Media on Information Asymmetry: Evidence from Bank Loan Contracts , Dazhi Chong

Dissertation: Two Essays on CEO Inside Debt Holding in Relation to Firm Payout Policy and Financial Reporting , Asligul Erkan

Dissertation: Two Essays on The Internationalization Speed of New Ventures , Orhun Guldiken

Dissertation: Two Essays on Shareholder Base, Firm Behavior, and Firm Value , Yi Jian

Dissertation: Valence or Volume? Maximizing Online Review Influence Across Consumers, Products, and Marketing , Elika Kordrostami

Dissertation: Essays on the Equity Risk Premium , Mohamed Mehdi Rahoui

Dissertation: A Study of the Impact of Information Blackouts on the Bullwhip Effect of a Supply Chain Using Discrete-Event Simulations , Elizabeth Rasnick

Dissertation: Two Essays on Investor Emotions and Their Effects in Financial Markets , Jiancheng Shen

Dissertation: Two Studies on The Use of Information Technology in Collaborative Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment (CPFR) , David McCaw Simmonds

Dissertation: Founder CEOs and Initial Public Offerings: The Role of Narratives, Institutions and Cultural Context , Christina Helen Tupper

Dissertation: Ambidexterity: The Interplay of Supply Chain Management Competencies and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems on Organizational Performance , Serdar Turedi

Dissertation: Two Essays on Short Selling , Zhaobo Zhu

Dissertation: Buying Love Through Social Media: How Different Types Of Incentives Impact Consumers’ Online Sharing Behavior , Yueming Zou

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Dissertation: Three Essays on Dividend Policy , Mehmet Deren Caliskan

Dissertation: "The Magic Formula: Scent and Brand"- The Influence of Olfactory Sensory Co-Branding on Consumer Evaluations and Experiences , Ceren Ekebas

Dissertation: The Value of Integrated Information Systems for U.S. General Hospitals , Liuliu Fu

Dissertation: Two Essays on Managerial Horizon, Cash Holdings and Earnings Management , Sanjib Guha

Dissertation: Three Essays on Opportunistic Claiming Behavior in a Services Setting: Customers and Front Line Employees Perspectives , Denis Khantimirov

Dissertation: Spillover Effects of Brand Alliance and Service Experience on Host Brands in Loyalty Program Partnerships , Gulfem Cigdem Kutlu

Dissertation: Measuring Consumer Expectations of Salesperson Unethicality: A Scale Development , Amiee Mellon

Dissertation: Essays on International Risk-Return Trade-Off Relations , Liang Meng

Dissertation: Two Essays on Investor Attention and Asset Pricing , Nadia Asmaa Nafar

Dissertation: International Venture Capital Firms Syndication and Performance: A Social Network Perspective , Amir Pezeshkan

Dissertation: Three Essays on Institutions, Entrepreneurship, and Development , Adam Smith

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Dissertation: An Empirical Examination of the Antecedents and Consequences of Earnings Management in Emerging Markets , Shuji Rosey Bao

Dissertation: Dynamic Capabilities and Resilient Organizations Amid Environmental Jolts , Stav Fainshmidt

Dissertation: An Empirical Examination of the Moderators of Direct Versus Indirect Comparative Advertising , Chun-Kai Hsu

Dissertation: Two Essays on Attracting Foreign Direct Investment: From Both a National and Firm Level Perspective , Ryan Lawrence Mason

Dissertation: The Effect of Online Reviews on Attitude and Purchase Intention: How Consumers Respond to Mixed Reviews , Chatdanai Pongpatipat

Dissertation: Three Essays on the Enterprise Strategy for Multinational Firms , Veselina Plamenova Vracheva

Dissertation: The Antecedents and Effects of Strategic Caring: A Cross-National Empirical Study , Thomas Weber

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

Dissertation: International Banking sector Linkages: Did the Global Financial Crisis Strengthen or Weaken the Linkages? , James Edward Benton

Dissertation: Three Essays on Corporate Liquidity, Financial Crisis, and Real Estate , Kimberly Fowler Luchtenberg

Dissertation: Three Essays on Immigrant Entrepreneurship , Kaveh Moghaddam

Dissertation: The Response of Commercial Banks to Credit Stimuli , Denise Williams Streeter

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

Dissertation: An Examination of Middle Manager Innovation Behaviors and Institutional Factors Impact on Organizational Innovation in the USA and Mexico , J. Lee Brown III

Dissertation: Essays on Foreign Reverse Mergers and Bond ETF Mispricing , Charles William Duval

Dissertation: Three Essays on Strategic Risk Taking , Krista Burrill Lewellyn

Dissertation: Two Essays on Executive Pay and Firm Performance , Thuong Quang Nguyen

Dissertation: A Study of Risk-Taking Behavior in Investment Banking , Elzotbek Rustambekov

Dissertation: A Study of Failures in the US Banking Industry , Joseph Trendowski

Dissertation: Two Essays on Behavioral Finance , Quang Viet Vu

Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011

Dissertation: Three Essays on Individual Currency Traders , Boris Sebastian Abbey

Dissertation: Cross-listing Premium or Market Timing , Moustafa M. Abu El Fadl

Dissertation: Warranty and Price as Quality Signals: The effect of Signal Consistency and Unexpectedness on Product Perception , Sultan Alaswad Alenazi

Dissertation: The Behavior and Choices of Serial Bidders in M&A Transactions: A Prospect Theory Approach , Ahmed Essam El-Din El-Bakry

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Effect of Macroeconomic News on the Stock Market , Ajay Kongera

Dissertation: Intercultural Accommodation of Ethnic Minority Consumers: An Empirical Examination of the Moderating Effects in Service Encounters , Sarah Mady

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Dissertation examples

Listed below are some of the best examples of research projects and dissertations from undergraduate and taught postgraduate students at the University of Leeds We have not been able to gather examples from all schools. The module requirements for research projects may have changed since these examples were written. Refer to your module guidelines to make sure that you address all of the current assessment criteria. Some of the examples below are only available to access on campus.

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ScholarWorks at University of Montana

Home > Business > Business ETDs

Business Theses, Dissertations, and Professional Papers

This collection includes theses, dissertations, and professional papers from the University of Montana College of Business. Theses, dissertations, and professional papers from all University of Montana departments and programs may be searched here.

Theses/Dissertations from 2004 2004

Independent external audits of foreign banking organizations (FBOs) operating in the U.S. , Bernard V. Khomenko

Theses/Dissertations from 2002 2002

E-textbooks : will there be a role for the college bookstore in their distribution? , Anne E. Iverson

How the top five automobile manufacturers reacted to the events of September 11, 2001 in their print advertisements , Jessica Walrath

Theses/Dissertations from 2001 2001

American Indian culture as a potential intervening factor in Internet acceptance , Trina L. Finley

Recruitment and retention strategies to combat nationwide nursing shortages , James R. Gillhouse

Evaluation of accounting software tailored for farming operations , Chad Peder Lee

Role of traditional business principles in today's economy , Joseph D. McCaffery

Making sense| Brand management in the new economy , Ken Quinn

Implementing an EPR program in the United States , Samantha Ann Sproson

Cultural impact of NAFTA on Mexico , Maitane Zuloaga

Theses/Dissertations from 2000 2000

Empathic negotiation: Addressing the need for putting feeling into the negotiation process , Garth W. Ferro

Japan goes web crazy : e-commerce and online shopping trend [sic] and future in Japan , Masahisa Hanamura

Generating online sales for small businesses through search engines , Dallas Neil

An examination of the potential of microenterprise development as a tool for social welfare reform , Henry Jay Wagner

Using permission-based E-mail as a medium for customer communications , Birgit Weischedel

Theses/Dissertations from 1999 1999

Distance education , Brent Booth

Challenge of a new standard for the governmental reporting format , Jennifer J. Cote

The core competency model in acquisition strategy development of the small and midsize environmental technology company , Leslie Ann Jensen

Investigation of the long-term viability of Major League Soccer, and soccer as a sport in the USA , Stian Jordalen

Industry-specific set of e-business solutions : An introduction to vertical communities , Brumby McLeod

The state of intellectual property rights in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperative (APEC) , Jeffrey P. Radighieri

Proposal for a small business development center on the Fort Belknap Reservation , Eleanor Yellowrobe

Theses/Dissertations from 1998 1998

Private enterprise in Bulgaria: A strategic assessment of opportunities in an emerging democracy , David G. Conklin

Operating plan for the Montana Business Plan Competition , Patrick J. Dailey

Amending the Single Audit Act| Expected impacts within the state of Alaska , Kristin K. Dzinich

Total quality management : involvement of craft-level workers on capital investment projects , Matthew Hamlin

An overview of ideas and principles on equity valuation that emerge from Warren Buffet's [i.e. Buffett's] letters to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. , Cameron Lawrence

Potential effects of electric utility industry deregulation on Montana Power Company , Heidi A. Wright

Montana's Profession Monitoring Program , Kimberley Vinso Wyatt

Theses/Dissertations from 1997 1997

How nonprofit organizations can build brand equity using the World Wide Web; trends and developments , Christa Keivan

Overview and evaluation of APEC members' current stage of investment liberalization , Carl-Christian Nitzsche

Theses/Dissertations from 1996 1996

EduSoft Inc. : three year business plan 1996-1998 , Joel A. Block

Pikuni Lodge , Raymond Montoya

Business plan and accounting system for Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch , Timothy G. Olson

Estate planning in situations where the surviving spouse may not be a U.S. citizen , Harry Clinton Owen

Poly Advertising and Engineering| A business plan , Thom M. Tingley

Theses/Dissertations from 1995 1995

Assessing worldmindedness among college students in western Montana , Heidi L. Connole

China's changing shape: From socialism to capitalism , Robert R. Edmonson

Developing a sound business strategy for the continued operation of Interstate Brands Bakery thriftshops in Montana and Wyoming , Mark L. Heide

Evolution of the American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) program , Michelle D. Henderson

Textbook Management System survey , Neil A. Rixe

ODBMS capabilities report , Nathan Anthony Singer

Consumer rumors and corporate communications , Susan M. Smith

Theses/Dissertations from 1994 1994

American labor unions' impact on the success or failure of Total Quality Management systems , Robert J. Blumhagen

Doing business in China , Youhua Chen

Uses of Montana lumber products , Paul J. Davis

Investing in China: Tackle the uncertainties , Xiao Feng

Impact of energy conservation on the marketing practices of the electric utility industry , Gabriele Golissa

A Feasibility study for a credit analysis consulting business for small independently owned banks , Kenneth L. Jansa

The use of performance appraisal and compensation systems in total quality management , Patricia Martin

Family business succession , Judith G. Preston

Health care in Montana : A survey of Montana experience and opinion , Susan Selig Wallwork

Product line management for hospitals : literature research and feasibility study for St. Patrick Hospital Missoula Montana , Thomas A. Wozniak

Has computer technology brought economies of scope to service oriented businesses?| An analysis of architectural and engineering firms , Carol A. Wulfekuhle

Theses/Dissertations from 1993 1993

Structure of the general merchandise retail market , Heiko Ebens

Competitive strategies in the U.S. long-distance telephone market , Bodo L. Grunenberg

Hong Kong: A gateway between the People's Republic of China & the United States of America , Xiaochun Guo

China's economic interactions with Asian countries , Chia-heng Kuan

Analysis of the recent economic and managerial reforms in China , Dingwei Lin

Expanded role of human resource management in joint-venture enterprises in the People's Republic of China , Wei Shao

Edge Specialty Sports , Randall Scott Spaulding

Selected examinations of business social responsibility: Theory to practice , Paul Svrcek

Accounting for the environment , Barbara J. Yahvah

Theses/Dissertations from 1992 1992

The State of day care in Missoula Montana , Scott Bixler

Changing environment of the Canadian retail trade sector , Mark Elwin Derbyshire

How to start a business: Coping with business regulations , Timothy Richard Engelhardt

Potential electronic information markets for the "Billings Gazette" , Dennis William Gaub

Developing carcass beef for the Japanese premium market: A Montana enterprise , Scott G. Hibbard

Airline fare pricing , Zeljko Ivic

Comparative study of equity accounting in the United States and the United Kingdom from a generally accepted accounting practices viewpoint , James Paul Luther

Market segmentation of downhill and cross-country snow skiers based on interpersonal orientation , Scott Marsh

Computers in small business accounting software problems , Eric J. Newman

An Acquisition Model to Emulate: An evaluation of the 1988 Packard Commission report , John M. Wilson

Theses/Dissertations from 1991 1991

Taiwanese investment in selected cities in the People's Republic of China , Su-Wei Hu

Productivity in a multispecialty medical clinic , Stephen Fraser Johnson

Overview of selected aspects of the United States-Japan business relationship: improving the most important bilateral relationship in the world , Yoshiaki Matsuda

Franchise agreement : an analysis of the contractual elements of franchising , Renwick W. Richardson

Influence of shareholder concentration on Chief Executive Officer (CEO) compensation| Empirical evidence , M. Gulam Samahon-Oumar

A child of China's economic reform special economic zones , Amanda Xu

Theses/Dissertations from 1990 1990

Montana-Wyoming Foundation for Medical Care : a workflow study , Ray Fuller

Assigned risk plan : what will it mean for the State of Montana? , Deslie Gianchetta

Montana's business climate: How bad is it really? , Gary D. Moseman

What is the prevalent ethical managerial style of MBA students: Immoral amoral or moral? , William T. Rupp

Cultural synergistic innovation , Michihiro Yamaguchi

Reform in China's foreign trade : decentralization and diversification , Jianli Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 1989 1989

Development of a pay for performance reward system in a health care organization , Jan Ammerman

Energy efficiency : the impact of energy costs on business concerns , Charles E. Beard

A preliminary investigation into the operation of a Montana vacation fitness resort , Roberta Dixon

Study of methodologies to estimate the number of chronically mentally ill adults in Montana , Sandra A. Harris

Interrelationship between Taiwanese and American currencies| Present accounting practices and future suggestions , Shufen Hu

Evaluation of methods of planned giving , Joseph H. Lawson

Assessment of need for a city/county jail in Great Falls Cascade County Montana , Mark L. Macek

Pesticide regulation and the turfgrass industry| A proposed program to meet present regulatory requirements , David M. Matzer

Need for, and the legal impact on, employee drug testing in Montana's acute care hospitals , Michael L. McPherson

Human resource profile| Theoretical approach toward developing an integrated process for pre-employment interviewing and post-hire job performance appraisal , Victor Moretto

Heavy equipment maintenance software for the mining industries | A market feasibility analysis , Diane Marie Nalty

Marketing of trusts: Distinguishing trusts from other financial services , Gregory E. Olson

Pilot study designed to provide preliminary data for developing a feasibility study of building a golf course in Bozeman, Montana , Mary N. Olson

The Neversweat & Washoe Tourist Railroad: An analysis of its development and a plan for growth , John Carl Podobnik

Software cost estimation of the Advanced Training System project using three computer-based models , Douglas Poteat

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Business and Management thesis and dissertation collection

business dissertation examples pdf

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This is a collection of some recent PhD theses from Business and Management. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all doctorate degrees from this School.

This material is presented to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by authors or by other copyright holders. All persons copying this information are expected to adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each author's copyright. In most cases, these works may not be reposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

Recent Submissions

Essays on consumer behaviour and marketing strategies , three essays on social innovation , how life course turning points influence protean career attitudes and aspirations in later career , invisible hand with visible heart: a multi-level study of impact investing in the united kingdom , quit playing games with your customers: the brand damaging consequences of gamblified promotions in digital retailing , essays on financial development and corporate resilience to crises , essays on the impact of government assistance, capital regulation, and covid-19 on banks , some aspects of financial management in farming , dynamic multi-state delinquency models: incorporating repeated events, stress testing analysis and multiple lending products , towards an ecosystem view of legitimacy of third sector organisations , impact of institutional complexity on the role of middle managers as agents of change in the public sector , performative perspective on organisational change and stability: a case study of embodiment, inclusion, and temporality in changing routines in the royal air force , trickster characters: the tomboy & the girlboss, or gender as a thin-centred ideology inherent to technological innovation under capitalism , understanding roles in a broker retail venture in the creative industries , three essays on modern microstructure , mathematical programming for single- and multi-location non-stationary inventory control , essays on empirical corporate finance , impacts of environmental regulations, emissions trading system and climate transition risks: evidence from china , understanding the challenges of blockchain technology adoption: evidence from china’s developing carbon markets , international entrepreneurial opportunities: roles of networks, knowledge and serendipity .

business dissertation examples pdf

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Home > Business > Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations

Submissions from 2024 2024.

Impact of the Increased Use of Telehealth on Health Care Management and Administration: The Case of New Care Management Practices , Immacula Pierre

Submissions from 2023 2023

The Use of Multidisciplinary Care Teams in Diagnosing and Managing Care of Cancer Patients in Eastern Kentucky , Terry Lee Adams

Impact of Leadership for Startup Companies , Emem Okon Akpanekong

Assessing the Lack of Project Management Soft Skills Toward Project Completion Rates , Rene Orlando Aleman

Effective Strategies for Midsized Nonprofit Human Service Organizations in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area to Maintain Financial Sustainability , Ivy Ann Beckham

Financial Capability – Examining the Impact of Financial Education on U.S. Military Members , Philip Mason Chapman

High Health Care Cost in the U.S. and Its Impact on an African American Church Community in East Orange, New Jersey , William Charles

Exploring Target Marketing at Private Universities Directed to the Nontraditional Student Population , Connie Chester Christian

Current Management Issues in Health Information Technology , Gladys Dadson

Strategic Leadership for Managing Diversity , Amdy Diene

Crowdsourcing Strategizing: A View From the Top , Priscilla L. Eddings

Cultivating Employee Relationships , Kimberly Lynn England

Leadership Support as an Influence on Frontline Healthcare Employee Retention in the Washington Metropolitan Area (DMV) , Tamika Fair

Exploring the Impacts of Funding Models on Business as Mission Organizations in Asia: A Multiple-case Study , Jeremiah Joel Finch

Organizational Cultures Effect on Productivity in Manufacturing , Jonathan Karl Foley

Air Force Support for the Joint Military Environment: A NATO Allied Command Operations Headquarters Case Study , James R. Hamilton

Biblical Leadership: Combatting Authoritarianism , Katherine M. Inman

A Quantitative Examination of the Relationships Between Work-Life Balance, Burnout, and Turnover Intentions Among Texas Public Accounting Professionals , Vicky Ruth Johnson

Unlocking the Talent Puzzle: Examining the Impact of Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Career Development on Talent Attraction and Retention , Angela Denise Lamar

Weak Organizational Culture in Higher Education Leads to Unmet Organizational Goals , Jennifer Willard Matthews

Impact of Audit Time Pressure on Audit Quality , Janae Monet McClam

Organizational Preparedness Required for System Implementation , Kaitlyn Marie McCollum

An Assessment of Hospice Patients’ Experience from Cancer Care Services in the United States Hospitals: A Mixed-Method Study , Femi Obasun

A Qualitative Analysis of Corporate Responsibility for the Education of U.S. Citizens , Heidi Leslie O'Donnell

The Impact and Inability of Leaders to Address Employee Grievances , Esther Ayomide Osayi

Redesigning an Effective Pathway to Consumer Loyalty for Sustainable Competitive Advantage , Stephen P. Panczak

A Multiple Case Study: Male Correctional Officers’ Experiences and Attitudes Regarding “Gender Quota” Human Resource Management Strategies in Corrections , Rebecca Jo Patterson

Quantifying the Value of Renewable Energy as a Hedge Against the Volatility of Natural Gas Prices in Wisconsin , Miodrag Petrovic

Understanding Workplace Conditions Contributing to Physician Burnout Prevalence in Maryland State , Fatima Adefunke Queen

TeamSTEPPS and Organizational Culture , Amelia Arca Quinto

Succession Planning in the Federal Government , Christine Noel Roberts

The Impact of Project Management on the Adoption of Emerging Media to Non-commercial Broadcasting Media Businesses in Hispanic Markets , Jonathan Rosado

Sustainable Activity-Based Costing in a Small Flexible Manufacturing Environment , John Edward Schlaack

Effectiveness of Government Leadership to Maintain Productivity in a Virtual Environment , Crystal J. Showell

Remote Leadership: Assessing Productive Work Environments in a Post-Pandemic Future , Kimberly Diane Snodgrass

The Middle Management Leader and the Matrixed Organization , Donald Keith Stephens

Improving Strategic Management Planning in Non-Profit Organizations: Federally Qualified Health Centers , Esther Taylor

Managing Cyber Defense as a Business Threat for Small and Medium Enterprises , Binh Quang Vo

Attracting and Sustaining Volunteers: Leadership Impact on the Recruitment and Retention of Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations, and Differences Observed when Organizations are Predicated on Faith , Lascel A. Webley Jr.

Organizational Behavior , Molly Xiong

Submissions from 2022 2022

An Empirical Study of the Relationship Between Organizational Commitment, Employee Voice Behavior, and Psychological Well-Being Among Employees Within Mid-Size Service , Katelin Barron

Government Contract Re-compete Impacts on Employees , John James Bergmann

Fraud Risk Management to Detect and Prevent Employee Fraud in Small Rural Businesses , Daphne Yuying Bishop

Exploring the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Hawai'ian Small Businesses , Farrel Anthony Blake

The Effects of Leadership Organizational Culture on Employee Performance Resulting in High Turnover, Low Morale, and Decreased Productivity , Damon Brown-Crawford

Pandemics and United States Pharmaceutical Stocks’ Rates of Return , Ronald Franklin Burnette Jr

Effect of Supervisor Bias on Performance Motivation During Incentive-Based Performance Reviews , Jessica Lace Burrell

Just-In-Time/Just-In-Case Inventory Management as an Influence on Supply Chain Disruption in Medical Systems Based in the Southeastern United States During the COVID-19 Pandemic , Brooke Gibson Coslett

Internal Controls in Small City Government , M. Wade Cothran

Empowering Healthcare Workers through Transformational Leadership , Angela Nicole Craig

Big Bath Earnings Management in Accounting , Shannon Danysh-Hashemi

Distribution Center ERP Utilization , Andrew B. Davidson

Exploring Succession Planning for Executive Leadership Positions within Ohio's Faith-based Organizations: A Multiple-Case Study , Gilda Drammeh

Exploring Financial Literacy and Overconfident Investor Behavior , Ryan J. Drews

Communicating the Value Contributions of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM) to Healthcare Administrators, Evidence of Value from a Multiple Cases Study , Susan K. Edralin

The EMS Deficit: A Study on the Excessive Staffing Shortages of Paramedics and its Impact on EMS Performance in the States of South Carolina and North Carolina and Interventions for Organizational Improvements. , James Boyd Eubanks

Mental Health Experiences in the Workplace , Laura L. Goff

Certified Nursing Assistant Turnover in the Long-Term Care Facility Industry , Michael Leroy Gregory

Employment Branding for University Graduates in Jamaica , Caroline Harvey

The Lack of Communication in Leadership , Wendy Webb Hicks

Project Management Skills for Highly Successful Virtual Project Teams , Andrea Hogge

Substance Abuse's Impact on Public Accounting , William Dennis Holmes

The Impact of Strategic Planning in Small Business: Empirical Evidence From East Tennessee , Sara Howe

Corporate Social Responsibility Engagement Levels and Employee Performance , Omotola Idowu

Enhancing Success Through Leadership , Wendy T. Jewell

Going Virtual: Addressing the Challenges Faced by Organizational Leaders When Employees Transition to Virtual Environments in Times of Crisis , Mary Susan Johnson

Telework in Times of Crisis , Samantha Jones

Distributed Leadership in West Virginia Higher Education , Jennie Lee Khun

Mitigating Supply Chain Disruptions, Risks, and Vulnerabilities , John Jeong Kim

Human Resource Strategy in Times of Disruption , April R. Kinchen

Decision Usefulness of Goodwill in Financial Statement Reporting , B. Mechelle Lafon

Overcoming Barriers to Social Enterprise Expansion, Growth, and Financial Sustainability: The Leadership Challenges , Elizabeth A. Lee

Evaluating the Impact of Diversity Training in the Workplace. , Vilmarie Lopez

Stronger: Can Financial Adversity Faced by Small Business Enterprises Lead to Small Business Success & Resilience , Jeffery R. McDurmont

Adapting North American Selling Methods to Cross-Cultural Technology Sales Engagements in the Borderless Global Economy , Zachary Paul McKinley

Organizational Change in the Workplace during the COVID-19 Pandemic , Takeisha Shante Miles

Strategies and Internal Control Procedures for Decreasing Fraud in Faith-Based Nonprofit Organizations , Shawn Thomas Miller

Local Food in Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Destination Marketing – The Case of Trinidad & Tobago , Winston Mohammed

Leadership Adaptability Within the Higher Education Industry , Rebecca Niemeyer Rens

The Impact of Network Engineer Configuration on Campus Network Performance , Ralph Chimaren Odima

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Leadership Development Programs in the Public Sector and Its Impact on Organizational Performance , Chijioke Henry Osuagwu

The Effects of Big Data and Blockchain on the Audit Profession , Tereesha Marquette Patterson

Ergonomic Safety in Supply Chains , Andrew Thompson Prior

Operational Structures Forming Complex Feedback Loops in Health System / Accountable Care Partnerships – A Multiple-Case Study Investigation to Enable System Dynamics Simulation , Richard J. Pro

Diversity as an Influence on Talent Management and Competitive Advantage: The Absence of Female African American Executive Leadership in the Insurance Industry , Lateisha Tamarra Rainey

Family Business Leadership Succession , Elissa A. Rogers

Strategic Planning and Business Model Innovation in Higher Education for Historically Black Colleges and Universities , Shatila D. Sago-Hart

Leadership Strategies and Behaviors that Support Career Advancement for Teleworkers , Glory Ann Sanders

LMX, Leadership Style, and Retention in Southeastern Pennsylvania Social Services Organizations , David William Schlosser

Auditor Inability to use Professional Skepticism , Tiffany D. Schuster

The Impact of Agile Project Management on Productivity in IT Projects , Kristin A. Seeton

Financial Indicators of Bankruptcy Risk in Local Government Entities , Beth Parker Seymore

Leadership Failures that Lead to Poor Organizational Performance , Brahaspattie Annie Singh

The Organizational Leadership Framework , John Robert Sparks

Sole Sourcing Reliance , John Sidney Stammreich

Implementation Critical Success Factors and Accounting Standard Codification Topic 606 Implementation Dynamics: A Correlational Study , Charles Tafon

African Political Leaders' Uneven Policies, Anemic Economic Growth, and Absorptive Market Demand for Foreign Direct Investment , Sylvester Uadiale

Implementing and Sustaining a Lean Management System , Derek Albert Vandersteur

Servant Leadership Impact on Organizational Performance , John W. Wesevich

Effective Leadership in the US Fire Service Requires Training Programs Geared Toward Ongoing Leader Development for All Personnel , Shelley Marie Wheeler

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How to Write a Dissertation or Thesis Proposal

Published on September 21, 2022 by Tegan George . Revised on July 18, 2023.

When starting your thesis or dissertation process, one of the first requirements is a research proposal or a prospectus. It describes what or who you want to examine, delving into why, when, where, and how you will do so, stemming from your research question and a relevant topic .

The proposal or prospectus stage is crucial for the development of your research. It helps you choose a type of research to pursue, as well as whether to pursue qualitative or quantitative methods and what your research design will look like.

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Table of contents

What should your proposal contain, dissertation question examples, what should your proposal look like, dissertation prospectus examples, other interesting articles, frequently asked questions about proposals.

Prior to jumping into the research for your thesis or dissertation, you first need to develop your research proposal and have it approved by your supervisor. It should outline all of the decisions you have taken about your project, from your dissertation topic to your hypotheses and research objectives .

Depending on your department’s requirements, there may be a defense component involved, where you present your research plan in prospectus format to your committee for their approval.

Your proposal should answer the following questions:

  • Why is your research necessary?
  • What is already known about your topic?
  • Where and when will your research be conducted?
  • Who should be studied?
  • How can the research best be done?

Ultimately, your proposal should persuade your supervisor or committee that your proposed project is worth pursuing.

Receive feedback on language, structure, and formatting

Professional editors proofread and edit your paper by focusing on:

  • Academic style
  • Vague sentences
  • Style consistency

See an example

business dissertation examples pdf

Strong research kicks off with a solid research question , and dissertations are no exception to this.

Dissertation research questions should be:

  • Focused on a single problem or issue
  • Researchable using primary and/or secondary sources
  • Feasible to answer within the timeframe and practical constraints
  • Specific enough to answer thoroughly
  • Complex enough to develop the answer over the space of a paper or thesis
  • Relevant to your field of study and/or society more broadly
  • What are the main factors enticing people under 30 in suburban areas to engage in the gig economy?
  • Which techniques prove most effective for 1st-grade teachers at local elementary schools in engaging students with special needs?
  • Which communication streams are the most effective for getting those aged 18-30 to the polls on Election Day?

An easy rule of thumb is that your proposal will usually resemble a (much) shorter version of your thesis or dissertation. While of course it won’t include the results section , discussion section , or conclusion , it serves as a “mini” version or roadmap for what you eventually seek to write.

Be sure to include:

  • A succinct introduction to your topic and problem statement
  • A brief literature review situating your topic within existing research
  • A basic outline of the research methods you think will best answer your research question
  • The perceived implications for future research
  • A reference list in the citation style of your choice

The length of your proposal varies quite a bit depending on your discipline and type of work you’re conducting. While a thesis proposal is often only 3-7 pages long, a prospectus for your dissertation is usually much longer, with more detailed analysis. Dissertation proposals can be up to 25-30 pages in length.

Writing a proposal or prospectus can be a challenge, but we’ve compiled some examples for you to get your started.

  • Example #1: “Geographic Representations of the Planet Mars, 1867-1907” by Maria Lane
  • Example #2: “Individuals and the State in Late Bronze Age Greece: Messenian Perspectives on Mycenaean Society” by Dimitri Nakassis
  • Example #3: “Manhood Up in the Air: A Study of Male Flight Attendants, Queerness, and Corporate Capitalism during the Cold War Era” by Phil Tiemeyer

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If you want to know more about AI for academic writing, AI tools, or research bias, make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations and examples or go directly to our tools!

Research bias

  • Survivorship bias
  • Self-serving bias
  • Availability heuristic
  • Halo effect
  • Hindsight bias
  • Deep learning
  • Generative AI
  • Machine learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Supervised vs. unsupervised learning

 (AI) Tools

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  • Text Summarizer
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The research methods you use depend on the type of data you need to answer your research question .

  • If you want to measure something or test a hypothesis , use quantitative methods . If you want to explore ideas, thoughts and meanings, use qualitative methods .
  • If you want to analyze a large amount of readily-available data, use secondary data. If you want data specific to your purposes with control over how it is generated, collect primary data.
  • If you want to establish cause-and-effect relationships between variables , use experimental methods. If you want to understand the characteristics of a research subject, use descriptive methods.

A thesis or dissertation outline is one of the most critical first steps in your writing process. It helps you to lay out and organize your ideas and can provide you with a roadmap for deciding what kind of research you’d like to undertake.

Generally, an outline contains information on the different sections included in your thesis or dissertation , such as:

  • Your anticipated title
  • Your abstract
  • Your chapters (sometimes subdivided into further topics like literature review , research methods , avenues for future research, etc.)

A well-planned research design helps ensure that your methods match your research aims, that you collect high-quality data, and that you use the right kind of analysis to answer your questions, utilizing credible sources . This allows you to draw valid , trustworthy conclusions.

The priorities of a research design can vary depending on the field, but you usually have to specify:

  • Your research questions and/or hypotheses
  • Your overall approach (e.g., qualitative or quantitative )
  • The type of design you’re using (e.g., a survey , experiment , or case study )
  • Your sampling methods or criteria for selecting subjects
  • Your data collection methods (e.g., questionnaires , observations)
  • Your data collection procedures (e.g., operationalization , timing and data management)
  • Your data analysis methods (e.g., statistical tests  or thematic analysis )

A dissertation prospectus or proposal describes what or who you plan to research for your dissertation. It delves into why, when, where, and how you will do your research, as well as helps you choose a type of research to pursue. You should also determine whether you plan to pursue qualitative or quantitative methods and what your research design will look like.

It should outline all of the decisions you have taken about your project, from your dissertation topic to your hypotheses and research objectives , ready to be approved by your supervisor or committee.

Note that some departments require a defense component, where you present your prospectus to your committee orally.

Formulating a main research question can be a difficult task. Overall, your question should contribute to solving the problem that you have defined in your problem statement .

However, it should also fulfill criteria in three main areas:

  • Researchability
  • Feasibility and specificity
  • Relevance and originality

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George, T. (2023, July 18). How to Write a Dissertation or Thesis Proposal. Scribbr. Retrieved February 19, 2024, from https://www.scribbr.com/dissertation/thesis-dissertation-proposal/

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Tegan George

Tegan George

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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Analyzing the Effect of Sponsorship Disclosure on Social Media Influencer Contribution to Engagement in the Test and Measurement Industry , Todd B. Baker

Moral Virtues: A Quantitative Study on the Impact of National Culture on Integrity , Andrew I. Ellestad

The Barriers to Active and Experiential Learning in Accounting Education , Elizabeth Holbrook

Phenomenological Study of African American Female Partners in Top U.S. Corporate Law Firms , Tony Kelly

Career Shock and Voluntary Turnover Intention among Current Employees in the Public Sector , Charlena Miller

Emotional Intelligence, Self-Efficacy, and the Perceived Employability of Traditional Undergraduate Business Students in a Private Midwest Educational Institution , Michele Ryan

Effect of Black- or White-Sounding Name and Impact of Intergroup Contact with Black Individuals on Auditor Judgments , Vanessa J. Tijerina

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Young Adults Who Save for Retirement: A Grounded Theory Study of the Decision-Making Process , Chad Greenwood

How do People Justify not Paying their Taxes? A Study on Moral Disengagement and Tax Evasion , Grace M. Hufff

Identity Work in Aspiring Big 4 Accounting Practice Leaders: Narratives of Personal Reinvention , Michael H. Kinnen

The Impact of Workplace Mentoring on Meaningful Work for People With Workplace Anxiety in the Insurance Industry , Susan L. Nelson

The Impact of Digital Marketing Tactics on the Recruitment of Domestic First-Generation College Students in the Southwest United States , Noelle Seybert

Exploring the Relationship Between Domestic Violence and Workplace Violence , Jared W. Snow

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Onboarding Autism Employees in Technology Industry , Heung-For Cheng

Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Practices on Brand Trust and Purchase Intention in the Wine Industry , Sarah L. Cooley

A New Model of Opportunity Recognition: Linking Individual Agency, Entrepreneurial Action, and the Innovation Process , Eva M. Fast

Financial Literacy and Behavior in Credit Unions: An Exploration of Member Financial Literacy and Financial Behavior in the Credit Union Model , Peter R. Fisher

Predicting the Financial Vulnerability of U.S. Public Charities: A Test of the Tuckman-Chang Model , Alesha L. Graves

The Strategic Response of Nonprofits to Institutional Pressures: An Intellectual Capital , Mario L. Hicks

Ethical Attitudes of Accounting Faculty and Public Accountants , James Karan

An Analysis of the Impact of an Influencer's Perceived Trustworthiness and Content Quality on Their Follower's Travel Intent , Josh C. McNair

Remote Working and Open Offices: A Phenomenological Study of the Factors Impacting Employee Productivity , Frank Murphy

Rural Coopetition: A Consumer Perspective of Marketing Activities Involving SMEs , Cassandra A. Ritzen

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The Influence of Type of Implicit EWOM on Purchase Intention , Michael H. Starr

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Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

The Relationship Among Generational Cohorts, Tenure, Job Categories, and Employee Readiness for Organizational Change in a Healthcare Environment: A Quantitative Study , Jerry S. K. Adatsi

Electronic Health Records: Influencing Performance at Critical Access Hospitals , John Bennett

Millennial Students’ Awareness of Retirement Issues, Their Retirement Preparedness and Future Expectations , Krzysztof P. Bryniuk

Assessing the Impact of Transition from Rules-based to Principles-based Accounting in the Recognition of Revenue: A Study of Public Companies listed in the Russell 3000 Index that Elected the Full Retrospective Method of Accounting , Foday Y. Deen-Conteh

The Impact of Buyer Needs on Perceived Trade Show Effectiveness , RJ Fryan

Self-Determination Theory and Pharmaceutical Salespeople: Does Motivational Orientation of U.S.-Based Pharmaceutical Salespeople Influence Sales Performance? , Brandon Gilbert

A Cord of Three: A Phenomenological Study of Linkages in Interdenominational Interactions in Northwest Wyoming as Informed Through Network and Social Exchange Theories , Timothy N. Gray

Management Succession in a Two-Family-Owned Business: A Case Study , Dwight D. Ham

Factors Motivating Leaders to Volunteer: An Examination of Volunteer Leadership in Long-term Post-Acute Care , Christian Allen Mason

Happiness at Work: A Phenomenological Investigation of Clinic Managers , Jorge Melendez

Can Trait Emotional Intelligence Variables of Well-Being, Self-Control, Emotionality, and Sociability Individually or Collectively Predict a Software Development Engineer's Creativity? , Mwoyondishe Jonathan Mvududu

Job Satisfaction Among Faculty Members at CCCU Institutions , Heather C. Vaccaro

Sticker Price Elasticity as Predictor of Tuition Reset Success: A Quantitative Approach , Robert F. Van Cleef

A Narrative Analysis of Virtue Ethics Among Accounting Professors , Gibran N. Zogbi

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Leading Change: Examining the Relationships between Leadership Style, Organizational Culture and Change Readiness in Christian Universities of the State of Oregon , Dale Seipp Jr.

Doctorum Reciproco: Multi-Generational Professionals and Their Sentimentality Towards Reciprocity , Sal Villegas

Identifying City Attributes for Place Branding that Create Strong Self-Brand Connections , Matthew Vollrath

An Empirical Examination of Formal and Informal Institutional Factors’ Influence on Global Food Industry Sustainability Engagement , Kat Yamamoto

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Entrepreneurship Education’s Impact on Entrepreneurial Intention: A Predictive Regression Model of Chinese University Students , Brian A. Lavelle

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

The Link Between Job Satisfaction and the Intention to Leave Among Casino Employees , Oliver Wayne Aho

Exploring Factors that Help Students Feel More Connected to Their Online Instructors , Debra Austin

Scoping Job Enlargement with the Cultural Dimension of Individualism: An Industrial , Mark Wm. Cawman

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The Impact of CSR Efforts on Firm Performance in the Energy Sector , Robert Lloyd

Public Company Health Insurers and Medical Loss Ratios: An Event Study of Dates Associated with the Affordable Care Act , Rachelle Quinn

Self-Determination and Human Resource Retention: Employee and Volunteer Motivation to Stay in Rural Oregon Nonprofit Organizations , Nicole Richman

Understanding Business Education: Examining the Effect of the Application of Strategic Learning Among Diverse Business Disciplines , Dan Thoman

Pre-Certification Interprofessional Education: Ideal vs. Reality Patient Safety Curriculum , Edward E. Ward

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Marketing Channel Attitudes of Chinese Business-to-Business Companies: An Empirical Buyer Behavior Study for U.S. Companies Marketing to Chinese B2B Customers , Jonathan Cooley

Corporate Social Responsibility: Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Costa Rican Hotel Tourist Industry , Michelle Flynn Osborne

A Phenomenological Investigation of Factors Leading to Success in Diverting Non-Urgent Emergency Department Use at a Rural Critical Access Hospital Using the Patient Centered Medical Home Model , Paul Gratton

An Investigation of the Trends in Pricing for Christian Higher Education and Its Relationship to Perceived Quality , Richard Holaway

Understanding the Process Small Businesses Use to Capture, Convert, and Integrate Survival Knowledge , Frank Marshall

Encouraging Ethical Behavior in the Workplace by Way of the Classroom: Examining the Use of Social Media in Marketing Ethics Instruction to Influence Millennials‘ Perception of Workplace Ethics , Traci Thomas Pierce

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

The Lived Experience of College Choice , Ryan Ladner

The Management of a Turnaround after an Ethical Breach in a Public Institution of Higher Education , Ashley Stark

Nontraditional Students in Management and Accounting Programs: Investigating the Relationship between Personality and Major Satisfaction in the Community College Setting , Brad Ward

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Empirical Study on the Relationship between Ethical Leadership and Organizational Climate of Innovation , Virlena Crosley

Undergraduate Education Background and Ethical Decision Making , Ian H. King

Understanding Consumers' Thoughts and Feelings about Financial Literacy and How Financial Literacy Affects Their Lives Using the Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET) , Belle Marie

Dissertations from 2013 2013

An Exploratory Study of the Role of Values in Microeconomic Decision-Making and the Implications for Organizations and Leaders , Holly A. Bell

Later Life Career Transitions: Exploration of Factors and Turning Points that Influence Career Transitions in Later Life , Estle Harlan

The Role of Creativity in the Ethical Orientation of Oregon CPAs , John D. Porter

Dissertations from 2012 2012

Exploring the background and motivations of social entrepreneurs , Timothy A. Lucas

Dissertations from 2011 2011

Organizational culture and brand : A grounded theory assessment of employees' enablement to live the brand at a best place to work , Tyler Laird Magee

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Dissertations from the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration Program

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Cyber Risk Management from a Resource Advantage Perspective , Komlan Seyram Ahavi

Identification of Predominant Construction Project Governance Structure Used by Large Hub Airports in the United States to Deliver Capital Projects , Roy Block

Improving U.S. Expatriate Success in Mexico: A Case Study Incorporating The Host Country Manager Perspective , Iván C. López Morales

Blockchain Adoption and the Volatility of Bitcoin and Ethereum , Carlos Humberto Muñoz Valdez

Leadership Self-Awareness: Important For You and Your Team , Jacob B. Werksman

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

The Impact of Degree of Virtualness on Performance Appraisal Scores and Organizational Justice in the U.S. Navy Reserves , Saravoot Pele Bagwell

What's In a Story? The Impact of Data Storytelling On Persuasion , Chad Cooper

The Effects of Ebullient Supervision and Leader-Member Exchange on Job Crafting in the United States Aerospace Technical Industry Base , Rouven Forbes

The Influence of Exchange-Traded Funds in the Index Inclusion Effect , Gregory J. Mecca

Saddling Up for Success: Rope or Wrangle? Comparing Experiential Learning Programs for Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace , Thomasa Sanchez

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

An Examination of Not-for-Profit CEO Transformational Leadership Style and its Influence on Entrepreneurial Behavior and Social Enterprise Initiation , Susan Marie Buchholtz

Effects of Candidate Gender and Assertiveness on Likability and Promotability to A Leadership Position: Comparing Perceptions of U.S. Millennials with Those of Older U.S. Workers , Vera Lucia Costinhas da Silva Alves

3D Printing in the Era of the Prosumer: The Role of Technology Readiness, Gender, and Age in User Acceptance of Desktop 3D Printing in American Households , Ahmed Kamel

The Role of Individual Board Member Resilience, Professionalization, and Commitment in Predicting Volunteer Intentions Among A Not-For-Profit Board of Directors , Marcelo L. Martinez

Synthetic Video Disclosure in International Marketing: The Roles of Source Credibility And Social Cynicism , Greig Powers

Data Breach Announcements: Evaluating the Content and Timing Of Breach Announcements and Their Effect On Firm Value , Paul E. Viancourt

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

The Influence of Prior Military Service in Biasing Employee Selection , Cristina Rosario DiPietropolo

The Influence of Baby Boomers’ Perceptions of Well-Being on Their Preference in Post-retirement Residential Alternatives as Moderated by Their Affinity for Technology , Eric J. Emerson

Values Congruence and Organizational Commitment Among The Multiple Generations In The Workforce: Toward A Better Understanding Of Generational Differences , Charles Ennis Jr.

Susceptibility to Interpersonal Military Influence And Its Relationship With Heavyweight Motorcycles In The U.S.: A Generational Study , Robert J. Kelly

Do Solo Travelers Perceive Discrimination From Hotel and Cruise Service Providers, and Can Providers Overcome Perceptions to Achieve Customer Loyalty? An Examination of the Impact of Singlism on the Travel Industry , Reinaldo Llano

A Study of the Relationship Between Menu Terminology and Political Identity , Darryl Mickler

Random Sequence Perception Amongst Finance and Accounting Personnel: Can We Measure Illusion Of Control, A Type I Error, or Illusion Of Chaos, A Type II Error? , Keith I. Taylor

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Hospital Performance and Its Correlates During Industry Transition , Rhonda L. Bartlett

Facebook Reactions: An Investigation of E-Word of Mouth Indicators and Their Predictability of Consumer Engagement , Monica V. Clayton

Physicians Must Lead! A Comparative Study of Two Approaches to Physician Leadership Development , Mark P. Hertling

Retaining Contingent Professionals: Identifying the Inducements That Fulfill Psychological Contract Expectations , Adeola O. Shabiyi

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Interactions Between College GPA and Students' Goal Orientations in Predicting Second Year Retention , Stacie A. Bowie

Brain Drain, Brain Gain, and Brain Circulation: Factors That Lead International Graduate STEM Students to Remain in the United States , Nanette G. Guzman

The Service Recovery Paradox: Can Bad Be Good? An Empirical Investigation of the Transformation of Consumer Perceptions of Vacation Home Rental Products and Services Into the Overall Vacation Experience and What It Means for Future Business , Robert M. Hebeler

Impact and Influence: The Effect of Mentorship on Job Advancement Among Executive Women , Paula Hopkins

Professional Service Certification: Does It Matter to Consumers? , Kelly A. Irvin

Customers Buy More When Salespeople Listen: A Study in Listening and Performance , Mitchell T. Isert

Job Satisfaction of Professional Women in Public Accounting: The Impact of Family-Friendly Programs and Work-Family Culture , Susan Jackson

M&A Capability and Long-Term Firm Performance: A Strategic Management Perspective, A Dissertation , Eduardo Vinocur

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Analyzing Social Media Activities: The Impact of Social Media on the Sales Process , Robert Akin Jr.

Player and Organization Performance: A Study of First-Time Major League Baseball Free Agents , Jeffrey Jay Barrows

Corporate Asset Deployment Strategies During Market Contractions: A Defense Sector Analysis , Garrett Lane Cohee

Organizational Learning Processes in Services and Manufacturing: A Quantitative Analysis of Mexican Firms , Rodrigo Garza Burgos

The Use of Game-Based Virtual Environment Learning Technologies by the United States Navy: A Case Study , Frank W. Naylor

Virtual Teams and Leader Communication: How Communication Tools, Techniques and Trust Impact Team Performance , Sean Newman

Adoption of Social Media by Nonprofits and Their Use of Social Influence Principles in Fundraising , Timothy O'Brien

Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory and Sales Job Offers: A Study of Undergraduate Business Students , William E. Steiger

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Do a Subset of Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds Form a New Class of Fund? , Kathryn L.W. Joseph

An Analysis of Executive Perceptions Regarding Competencies Required of Property Managers in High Performing Work Settings Within the Residential Multifamily Real Estate Industry , Christine A. Jubelt

People in Spaces: How Perception of the Physical Work Environment Impact Employee Engagement and Employee Outcomes , Paul R. Kegel

Ancillary Fees’ Impact on E-Commerce Order, Frequency, and Abandoned Cart , Ash Shoeibi

Social Media Engagement and Millennials: How Social Media Marketing Influences Millennial Consumer Behavior , Daniel S. Spellman Jr.

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For Love or Money: Investor Motivations in Equity-Based Crowdfunding , Jason C. Cherubini

The Great Resignation: An Exploration of Strategies to Combat School Bus Driver Shortages in the Post-COVID-19 Era , James E. Cole Jr.

An Empirical Analysis of Sentiment and Confidence Regarding Interest Rates in Disclosures of Public Firms in the U.S. Fintech Sector , James J. Farley

Motivations for Planning: Uncovering the Inhibitors to the Adoption of Comprehensive Financial Planning for Business Owners , Daniel R. Gilham

An Examination of Reward-Based Crowdfunding Performance and Success , Matthew Alan Grace

All Quiet on The Digital Front: The Unseen Psychological Impacts on Cybersecurity First Responders , Tammie R. Hollis

Commitment to Change Dimensions: The Influence of Innovative Work Behavior and Organizational Environments , Michael Holmes

Turmoil in the Workforce: Introduction of the Nomadic Employee , Catrina Hopkins

Attention-Grabbing Tactics on Social Media , Arjun Kadian

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Building a Mentor-Mentee Maturity Model , Leroy A. Alexander

Do Auditors Respond to Changes in Clients’ Analyst Coverage? Evidence from a Natural Experiment , Mohammad Alkhamees

Designing a Messaging Strategy to Improve Information Security Policy Compliance , Federico Giovannetti

Are all pictures worth 1,000 words? An Investigation of Fit Between Graph Type and Performance on Accounting Data Analytics Tasks , Shawn Paul Granitto

An Enterprise Risk Management Framework to Design Pro-Ethical AI Solutions , Quintin P. McGrath

Deceptive Appeals and Cognitive Influences Used in Fraudulent Scheme Sales Pitches , Rafael J. Toledo

Using Online Reviews to Identify How Hotels Can Satisfy Travelers With Pets While Making Money , Sonia Weinhaus

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

The IS Social Continuance Model: Using Conversational Agents to Support Co-creation , Naif Alawi

The Use of Data Analytic Visualizations to Inform the Audit Risk Assessment: The Impact of Initial Visualization Form and Documentation Focus , Rebecca N. Baaske (Becca)

Identification of Entrepreneurial Competencies in I-Corps Site Teams at the University of South Florida , Mark A. Giddarie

Understanding Nonprofit Boards: An Exploratory Study of the Governance Practices of Regional Nonprofits , Susan Ryan Goodman

Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Support Community , Andrew J. Hafer

Who to Choose? Rating Broker Best Practices in the Medicare Advantage Industry , Darwin R. Hale

Bridging the Innovatino Gap at SOCOM , Gregory J. Ingram

Improving Environmental Protection: One Imagined Touch at a Time , Luke Ingalls Liska

Residential Curbside Recycle Context Analysis , Ntchanang Mpafe

Fighting Mass Diffusion of Fake News on Social Media , Abdallah Musmar

Managing Incomplete Data in the Patient Discharge Summary to Support Correct Hospital Reimbursements , Fadi Naser Eddin

GAO Bid Protests by Small Business: Analysis of Perceived and Reported Outcomes in Federal Contracting , David M. Snyder

Engagement and Meaningfulness as Determinants of Employee Retention: A Longitudinal Case Study , Calvin Williams

Public Budgeting as Moral Dilemma , Ben Wroblewski

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Improving Engagement: The Moderating Effect of Leadership Style on the Relationship Between Psychological Capital and Employee Engagement , Scott Beatrice

Physician Self-Efficacy and Risk-Taking Attitudes as Determinants of Upcoding and Downcoding Errors: An Empirical Investigation , Samantha J. Champagnie

Digital Identity: A Human-Centered Risk Awareness Study , Toufic N. Chebib

Clarifying the Relationship of Design Thinking to the Military Decision-Making Process , Thomas S. Fisher

Essays on the Disposition Effect , Matthew Henriksson

Analysis of Malicious Behavior on Social Media Platforms Using Agent-Based Modeling , Agnieszka Anna Onuchowska

Who Rises to the Top: An Investigation of the Essential Skills Necessary for Partners of Non-Big 4 Public Accounting Firms , Amanda K. Thompson-Abbott

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

The Financial and Nonfinancial Performance Measures That Drive Utility Abandonments and Transfers in the State of Florida , Daniel Acheampong

Locating a New Collegiate Entrepreneurship Program, a Framework for a University Campus , Douglas H. Carter

Understanding Employee Engagement: An Examination of Millennial Employees and Perceived Human Resource Management Practices , Danielle J. Clark

The Potential Impact Radius of a Natural Gas Transmission Line and Real Estate Valuations: A Behavioral Analysis , Charles M. Hilterbrand Jr.

Introducing a Mobile Health Care Platform in an Underserved Rural Population: Reducing Assimilations Gaps on Adoption and Use via Nudges , Joseph Hodges

Controlling Turnover in an Inside Sales Organization: What are the Contributing Factors , Dennis H. Kimerer

An Emergent Theory of Executive Leadership Selection: Leveraging Grounded Theory to Study the U.S. Military's Special Forces Assessment and Selection Process , Darryl J. Lavender

Essays on Migration Flows and Finance , Suin Lee

The Underutilized Tool of Project Management - Emotional Intelligence , Gerald C. Lowe

Increasing the Supply of the Missing Middle Housing Types in Walkable Urban Core Neighborhoods: Risk, Risk Reduction and Capital , Shrimatee Ojah Maharaj

Playing Darts in the Dark: How are Chamber of Commerce Leaders Aligned for Greater Effectiveness? , Robert J. Rohrlack Jr.

Are Transfer Pricing Disclosures Related to Tax Reporting Transparency? The Impact of Auditor-Provided Transfer Pricing Services , Stephanie Y. Walton

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Price Transparency in the United States Healthcare System , Gurlivleen (Minnie) Ahuja

How to Build a Climate of Quality in a Small to Medium Enterprise: An Action Research Project , Desmond M. Bishop III

Banking on Blockchain: A Grounded Theory Study of the Innovation Evaluation Process , Priya D. Dozier

Enhancing the Design of a Cybersecurity Risk Management Solution for Communities of Trust , James E. Fulford Jr.

An Examination of the Progressive and Regressive Factors that Business Owners Consider When Choosing Whether or Not to Implement an Exit Strategy , David C. Pickard

The Relationship between Ambient Lighting Color and Hotel Bar Customer Purchase Behavior and Satisfaction , Kunal Shah

The Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) Industry and the Business Impacts of the Evolution of the Federal Regulatory Environment , Darren W. Spencer

Intercultural Communication Between International Military Organizations; How Do You Turn a ‘No’ Into a ‘Yes’? , Douglas A. Straka

Essential Leadership Skills for Frontline Managers in a Multicultural Organization , Janelle Ward

Moffitt Cancer Center: Leadership, Culture and Transformation , W. James Wilson

Two Essays on String of Earnings Benchmarks , Yiyang Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Multi-Step Tokenization of Automated Clearing House Payment Transactions , Privin Alexander

The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Investment and Disclosure on Cooperation in Business Collaborations , Sukari Farrington

What Factors during the Genesis of a Startup are Causal to Survival? , Gilbert T. Gonzalez

The Great Recession of 2007 and the Housing Market Crash: Why Did So Many Builders Fail? , Mohamad Ali Hasbini

The Effect of Expanded Audit Report Disclosures on Users’ Confidence in the Audit and the Financial Statements , Peter Kipp

An Examination of Innovation Idea Selection Factors in Large Organizations , Troy A. Montgomery

Essays on Sales Coaching , Carlin A. Nguyen

Vital Signs of U.S. Osteopathic Medical Residency Programs Pivoting to Single Accreditation Standards , Timothy S. Novak

Leaders Who Learn: The Intersection of Behavioral Science, Adult Learning and Leadership , Natalya I. Sabga

Toward a Systemic Model for Governance and Strategic Management: Evaluating Stakeholder Theory Versus Shareholder Theory Approaches , James A. Stikeleather

A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Cognitive Awareness Training on Transaction Processing Accuracy: An Introduction to the ACE Theoretical Construct , John Townsend

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

The Effect of Presentation Format on Investor Judgments and Decisions: Does the Effect Differ for Varying Task Demands? , Kevin Agnew

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Multi-Task Setting Involving Simple and Complex Tasks: An Exploratory Study of Employee Motivation , Maia Jivkova Farkas

Essays on Mergers and Acquisitions , Marcin Krolikowski

Do Social Biases Impede Auditor Reliance on Specialists? Toward a Theory of Social Similarity , Rina Maxine Limor

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

Psychological Distance: The Relation Between Construals, Mindsets, and Professional Skepticism , Jason Rasso

Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011

Combining Natural Language Processing and Statistical Text Mining: A Study of Specialized Versus Common Languages , Jay Jarman

An Empirical Investigation of Decision Aids to Improve Auditor Effectiveness in Analytical Review , Robert N. Marley

The Effects of Item Complexity and the Method Used to Present a Complex Item on the Face of a Financial Statement on Nonprofessional Investors` Judgments , Linda Gale Ragland

Theses/Dissertations from 2010 2010

Two Essays on Information Ambiguity and Informed Traders’ Trade-Size Choice , Ziwei Xu

Theses/Dissertations from 2008 2008

Two Essays on the Conflict of Interests within the Financial Services Industry-- Financial Industry Consolidation: The Motivations and Consequences of the Financial Services Modernization Act (FSMA) and “Down but Not Out” Mutual Fund Manager Turnover within Fund Families , Lonnie Lashawn Bryant

Two Essays on Multiple Directorships , Chia-wei Chen

Two Essays on Financial Condition of Firms , Sanjay Kudrimoti

A Study of Cross-Border Takeovers: Examining the Impact of National Culture on Internalization Benefits, and the Implications of Early Versus Late-Mover Status for Bidders and Their Rivals , Tanja Steigner

Two Essays on Corporate Governance⎯Are Local Directors Better Monitors, and Directors Incentives and Earnings Management , Hong Wan

Theses/Dissertations from 2007 2007

The Role of Ethnic Compatibility in Attitude Formation: Marketing to America’s Diverse Consumers , Cynthia Rodriguez Cano

Two Essays on Venture Capital: What Drives the Underpricing of Venture CapitalBacked IPOs and Do Venture Capitalists Provide Anything More than Money? , Donald Flagg

Two essays on market efficiency: Tests of idiosyncratic risk: informed trading versus noise and arbitrage risk, and agency costs and the underlying causes of mispricing: information asymmetry versus conflict of interests , Jung Chul Park

The impact of management's tone on the perception of management's credibility in forecasting , Robert D. Slater

Uncertainty in the information supply chain: Integrating multiple health care data sources , Monica Chiarini Tremblay

Theses/Dissertations from 2006 2006

Adolescent alcohol use and educational outcomes , Wesley A. Austin

Certificate of need regulation in the nursing home industry: Has it outlived its usefulness? , Barbara J. Caldwell

The impacts of the handoffs on software development: A cost estimation model , Michael Jay Douglas

Using emergent outcome controls to manage dynamic software development , Michael Loyd Harris

The information technology professional's psychological contract viewed through their employment arrangement and the relationship to organizational behaviors , Sandra Kay Newton

The causal effect of alcohol consumption on employment status , Chanvuth Sangchai

The effect of transportation subsidies on urban sprawl , Qing Su

The effects of in-group bias and decision aids on auditors' evidence evaluation , Eileen Zalkin Taylor

The single market and pharmaceutical industry in the European Union: Is there any evidence of price convergence? , Aysegul Timur

A structural approach to the study of intra-organizational coalitions , Dean T. Walsh

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Case Western Reserve University

  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Dissertations

Doctor of Business Administration Dissertations

Close-up a hand writing in a notebook beside a keyboard

Explore past dissertations from members of the Doctor of Business Administration program at Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

2023 Dissertations

  • Dissertation:  Do Emergency Physicians Treat Patients with Opioid Use Disorder Differently? A Mixed-Methods Integrative Paper
  • Dissertation: Reliability and Resilience at U.S. Hospitals During the Global COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed Methods Study on the Effect of Leader and Team Behavior on Crisis Response 
  • Dissertation: The Experience of American Frontline Health Care Workers with Electronic Medical Records Technology During the Time of COVID-19: A Phenomenological Inquiry Following the Systems Approach
  • Dissertation: The Impact of Business Unit (BU)-Information Technology (IT)-Relationships on Business Transformations: A Mixed Methods Study
  • Dissertation: Cognitive Load, EHR Use, and Psychological Stressors Influence on Decision-Making Performance Within Healthcare
  • Dissertation: Are Food Banks Impacting Food Retail? Examining the Relationship Between Hunger Relief Distributions and Retail Transactions in a Local Food Environment 

2022 Dissertations

  • Dissertation:  Factors Influencing the Advancement Of African American Women In Banking: “Yet None Have Advanced Into The C-Suite Of The Top Four U.S. Banks”
  • Dissertation:  Embodied Awareness, Embodied Practice: A Powerful Path to Practical Wisdom
  • Dissertation:  The Dynamics and Impacts of Conference Change in Intercollegiate Athletics: A Strategy Group and Institutional Analysis  
  • Dissertation:  Heuristics and Bias in New Venture Valuations
  • Dissertation:  Mixed Methods Study Examining Organizational and Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Management of Pet Populations in Shelters
  • Dissertation:  Factors Influencing Academic Engagement: A Social Support Perspective
  • Dissertation:  Latino Entrepreneurship in the United States: A Fresh Perspective
  • Dissertation:  The Effect of Supply Chain Strategies on Direct-to-Consumer Industry Evolution: A Mixed-Methods Study
  • Dissertation:  Building Character and Leading Through The "Eyes of Others:" A Qualitative and Quantitative Study of Ethical Decision-Making  
  • Dissertation:  Unveiling the Arab Mind: What are the Characteristics of Leaders Who Need to Capture Followers' Hearts and Minds?

2021 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: System Influence Framework: IT Project Managers’ Influence to Form Critical Stakeholder Alignments and Promote Value Realization
  • Dissertation: A Mixed-Method Study of Investigating the Effects of Organizational Preparedness of Supply Chain Management Performance in the Food and Manufacturing Industry
  • Dissertation: Managing Successful Strategic Turnarounds: A Mixed Methods Study of Knowledge-Based Dynamic Capabilities
  • Dissertation: Price Wars and Managerial Sensemaking: A Mixed-Methods Study
  • Dissertation: Integrative Ecosystem Management: Designing Cities and Co-creating the Flourishing Ecosystem
  • Dissertation: Effectiveness of Nonprofits on Factors That Influence the Social Aspects of Well-Being in Food Deserts
  • Dissertation: Managing Scholar/Practitioner Tensions in Professional Programs: A Study of Library and Information Science Faculty
  • Dissertation: Three Studies of Unexpected Organizational Decisions: Some Commonalities in Decisions to Report Workplace Violence and Decisions of Scope in Audit Testing for Complex IT Environments

2020 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Operational Excellence and Organic Revenue Growth
  • Dissertation: Breakthrough Teams & Innovation in Orbit: Entrepreneurial Group Initiatives in Established Organizations
  • Dissertation: The Human Side of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): An Exploratory Sequential Mixed Methods Inquiry Into the Factors Influencing M&A Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Coaching and Development as Part of a Manager-Subordinate Relationship: A Mixed-Methods Study of Tools, Dynamics and Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Role of a CEO in the Era of Technology Disruption: Influence on Timing of Adoption
  • Dissertation: Why Do People Bribe and Is It Worth It? A Mixed Methods Study of Bribing Antecedents and Outcomes in Former Soviet Countries
  • Dissertation: Cross-Functional Team Performance: Inquiry, Identity and Shared Reality
  • Dissertation: Managing Rational Divergence: Testing the Effects of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Technique on Collaborative Versus Competitive Behaviors in a Game Theoretic Setting
  • Dissertation: Equity and Justice For All: The Absence of Subjective Well-Being for the African American Male
  • Dissertation: How Do Professionals Find Life Meaning?
  • Dissertation: Do You Have the "S" Factor for Service Innovation? How Stewardship Contributes to Service Innovation Capabilities in Service-Dominant Logic
  • Dissertation: Coaching Millennials
  • Dissertation: Antecedents Of Radicality And Commercial Success Outcomes In SBIR Projects
  • Dissertation: Omni-Brand: The Paradox of Global Acceptance and Local Authenticity
  • Dissertation: What drives individual decision-making of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) to Sub-Saharan Africa

2019 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Designing the Framework of Entrepreneurial Relationship Management (ERM) for Strategic Actions and Effective-Decision Making
  • Dissertation: Building Big Data Analytics as a Strategic Capability in Industrial Firms: Firm Level Capabilities and Project Level Practices
  • Dissertation: The Influence of Individual, Organizational and Contextual Factors on Saudi Women Career Commitment and Satisfaction in Nontraditional Occupations
  • Dissertation: The Patient Perspective: Exploring the Influence of Social Interactions on Chronic Disease Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Hyperconnectivity Giveth and Taketh Away: Reconciling Being an "Always-On" Empowered Consumer and Privacy in an Era of Pervasive Personal Data Exchanges
  • Dissertation: Inspirational Professors, Their Emotional Intelligence and its role on Relational Climate
  • Dissertation: Emergent Learning in Digital Product Teams
  • Dissertation: Improving Job Satisfaction for Nurses in Acute Healthcare Facilities through Engagement and Teamwork
  • Dissertation: Leadership and Practices for Strategic Adaptation in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Dissertation: A Mixed Methods Study Exploring How IRS Special Agents Choose Cases for Investigation

2018 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Green Investment and Organizational Performance: Evidence from the Nigerian Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Dissertation: Antecedents of Managerial Moral Stress: A Mixed Methods Study
  • Dissertation: Purposing: How Purpose Develops Self-Organizing Capacities
  • Dissertation: The Changing Landscape of Finance in Higher Education:  Bridging the Gap Through Data Analytics
  • Dissertation: Barriers and Facilitators of Growth in Black Entrepreneurial Ventures: Thinking Outside the Black Box
  • Dissertation: Honorable Mavericks: A Mixed-Method Study of what Influences Subsidiary Managers Compliance with Headquarters Instructions
  • Dissertation: Fifteen Minutes of Shame: A Multilevel Approach of the Antecedents and Effects of Corporate Accounting Scandals
  • Dissertation: What Really Matters to NFL Fans: The Effects of Team Performance and Self-confidence on Fan Commitment and Purchase Intention
  • Dissertation: Crossing the Quality Chasm: A Mixed Methods Study of Physician Decision-Making when Treating Chronic Disease
  • Dissertation: The Power of Relationships: Navigating the Dance of Change through Executive Coaching
  • Dissertation: Learning Within and During IT/IS Projects: Its Process, Antecedents, and Outcomes
  • Dissertation: The Complexity of Change: The Middle Managers’ Emergent Contributions
  • Dissertation: STEM Entrepreneurs: Educating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Underrepresented Minorities (URM) and Non-Minorities for Job Satisfaction and Career Success
  • Dissertation: Mixed Methods Study of Factors Influencing  Business to Business (b2b) Sales Performance: The Role of Design Attitude
  • Dissertation: Making Heads and Tails of Distributional Patterns in Private-Equity-Owned Companies: A Value-Creation-Type and Industry-Based Analysis
  • Dissertation: The Professional Development Mindset

2017 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Legislators as Leaders: Investigating and Elucidating the Influence of Gender, Religious Beliefs, and Mindfulness on Legislative Decision Making
  • Dissertation: Purpose Matters to Leaders at a Personal and Company Level
  • Dissertation: Forecast Revision as an Antecedent to Strategic Change
  • Dissertation: An Examination of Followers' Upward Influence
  • Dissertation: Empowering the 99%...One ESOP at a Time! A Mixed Method Study of Employee Owned Company Acquisitions
  • Dissertation: Factors Contributing to Sustainable Brand Growth
  • Dissertation: Looking Beyond Culture: Determining Success Factors for Transnational Multiparty Collaboration
  • Dissertation: Bringing Social Innovation to Scale: Leveraging Relational Capital and Risk-Taking Behaviors of Actors in Complex Ecosystems
  • Dissertation: Positive Impact: Factors That Drive Businesses Toward Shared Prosperity, Environmental Regeneration and Human Wellbeing
  • Dissertation: The Role of an Ethos of Sustainability: The Hidden Value of Intangible Resources
  • Dissertation: What is Retirement in the 21st Century?
  • Dissertation: The Potency of Informal Learning in Paid and Non-Paid Work: A Mixed Study
  • Dissertation: Strategy as Configuration: Recursive Organization of Strategy Implementation Factors and Their Effect on Strategy Execution Effectiveness
  • Dissertation: Are we Having Fun Yet?: What is the Relationship Between Mentoring, Fun at Work and Job Satisfaction?
  • Dissertation: Senior Information Technology (IT) Leader Credibility: Knowledge Scale, Mediating Knowledge Mechanisms, and Effectiveness

2016 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: The Intersection of Auditor Independence, Objectivity, and Integrity in High Risk Audit Conditions
  • Dissertation: Characteristics of Effective  Leadership of Community College Presidents - A Mixed Method Analysis
  • Dissertation: Cultural Factors:  Entrepreneurial Orientation or Not – Innovation Drivers in Small to Medium Sized Enterprises
  • Dissertation: Igniting the Fire: The Impact of Anticipatory Entrepreneurial Passion on Effort and Affect in Nascent Entrepreneurs
  • Dissertation: Frontline Employee Role Passion and the Impact on Service Encounters
  • Dissertation: An Original Microgrid Business Model Determines Conditions for a New Asset Market
  • Dissertation: Sustainable Value And Eco-Communal Management: Systemic Measures For The Outcome Of Renewable Energy Businesses In Developing, Emerging, And Developed Economies
  • Dissertation: A Theory of Micro-Level Dynamic Capabilities: How Technology Leaders Innovate with Human Connection
  • Dissertation: When is Earnings Guidance a Treacherous Servant?
  • Dissertation: Routines of New Venture Conceptualization: Evidence and Extension of an Entrepreneurial Dynamic Capability
  • Dissertation: Remote and Onsite Knowledge Worker Productivity and Engagement: A Comparative Study of the Effect of Virtual Intensity and Work Location Preference
  • Dissertation: Who We Are Matters: The Identity of the Information Technology Organization and Outsourcing Success
  • Dissertation: A Theory of Steering Committee Capabilities for Implementing Large Scale Enterprise-Wide Information Systems
  • Dissertation: Financial Stress in an Adaptive System: From Empirical Validity to Theoretical Foundations
  • Dissertation: Experiential Workplace Design in Knowledge Work Organizations: A Worker-Centered Approach
  • Dissertation: Understanding the Journey of Inner-City Communities to a Sense of Community and Well-Being
  • Dissertation: Deliberate Disruption: How Corporate Leaders' Break the Liability of Expertise
  • Dissertation: The Role of Mentorship in Developing Leadership Ready Gen X and Gen Y Females
  • Dissertation: Antecedents and Outcomes of Perceived Creepiness in Online Personalized Communications
  • Dissertation: The Effects of Visual Analytic Strategies on Organizational Decision Making

2015 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: What Influences the Economic Model In the Private and Public Sectors In the Two Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai? A Comparative Study 
  • Dissertation: Design Attitude and Social Innovation: Empirical Studies of the Return on Design
  • Dissertation: Attentional Change Decisions: Exploring the Role of Attention in Shaping Change Decisions: A Mixed Methods Approach
  • Dissertation: Interprofessional Teams in Healthcare: A Mixed-Methods Study
  • Dissertation: Helping Top Talent To Thrive: The Significance of Relational Capacity, Teamwork and Organizational Support
  • Dissertation: Narrative Shock: Helping North Korean Defectors Narrate Their Lives Fully in South Korea
  • Dissertation: Team Adaptation and Mindful Boundary Management: The Dynamics of Internal and External Balancing
  • Dissertation: The Collaboration Blueprint: Designing and Building Effective Strategies for Innovation and Rejuvenative Collaboration
  • Dissertation: Developing the Next-Generation Leadership Talent in Family Business: The Family Effect
  • Dissertation: Creating Customer Love: How Organizations Can Engender Positive Affect in Online Product-Centered Communities
  • Dissertation: Playing to Win: Dynamics of Teams That Innovate
  • Dissertation: Organizational Commitment - A Requisite for Quality of Life in Assisted Living.
  • Dissertation: Promethean Framework and Measurement Instrument: Career Development, Maintenance and Transitions in Convulsive Economic Cycles
  • Dissertation: Cohesion, Flexibility, and the Mediating Effects of Shared Vision and Comparison on Engagement in Army Acquisition Teams
  • Dissertation: Title How Hackers Think: A Mixed Method Study of Mental Models and Cognitive Patterns of High-Tech Wizards
  • Dissertation: Procedural Rationality as a Means for Evidence-Based Management in Conflicted Decision-Making:  A Mixed-Methods Study
  • Dissertation: Disempowering the "Robin Hood" Fraudster: Empathetic Pathways Weaken Regulators and Enable Fraudulent Behavior – A Framework For Redesigining Controls
  • Dissertation: Organizational Adoption of Social Media Technologies: A Mixed-Methods, Multi-Level Study of Effects on Productivity and Work-Home Life Balance
  • Dissertation: Trust by Design: The Affective and Cognitive Antecedents Among African Americans, Building Long-Term Business Relationships
  • Dissertation: Thriving in Transition: Cognitive, Social & Behavioral Resources For Times of Change

2014 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Towards Flourishing: How Sellers Can Forge Stronger B2B Relations and Increase Buyer Loyalty
  • Dissertation: Improving the Capacity for Strategic Anticipation: How Upstream, Downstream and Lateral Immersion Contribute to the Capacity to Anticipate Strategic Moves
  • Dissertation: Does Upper Echelons Team Dynamic Matter? The Criticality of Executive Team Behavior in Economic Value Creation
  • Dissertation: Facilitating Radical Innovation in Consumer Electronics and Information Technology Industries
  • Dissertation: Staying Alive: The Experience of In Extremis Leadership
  • Dissertation: The Significance of Influence in Our Current Work Environment: Understanding and Exploring the Shift and Emergent Domains
  • Dissertation: Understanding Managerial Influences:  A Mixed Methods Study of employee engagement, well-being, and performance
  • Dissertation: Factors That Influence Firms' Environmental Performance: An Examination of Large Companies
  • Dissertation: Title A Theoretical, Empirical and Practical Approach to Academic Knowledge Production and Job Satisfaction: The Role of Academic Alignment
  • Dissertation: Equine-Assisted Experiential Learning: Implications for Management Development and Education
  • Dissertation: Bridging the Medical Knowledge and Practice Gap: Antecedents of Successful Scientist Physician Collaboration
  • Dissertation: Supply Chain Management Performance: Factors Contributing to Successful Risk Mitigation & Resiliency
  • Dissertation: A Theory of Overload and Equivocality Effects on Learning during Knowledge Transfer within Policy Making Dyads

2013 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: A Theory of Viral Growth of Social Networking Sites
  • Dissertation: Socio-Cognitive Foundations of Entrepreneurial Venturing
  • Dissertation: The Belief System and Behavior of Financial Advisors After a Market Disruption
  • Dissertation: Relationships Matter, Even for CPAs
  • Dissertation: Designing Successful Social Ventures: Hands-On Feedback-Seeking Engagement with Stakeholders to Unravel What to Do Next
  • Dissertation: Pricing Capabilities and Firm Performance: A Socio-Technical Framework for the Adoption of Pricing as a Transformational Innovation
  • Dissertation: Coming Out and Being Out in the C-Suite: The Experiences of Openly Gay and Lesbian Executives
  • Dissertation: The Impact of Social Competencies and Role Factors on the Relational Construction of Identity and Participation of Physician Leaders
  • Dissertation: Credibility: A Foundation for All Leaders
  • Dissertation: Why We Care: The Mediating Effect of Positive and Negative Emotional Attractors on Social Responsibility
  • Dissertation: Systemic Corruption: A Multi-Theoretic, Multi-Level and Mixed Methods Analysis of the Interplay among Institutional Logics, Strategic Agency and Reward Expectancy

2012 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Tenure, Charisma and Conflict in Venture Backed Teams
  • Dissertation: Decision Making in the Corporate Boardroom: Designing the Conditions for Effectiveness
  • Dissertation: How and To What Extent Does Collaboration Affect Employee and Cross-Functional Team Performance?
  • Dissertation: Women Persisting in the Engineering Profession: A Paradoxical Explanation Adapting Intentional Change Theory
  • Dissertation: Organizational Agility and Complex Enterprise System Innovations: A Mixed Methods Study of the Effects of Enterprise Systems on Organizational Agility
  • Dissertation: How a Learning Orientation, Modern Portfolio Theory and Absorptive Capacity Contribute to University Endowment Performance
  • Dissertation: A Multi-Level Investigation into the Antecedents of Enterprise Architecture (EA) Assimilation in the U.S. Federal Government: A Longitudinal Mixed Methods Research Study
  • Dissertation: The Impact IT Professionals Have On Performance: What Differentiates Superior from Average Performers and Understanding How to Keep Them Engaged

2011 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Pluralistic Diversity in Voluntary Associations on College Campuses: A Multi-Method study
  • Dissertation: Managing the Unexpected: Detecting, Preventing and Mitigating Surprises in the Banking Industry
  • Dissertation: The Strategic Decision-Making Process of the Board and Its Impact on Decision Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Worlds Connected and Worlds Apart: Postures and Dependencies Influencing Government - Agency Relations
  • Dissertation: A Multi-Method Exploration of the Role of Legitimacy in Cross-Sector Partnerships for the Natural Environment
  • Dissertation: Knowledge Sharing in Bioscience Clusters: Nature, Utilization and Effects
  • Dissertation: Impact of School Leadership on Academic Achievement in Kenyan Secondary Schools
  • Dissertation: Non-Financial Perspectives on Family Firm Performance
  • Dissertation: The Great Recession and Nonprofit Endurance: Framing the Mission-Defensive Paradox
  • Dissertation: The Global Financial Crisis: Bankers Shaken, But Some Awaken

2010 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Causal Ambiguity and Its Impacts on Firm Performance
  • Dissertation: Exploring Sustained Collaborations: Activities and Behaviors That Make a Difference
  • Dissertation: Adoption of High Trust-High Risk Technologies: The Case of of Computer Assisted Surgery
  • Dissertation: Bridging Structure-Agency Divide: A Structurational Approach to Institutional Adaptation and Innovation
  • Dissertation: The Effect of Social Factors on Project Success Within Enterprise-Class System Development
  • Dissertation: Nonprofit Leaders and Their Organizations: Routes to and Repertoires for Effectiveness
  • Dissertation: Drivers of Employee Engagement and Teamwork Performance
  • Dissertation: Payoffs of Championing "Tough Issues": Why Corporations Need to Nurture Quixotic Champions at the Board and Within Senior Management Teams
  • Dissertation: Improving the Effectiveness of Microfinance in Reducing Household Poverty
  • Dissertation: How Many Hands Does a Team Have? Developing Ambidextrous Teams in Academic Medical Centers
  • Dissertation: The Delicate Balance of Organizational Leadership: Encouraging Learning and Driving Successful Innovation
  • Dissertation: Dare to Restore Trust and Drive Loyalty in Distrust-Dominated Environments: A Stakeholder Perspective
  • Dissertation: The Impact of Charisma on Employee Volunteer Programs

2009 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: A Study of the Impact of Informational Complexity, Transparency and Stewardship on Decision Usefulness: The Users' Perspective
  • Dissertation: Generative Characteristics as Antecedents to Engagement
  • Dissertation: Managing Commitment as Antecedents to Engagement in Faith-based Organizations: Chinese Protestant Churches in the United States
  • Dissertation: When Practice and Theory Conflict: Do Performance Incentives Drive Management Behaviors in Mergers and Acquisitions?
  • Dissertation: Ethical Ideologies and Decision Making Among College Student Athletes
  • Dissertation: The Role of Human Capital in Predicting Business Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Inside the Outsourcing of Innovation
  • Dissertation: The Role of Organizational Learning in Renewing Competitive Advantage
  • Dissertation: The Private Sector and Anti-Terrorism Spending for Physical Security
  • Dissertation: Unraveling Adaptive Selling: An Empirical Analysis of Underlying Relational Behavior
  • Dissertation: Design and Discovery: The Structure and Function of a Research Network
  • Dissertation: Into the Family and Business Nexus: Succession and Daughters in Family Owned Businesses
  • Dissertation: Executive Leader Development: Mentoring in U.S. Government and Commercial Organizations
  • Dissertation: An Examination of the Antecedents and Consequences of Accreditation in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Dissertation: Beyond Financial Transparency and Institutional Structure: Emergent Forms of Accountability in the New Era of Responsibility

2008 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Developing a Regional High Tech Environment: What Factors Matter
  • Dissertation: The Impact of the Internet on Airline Fares
  • Dissertation: Managing Multiple and Interacting Congregations Within the Same Church: The Case of Chinese Protestant Immigrant Churches in North America
  • Dissertation: Heaven, Hell and Everything In Between: How Do Authentic Leaders' Values Contribute to Organizations in Which Followers Flourish?
  • Dissertation: They're Making All the Wrong Decisions: Managing Cognitive and Emotive Balance
  • Dissertation: The Pathfinder Leader and Complex Decision Making: The Role in Collective Action Governance
  • Dissertation: College Environments as Enablers and Barriers to Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Dissertation: The Role of Learning and Care Giving Style in Practitioner-Patient Co-Production of Therapeutic Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Effective Leadership of Financial Service Firms: A Study in Resonance and Emotional Intelligence
  • Dissertation: Selling Money: Success Factors for Financial Advisors
  • Dissertation: Role Engagement in Co-operative Organizations: A Relational Framework for Understanding Board Commitment
  • Dissertation: Virtual Teams: Can They Be More Effective
  • Dissertation: Commitment to Change as Dynamic Push-Pull Alignment of Messages
  • Dissertation: The Impact of Organizational Destruction in Social Capital
  • Dissertation: The Duplicity Effect: Professional Investment Decisions for Others Versus Self
  • Dissertation: You Can Change Strategies in a Conversation: Decision Making in Innovation in the Durable Goods Industry

2007 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Disconnected: A Consumer Study of Mobile Telephone Technology Rejection in the United States
  • Dissertation: The Social-Technical Project Manager Practices That Motivate Knowledge Sharing and Learning in Information Technology Project Team Environments
  • Dissertation: Social Change – Making the Improbable Possible through Collaboration: A Series of Studies on NGO Collaboration in South Africa
  • Dissertation: Employee Reactions to Mergers and Acquisitions - The ‘ME-I Syndrome’; Avoiding ‘Merger-Enabled-Individualism’
  • Dissertation: Service Feature Considerations for Developing Consumer Satisfaction in Online Environments
  • Dissertation: Studies in Workplace Behaviors and Organizations
  • Dissertation: Transitioning from Staff Nurse to Nurse Manager-A Change in Identity
  • Dissertation: Resilience in Action: Exploring Constructive Transitions Among Mid-Career Leaders
  • Dissertation: Change Leader Retention and Career Development: The Role of Social Capital and Balancing Commitments
  • Dissertation: Venture “TERROIR” Can We Define It ? VC Decision Processes for Investing in Genesis/ Pre-seed ICT Entrepreneurial Teams
  • Dissertation: The Effects of Ownership, Control Rights and Experience on Joint Venture Success
  • Dissertation: Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Impact in the Social Sector
  • Dissertation: An Investigation of Electronic Medical Record Technology Adoption by Family Practice Physicians

2006 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Three Aspects of Social Change Management: Project Ownership, Ethical Project Transfer and Economic Correlate
  • Dissertation: Corporate Governance in the Era of Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Dissertation: The Practice of Medical Error Reporting
  • Dissertation: The Social Construction of the Interactive Practices of Multicultural Professionals
  • Dissertation: Practicing Pragmatic Collaboration: The Challenge of Recognizing and Managing Rational Divergence
  • Dissertation: Focusing on the End User: Promoting the Successful Deployment of Workplace Programs and Initiatives
  • Dissertation: Exploration of Social Capital in the Context of Elected Public School Officials
  • Dissertation: A Journey with the End in Mind: An Examination of How Advance Planning May Influence End-of-Life Decisions
  • Dissertation: Innovative or Expendable Human Capital: The Effect of Labor Market Choices, Career System Practices and Self-Directed Career Orientation on Organization Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Immigrants Transnational Activities for Home Community Development: The Nigerian Immigrants in the United States
  • Dissertation: Factors that Facilitate Entrepreneurship Among Students and Nascent Entrepreneurs
  • Dissertation: An investigation of Customer Perceived Value, Exchange Partner Trustworthiness and Service Perceptions in e-Commerce
  • Dissertation: Impact of Knowledge on Electricity Markets

2005 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Corporate Responses to Accounting Regulation
  • Dissertation: Information Technology Adoption by Middle Managers: The Case of Trial Court Judges
  • Dissertation: Strangers in the Commons: Understanding and Measuring Successful Aging for Low-Income Seniors in Affordable Housing
  • Dissertation: Adolescent Leadership Development: The Role of Authoritative Parenting and the Mediating Effect of Psychological Autonomy and Mastery Orientation
  • Dissertation: Trust, Education and Development in Jamaica, 1950-2000
  • Dissertation: The Link Between Governance Responsibilities and Performance in Healthcare Organizations: A Trustees Perspective
  • Dissertation: Nonprofit Intrapreneurship: How Nonprofit Managers Facilitate and Balance Entrepreneurial Activity
  • Dissertation: All Cake and No Icing: An Exploration of Female Executive Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Dissertation: A Framework for Maximizing Board Member Outcomes in Nonprofit Organizations
  • Dissertation: The Impact of Electronic Medical Records on the Doctor-Patient Relationship in Hospitals in Japan, Korea and the United States: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

2004 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Sparks of Innovation: Observing the Elements that Lead to Creative and Innovative Success
  • Dissertation: Pastoral Leadership and Parish Vibrancy
  • Dissertation: A Tale of Two Colleges: The Fiscal Crisis of the 1990's Strategies for Managing in Uncertainty
  • Dissertation: Converting Highly Legitimized Structural Barriers into Vehicles of Change: A Case for Transformational Leadership in Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Dissertation: The Social Capital of Nonprofit Leaders
  • Dissertation: Synthesizing Managerial Agency and Institutionalism in Manufacturing Facilities
  • Dissertation: The Evolving Nonprofit Board: Relational Practices and Effective Governance
  • Dissertation: Entrepreneurial Emergence: The Challenge of Growth in Urban Contexts
  • Dissertation: Change On the Frontlines: A Perspective from the Trenches
  • Dissertation: Perspectives on Life Insurance Selling, Retirement Savings among African Americans and Precautionary Saving of Blacks compared to Whites
  • Dissertation: Managers, Micro-entrepreneurs and Performance Outcomes: Lessons from Two Worlds
  • Dissertation: Trust in Project Management Relationships
  • Dissertation: Free at Last? Culturally Rooted Differences in the Workplace Experience
  • Dissertation: Organization and Empowerment: Policy, Practice and Outcome - The Study of Development Organizations in St. Lucia, West Indies

2003 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Individual Behavioral Competencies & Organizational Constraints: Some Insights From Health Care
  • Dissertation: From Sitting on Top of the World to Crunched in the Back of the Bus: The Transformation of the U.S. Domestic Airline Industry From 2000 Through 2003
  • Dissertation: Stakeholders and Organizations: A Three Part Approach to Better Understandings of Who and What Counts
  • Dissertation: Research Reports: Strength of Strong Ties: Two Studies on EVA in Cyclic Markets
  • Dissertation: Beyond the Requirements: Using Technology and Implementing Service Learning
  • Dissertation: What Tangled Webs We Weave: A Comparative Study of Cooperation, Coping, and Networking Strategies of Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • Dissertation: Customer Service Satisfaction in Inter-Cultural Service Encounters
  • Dissertation: Research Into the Effectiveness of an Alternatives to Violence Program in a Prison System
  • Dissertation: A Qualitative Analysis of the Historical and Social Significance of the African American Male Oral Tradition: A Study in Linguistic Anthropology
  • Dissertation: Leadership Pathways: How Leaders Communicate, Network, and Find Success in Diverse Environments
  • Dissertation: Reciprocal Learning in Teams: Relational Practices for Securing the Best From Leadership Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations

2002 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Workforce Development in a Small Manufacturing Organization
  • Dissertation: Forces Shaping the Extent of Markets: An Exploration of Wholesale Distributors in Latin America
  • Dissertation: The Meaning of Decision and Choice to a Leader in a Nonprofit Organization
  • Dissertation: Another Thrice-Told Tale: Strategy Formation, Accountability, and Competent Governance in a Nonprofit Organization
  • Dissertation: Study of Direct Internet Selling by Airlines in the U.S. Air Travel Distribution Industry
  • Dissertation: The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Work Team Cohesiveness and Performance
  • Dissertation: Political Economy and Price Ratio Changes: Electric Industry Under Transition
  • Dissertation: Understanding the Characteristics of an Effective Physician-Hospital Contractual Arrangement from a Dyadic Perspective
  • Dissertation: The Connected Celebrity and Nonprofit Advertising

2001 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: A Study of the Impact of Ohio’s Instructional Support Funding Process On Institutional Behavior At Two-Year Colleges
  • Dissertation: The Contributions and Status of Women Inside Directors in Fortune 1000 Companies
  • Dissertation: The Influence of Self-Development, Experimental Learning and Networking on the Career Satisfaction of EMBA Graduates
  • Dissertation: Toward A Theory of Technical Change
  • Dissertation: More Than Directing Money: Theories in Use for Helping Distressed Communities as Practiced by Independent Foundations

2000 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Money and Theology - It's Not an Oxymoron!!
  • Dissertation: Parental Choice of Elementary Schools Within the Cleveland Catholic Diocese and Its Implications for the Financial Policies of Diocesan Schools
  • Dissertation: Business Is War: An Investigation Into Metaphor Use in Internet and Non-Internet IPOs
  • Dissertation: Theoretical Aspects of the Japanese Institutional Relations Model and Its Effectiveness for Corporate Governance in the Context of Globalization
  • Dissertation: Sensemaking in a Hospital Strategic Planning Process
  • Dissertation: Strategic Alliance Decisions: The Interpersonal Experience of Alliance Building

1999 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Environomics: Managing Environmental Change from Rio de Janiero to Buenos Aires (Via Berlin and Kyoto
  • Dissertation: Habitus Wars and Field(s) of Dreams: Using Bourdieu to Reframe the Sense of a Crisis
  • Dissertation: Managers in the Middle: A Study of Long Term Care Regional Managers Dealing With Organizational Stress
  • Dissertation: The Relationship of Error-Based Experimental Learning to Organizational Change: How and Why What We Learn May or May Not Change How We Behave
  • Dissertation: Back to the Future: A Search for Economic Progress or Roots? A Comparison of Experiences Between African American Entrepreneurs in the United States
  • Dissertation: The Quest for Sustainable Leadership: The Importance of Connecting Leadership Principles to Concepts Of Organizational Sustainability
  • Dissertation: Achieving Potential in Hospital Mergers
  • Dissertation: Mill Creek: A Case Study Applying Actor Network and Transformational Leadership Theories to Urban Housing Development

1998 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: America in the 21st Century: Finding Harmony Between Economic and Social Goals
  • Dissertation: The Social Construction of Workforce Development Organizations in Singapore and Penang, Malaysia
  • Dissertation: The Marketplace of Management Ideas
  • Dissertation: The Changing Face Of Money: Will Electronic Money Be Adopted in the United States?
  • Dissertation: Ordinary Canadians: Identity of Time and Place
  • Dissertation: Straight to the Heart: Cleveland Leaders Shaping the Next Millennium
  • Dissertation: Capacity Building: An Appreciative Approach
  • Dissertation: The Structure of Management Practices and the Formation of Coping Habitus
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Business Management Dissertation Topics

Published by Owen Ingram at January 4th, 2023 , Revised On August 15, 2023

A degree in business administration is intended for those wishing to start their own business or expand an existing one. When you choose business management as your field of study, you are not a typical student because you want to learn about all possible aspects of managing a business.

However, if you are struggling to develop a trending and meaningful business management dissertation topic and need a helping hand. There’s no need to worry! Our unique business management dissertation topic ideas have been developed specifically to ensure you have the best idea to investigate as part of your project.

The process of finding and writing a dissertation is time-consuming. To help you with the topic selection and proposal writing, we have compiled a list of several unique and manageable business management dissertation topics. Without further ado, here we go!

  • International Development Dissertation Topics
  • Cooperate Governance Dissertation Topics
  • Business Intelligence Dissertation Topics
  • Business Information Technology Dissertation Topics
  • International Business Dissertation Topics
  • Business Psychology Dissertation Topics
  • Business Law Dissertation Topics
  • Project Management Dissertation Topics
  • Business Dissertation Topics
  • HRM Dissertation Topics
  • Management Dissertation Topics
  • Operations Management Dissertation Topics

Unique Business Management Dissertation Topics

  • Coordinating communications and teamwork among remote workers
  • How business attract their customers
  • Artificial intelligence investment and its effect on customer satisfaction
  • Impact of globalization on corporate management
  • Customer viewpoint on how they use their data when using mobile banking
  • Investigating the procedure for business model innovation
  • Evaluation of dynamic capability modelling
  • An investigation of managerial strategies in the hospitality sector
  • Important project management abilities required to implement a significant change in an organization’s workplace culture
  • Voice and silence’s effects on destructive leadership
  • Influence of store atmosphere on customers’ spontaneous buying habits
  • Evaluating the effect of forwarding integration on operational efficiency
  • The contribution of employee training and development to surviving the economic crisis
  • Comparative comparison of the biggest consumer trends in the United States and the United Kingdom in the automotive industry
  • A case study demonstrating how cutting-edge businesses like Microsoft and Google acquire a competitive edge through efficient technology management in developing nations
  • To demonstrate the necessity of economic and social variables for developing a viable chemical engineering industry in the UK.
  • Assessing the full impact of technological advances on business management techniques in America.
  • A case study showed how top companies such as Microsoft and Google gain a competitive advantage through effective technology management in developing countries.
  • Illumination of the challenges facing American companies in terms of sustainability and ethical corporate governance
  • Assessing the significance and value of eBay’s and Craigslist’s e-commerce industry assumptions, alliances and strategic partnership
  • demonstrating the need for social and economic variables in the development of a viable chemical engineering industry in the UK.
  • Study of SONY and Microsoft’s employee retention rates while contrasting their approaches to business management
  • Psychosocial risks’ effects on workplace risk control
  • Leadership’s function in a company’s transformative shift
  • Individual performance factors in SMEs
  • Business tactics to draw in foreign capital
  • Enterprise social networking platforms’ effects on knowledge management and organizational learning
  • How do internal marketing and employee empowerment affect organizational productivity?
  • Improving the sustainability of American business operations worldwide by developing a closed supply chain.

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Choosing a business management dissertation topic can be extremely stressful for anyone. You can research your topics online and find topics on any subject, for example,  nursing dissertation topics or even those related to business, such as marketing dissertation topics.

You must consider several factors when choosing your business management dissertation topics, such as your lecturers’ or supervisor’s specifications and guidelines. Those who break the rules will have their dissertations rejected, so it is important to follow them.

To ensure that your dissertation captures the reader’s attention, choose a dissertation topic that is currently popular. Once you have selected a topic, you can take help from proposal writing services before you start working on the actual thesis paper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find business management dissertation topics.

To discover business management dissertation topics:

  • Research recent industry challenges.
  • Analyze emerging trends.
  • Examine managerial theories.
  • Consider global perspectives.
  • Interview professionals.
  • Select a topic aligning with your career aspirations.

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  • The Causal Impact of Education on Crime Rates: A Recent US Analysis . Emily Taylor, BSc Hons Economics, 2022
  • Does a joint income taxation system for married couples disincentivise the female labour supply? Jodie Gollop, BA Hons Economics with German, 2022
  • Conditional cooperation between the young and old and the influence of work experience, charitable giving, and social identity . Rachel Moffat, BSc Hons Economics, 2021
  • An Extended Literature Review on the Contribution of Economic Institutions to the Great Divergence in the 19th Century . Jessica Richens, BSc Hons Economics, 2021
  • Does difference help make a difference? Examining whether young trustees and female trustees affect charities’ financial performance. Chris Hyland, BSc Hons Economics, 2021

Postgraduate dissertations

  • The impact of Covid-19 on the public and health expenditure gradient in mortality in England . Alexander Waller, MSc Economic Development & Policy Analysis, 2022
  • Impact of the Child Support Grant on Nutritional Outcomes in South Africa: Is there a ‘pregnancy support’ effect? . Claire Lynam, MSc Development Economics, 2022
  • An Empirical Analysis of the Volatility Spillovers between Commodity Markets, Exchange Rates, and the Sovereign CDS Spreads of Commodity Exporters . Alfie Fox-Heaton, MSc Financial Economics, 2022
  • The 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season and Labour Market Transitions . Edward Allenby, MSc Economics, 2022
  • The scope of international agreements . Sophia Vaaßen, MSc International Economics, 2022

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    The purpose of selecting the following business project, as my final dissertation in my Executive MBA degree at International Hellenic University, is to provide the guideline of what is essential for the creation of a well-structured, feasible and sustainable business plan of a new start-up company called "Greece in a box". ...

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    However, both dissertations and theses are expected to meet the same standard of originality, approaching a new area of study and contributing significantly to the universal body of knowledge (Athanasou et al., 2012). Originality is a key issue in both dissertation and thesis development and writing (Bailey, 2014; Ferguson, 2009). The ideas, the

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    Theses/Dissertations from 1996 PDF. EduSoft Inc. : three year business plan 1996-1998, Joel A. Block. PDF. Pikuni Lodge, Raymond Montoya. PDF. Business plan and accounting system for Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch, Timothy G. Olson. PDF. Estate planning in situations where the surviving spouse may not be a U.S. citizen, Harry Clinton Owen. PDF

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    A dissertation is a long-form piece of academic writing based on original research conducted by you. It is usually submitted as the final step in order to finish a PhD program. Your dissertation is probably the longest piece of writing you've ever completed. It requires solid research, writing, and analysis skills, and it can be intimidating ...

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    Palas, Md Jahir Uddin (The University of Edinburgh, 2023-11-28) This thesis includes three empirical studies that investigate the causal impact of government assistance, capital regulation, and COVID-19 on banks. While the first two essays are based on the US banking sector, the third ...

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    Theses/Dissertations from 2023. PDF. Analyzing the Effect of Sponsorship Disclosure on Social Media Influencer Contribution to Engagement in the Test and Measurement Industry, Todd B. Baker. PDF. Moral Virtues: A Quantitative Study on the Impact of National Culture on Integrity, Andrew I. Ellestad. PDF. The Barriers to Active and Experiential ...

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    PDF. Synthetic Video Disclosure in International Marketing: The Roles of Source Credibility And Social Cynicism, Greig Powers. PDF. Data Breach Announcements: Evaluating the Content and Timing Of Breach Announcements and Their Effect On Firm Value, Paul E. Viancourt. Theses/Dissertations from 2020 PDF

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  19. PDF Bachelor thesis in Business Administration

    This thesis is a quantitative study and it is not focused on a deep investigationof the bank selection criteria, which would be achieved through for instance, a qualitative study. 1.5 Outline of the thesis The thesis is structured into five chapters. Chapter 1 of the thesis has presented a brief introduction to the emergence of a market

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    Executive Education Certificates Courses Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Open Education Admission & Program FAQs Dissertations Explore past dissertations from members of the Doctor of Business Administration program at Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. 2023 Dissertations 2022 Dissertations 2021 Dissertations

  21. 30 Business Management Dissertation Topics

    Conclusion. Choosing a business management dissertation topic can be extremely stressful for anyone. You can research your topics online and find topics on any subject, for example, nursing dissertation topics or even those related to business, such as marketing dissertation topics. You must consider several factors when choosing your business management dissertation topics, such as your ...

  22. A Quantitative Study of the Impact of Social Media Reviews on Brand

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  23. Dissertation Examples

    Below are some examples of the excellent work produced by some of our students. The authors have agreed for their work to be made available as examples of good practice. Undergraduate dissertations The Causal Impact of Education on Crime Rates: A Recent US Analysis. Emily Taylor, BSc Hons Economics, 2022